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Saviours’ Day 2020: Back where it all started!

By The Final Call | Last updated: Jan 22, 2020 - 11:38:30 AM

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Feb. 21-23 in Detroit

Saviours’ Day, the annual convention and gathering of the Nation of Islam, draws thousands of people from around the U.S. and abroad and is symbolically and affectionately dubbed the “Crowning Event of Black History Month.” The event is the annual Nation of Islam commemoration of the birth of Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Madhi of the Muslims and the Messiah of the Christians who appeared in North America on July 4, 1930 and declared that the 400 years of bondage Blacks served in America had ended.

Master Fard Muhammad was born February 26, 1877 in the Holy City of Mecca. He raised and taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who dedicated over 40 years of his life to the resurrection of the mentally, morally, spiritually and economically dead Black man and woman.

Saviours’ Day has grown to include plenary sessions, workshops, social and educational activities for children and families, drill competition, vending with products from Black and Muslim-owned businesses and much more. The weekend is highlighted with a major address delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. It is a joyful and spirited occasion that is looked forward to by members of the Nation of Islam and the entire Black and Original family.

This year’s convention is February 21 – 23 at the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan. Minister Farrakhan will deliver the Saviours’ Day 2020 address on Sunday, February 23.

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