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Minister Farrakhan’s Warning Continues To Spread Globally Via Social Media

By Jesse Muhammad -Final Call Social Media- | Last updated: Dec 14, 2017 - 3:54:19 PM

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Thousands of people from across the country and the world watched and commented live via social media as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a serious final warning, from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to President Donald Trump and the U.S. government. Seated in front of him at the Watergate Hotel were over 500 persons packed inside the ballroom—including members of the press.

Situated at a table, stage left, were members of the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy, the social media wing of the Nation of Islam. For the past several years, every time Minister Farrakhan speaks, live tweeting and engaging people with intelligent dialogue has been a critical component to ensuring the message is spreading online as far as possible. The digital truth trafficking strategy has not only included righteously weaponizing Twitter, but also YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Along with streaming live via the Nation of Islam’s official website ( and YouTube channel, the entire message was seen on Minister Farrakhan’s Facebook page. Audience members could be seen using their smartphone devices to post on their personal Facebook and Periscope accounts. His words created intense dialogue as the hashtags #Warning-ToTrump and #Farrakhan became top trending topics on Twitter.



The online discussion surrounding that Nov. 16 address hasn’t stopped. The full video file and countless clips are still being posted daily on Minister Farrakhan’s pages and many others. This has led to well over a combined five million views and over 50,000 comments from various parts of the world. As with every message he delivers, the short clips of salient points are keeping the conversation going.

Here are some of the reactions compiled from the many social media platforms:

“We as Muslims should align ourselves with Brother Farrakhan instead of aligning ourselves up with America. We have become weak Muslims losing the backing of Allah and claiming we know better.” (United Arab Emirates)

“A powder keg has been lit and Farrakhan is not to be played with. I think Trump senses that otherwise he would have been tweeting while The Minister was talking. Jesus lives.” (United States)

“The Islamic world needs to play this message from the towers of Mecca for everyone to hear... this brother is a light of The Prophet ... I admit I was of those who called him non-Muslim but now I see he’s in the path of Allah without deviation.” (Turkey)

“Minister Farrakhan, I believe you 100% emphatically. Elijah Muhammad must be a living Jesus.” (Canada)

“The pope got replaced today. Farrakhan represents Christ. This is serious.” (Jamaica)

“I’m from Egypt. You’re a deadly voice to those who hate truth.” (Cairo)

“Farrakhan knows the Truth. No matter how farfetched it may seem. I’m not a follower of any religion. But this man, I feel in my spirit, in my soul is genuine.” (Guyana)

“Farrakhan just replaced The Pope as the leader of the world of religion according to the True and Living Christ.” (United Kingdom)

“Damn I know the Clintons are saying why don’t this ni--er leave us alone. All of the presidents I’m sure are sick of him exposing their high level plans. What will Trump do?? Let’s see.” (Trinidad)

“I watched and Minister Farrakhan was very knowledgeable and informative. When he explained the conspiracy on black people but black males in particular over 6 presidents was phenomenal. I had never heard it explained this way but it made sense. I knew about Clinton’s hardline approach BUT had forgotten or never knew about Reagan. Just a great press conference all the way around. Hope Trump listens but doubt very seriously.” (United States)

“You made me fall in love with Elijah Muhammad much more today. What a teacher!” (Nigeria)

“I accepted Farrakhan’s challenge to prove that Elijah Muhammad is not the Jesus of Qur’an and I must say thus far, as I am reading more about him from the NOI’s content, his words and works parallel what is written. We all must humble ourselves and remain students… thank you Brother Farrakhan.” (Dubai)

“Black Youth: This man I’m watching on YouTube named Minister Farrakhan is the only voice we need to listen to. He just put his foot in the a--es of Trump, Black folks, fake news, Arab Muslims and everybody else you can think of and ain’t scared one bit … THAT’S BOSS STATUS!” (South Africa)

“This is the champion of our struggle who has Satan on the ropes. Those who run the shadow government, that he exposed, are the ones he’s going after, not trump. In the scheme of things, I think trump is not equipped to deal with all that was presented so he’s pretending to ignore it. But the world is watching …literally… this is a new day.” (Brazil)

“You may think this man is (a) trouble maker, but everything this man has said concerning the Government and the agenda it has for the black youths who are not being productive in this country look at your prison system, locking up black men is now Big business in this country. ... Listen to this Brother he speaks the Truth!” (United States)

Fear of Minister Farrakhan’s impact on social media

Next year, Minister Farrakhan will mark seven years of personally being on social media and his digital reach still continues to widen. His tweets, Facebook videos, Instagram memes and clips, You- Tube videos, images and more are daily staples across social media platforms, even amongst celebrities and athletes who have millions of followers. This effort of spreading his messages is led largely by the young members of the N.O.I., who are relentless in acquainting their social media followers with the wealth of words stemming from Minister Farrakhan’s near 63 years of work.


Seeing his words and videos going viral is still considered dangerous to those who oppose him. This is why one of the first headlines from his Nov. 16 message was so-called Jews and right wing news outlets calling for his Twitter account to be deverified by having the blue check removed from his account. This futile attack sends a clear message that they are upset that Minister Farrakhan is no longer in a prison without bars made for him by Zionist-controlled mainstream media and his enemies. They worked for decades to defame his image, yet his presence on social media has afforded people the opportunity to see and hear him for themselves.

Do yourself a favor and follow this beautiful man on Twitter (@ LouisFarrakhan), Instagram (@ LouisFarrakhan) and Facebook (OfficialMinisterFarrakhan). Please join us in continuing to spread the Nov. 16 address— which was more than a press conference.