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Young Muslim designer promotes positive youth engagement

By Tariqah Shakir-Muhammad -Final Call Newspaper- | Last updated: Apr 2, 2019 - 11:25:31 AM

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Fashionista and blogger, Halimah Muhammad, is introducing modest fashion to the masses.

Fashionista and blogger, Halimah Muhammad, is among the many youth entrepreneurs challenging the fashion industry with modest fashion. Her devotion and faith have made her an inspirational figure for young women around the world.

“My ultimate dream is to be able to positively influence the fashion industry by showcasing the beauty of modest fashions and the possibilities that lie in modest fashion,” the 21-year-old Kent State University student told The Final Call. “Women deserve to have the option to dress how they desire to dress and not how they feel they have to dress because the representation is not present.”

Sister Halimah, who is from Detroit, fondly remembered reaching for her mother’s scarves at a young age and draping it over herself, friends and sisters to make dresses. “I would create fashion shows down the hallway,” she continued.

In light of her second passion for filmmaking, she began documenting her journey as a fashion student and making short films. In the early-March film festival “Girls Who Impact the World: Film Screening and Conversation,” she and other young artists produced and submitted their own films addressing issues affecting young women.

“The organization is all about raising awareness about global issues that impact women and girls across the world, so there are a variety of different topics and categories you can create a film based on,” Sis. Halimah stated, referencing the event’s sponsor ConnectHer, a women-based and empowerment foundation. “You can create a film on the topic of beauty, what beauty means to women, the perception of what beauty is, how it can impact women and girls or in so many different directions.”

The festival featured other youth artists such as Bobbi Broome and Mariah Hicks and concluded with panel discussions.

“It empowers you and makes you feel a lot more connected and understood and not alone in the world and also provides young women with the opportunity to come up with tangible solutions for some of the issues that they see,” she continued.

Sis. Halimah stated her next plans are to get more experience in the filmmaking and fashion industry as well as promote her clothing brand HalimahNia which is also her social media name. She hopes young men and women everywhere, specifically college students like her, keep pushing for what they desire to be.

“I would love for more young women and men to know that your path is your path. Maybe college is not for you at all, that doesn’t make you bad,” she said. “Maybe it is for you, but you have to do it a certain way. Don’t ever compare yourself because whatever led you here, whatever your ultimate intention is, what you’re striving to do for yourself, your family, your community, your Nation, let that be your guide.

“If you allow that to be your guide, you will always know the right decision,” she said.

Halimah Muhammad continues to make films and promote her fashion brand. Visit her website at