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Honoring a Muslim martial arts pioneer

By The Final Call | Last updated: Aug 14, 2019 - 10:15:09 AM

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Sijo Saabir “Steve” Muhammad joined by (from left): his sister Tommie Carrington, wife Sababirah Muhammad and their oldest son Asaad. Photos: Erick H. Muhammad
ATLANTA—Muslim pioneer and martial arts legend Sijo Saabir “Steve” Muhammad founder of the first Black karate school, Black Karate Federation (BKF) and founder of the art form Ken Wing Tai Ba, was honored along with the accomplishments of many pioneers and legends in the world of martial arts July 19-20 at Hilton Atlanta Hotel in downtown Atlanta.

The weekend included the First Annual Sijo Steve Muhammad “Fight like a God” Championship Tournament, Black Karate Federation Hall of Fame “Inductee Ceremony” and culminated with a prestigious Black-Tie affair titled, “A tribute to a Living Legend,” honoring the 50th year of BKF and 80th birth anniversary of Mr. Muhammad. The Black Karate Federation was established in 1969.

Family, friends, students and admirers of Sijo Saabir “Steve” Muhammad celebrated his 80th birth anniversary and paid tribute to his contribution to martial arts. In this photo are a host of friends and inductees to The Black Karate Federation 2019 Ancient Alpha Warriors Hall of Fame.