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#Defending Farrakhan - Bringing light, life and power to the community

By Final Call News | Last updated: Apr 16, 2018 - 1:06:17 PM

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Gentlemen received copies of The Final Call newspaper distributed by F.O.I. (R) Tariq Muhammad Atlanta, Ga

Fruit of Islam, men of the Nation of Islam, bring a word of light, life and power every week through distribution of The Final Call Newspaper in communities across the country. These "little messengers" reflect the example set by their teacher, Min. Louis Farrakhan, by spreading the truth and working to bring our communities out of spiritual and intellectual darkness. Help improve Black America and the plight of a troubled country, support The Final Call and the men who bring divine words and guidance directly to your door. Photos via Facebook
N.O.I. Austin, Texas, March 18

Houston, Texas

N.O.I. Austin, Texas

(CW from top left) Denver F.O.I.; N.O.I. Austin, Texas, March 18; N.O.I. Austin, Texas; Denver F.O.I. with newspapers.
Denver F.O.I. with newspapers