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Much love for MUI from former students, staff

By Shawntell Muhammad | Last updated: Sep 19, 2019 - 2:03:54 PM

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CHICAGO—The Muhammad University of Islam celebrated its 30th year anniversary as part of the rebuilding effort of Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan in early September.

Sister Gloria Muhammad (left), former MUI preschool teacher with her daughter.

The event was held at the South Shore Cultural Center where several hundred former and current students, teachers, and administrators enjoyed an evening of fellowship, music, and food.

Ahmed Rufai, Muhammad University of Islam’s first Arabic teacher, says the school impacted the community by developing responsible Muslims engaged in civil community involvement. Brother Rufai taught at the school from 1989 through 1995.

Former student Joy Muhammad, 1995-1997, reflected on the positive impact the school made in her life, so much so that public schools would benefit from implementing the Muhammad University of Islam program.

The evening celebration came into fruition from the work and dedication of the Muhammad University of Islam Alumni Headquarters Chapter. The treasurer of the alumni committee, Omar Muhammad, reflected on the importance of having independent schools in order to be successful. He attended Muhammad University of Islam from 1989-1999.

Confidence and belief in yourself are two main things students at Muhammad University of Islam learn that will propel our people to achievement in life, he said.

When asked about the comparison between public school students and students at Muhammad University of Islam, former teacher Ayanna Muhammad stated, “Public school students are functioning from a deficit, so everything they learn, their filter is off. So they are learning based on low self-esteem and a confused identity which hampers their ability.”

James Muhammad, who attended Muhammad University of Islam from 1989-1995, spoke of the importance of MUI as the “classroom of God.” From that belief, we start producing what we are taught in the Nation of Islam, he said.

Quoting from a successful MUI graduate, Wali Muhammad, former Dean of Boys, stated, “Muhammad University of Islam is a place where every Black person in Chicago needs to send their children.”

Rhonda Muhammad is a former student and attended Muhammad University of Islam from 1992-1997. Seeing how the school impacted herself, her siblings, along with other family members, she believes youth in the community would benefit from the influence of Muhammad University of Islam with its emphasis on love, guidance, and discipline.

From 1998-2006, Charlene Muhammad taught several subjects to various grade levels. She knows firsthand about the superior curriculum taught at the school. Several former students shared with her their experience of being academically ahead in their college courses due to a rigorous curriculum at Muhammad University of Islam.

Former student Abdullah Muhammad is grateful for Muhammad University of Islam. If it were not for Muhammad University of Islam, a lot of people would not be here, he said.

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