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Fruit of Islam and 10,000 Fearless protect students, staff on college campuses

By Kenetta Muhammad | Last updated: Oct 30, 2018 - 12:26:08 PM

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The Fruit of Islam and men from the 10,000 Fearless Men and Women of the South have volunteered their services at the Atlanta University Center (AUC), which includes campuses of Morehouse College, Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University. The men have patrolled the campuses to ensure the safety and security of students, faculty and staff. Stu. Min. Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad (3rd from left), Joseph Chevalier, Jr., Morehouse School of Medicine Chief of Police (4th from left), Stu. Min. Stanley Muhammad and FOI on campus.

ATLANTA—When the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan called for a gathering in Washington D.C., for Justice or Else, 10.10.15 commemorating the Million Man March, thousands responded.

At the gathering Min. Farrakhan made a call for 10,000 Fearless Men and Women to go into their community and make it a decent and safe place to live.

10,000 Fearless Men and Women of the South van.

On that day youth led the way, showing up in large numbers and marching from local college campuses to the capital grounds. Min. Farrakhan once said, “These are not bad youth; they are youth that have never been given a proper education and guidance, and opportunity, to make a better life. That’s not for White people to do, that’s for you and I to do.”
A local Atlanta news station profiled the good work of the 10,000 Fearless, and students as well as staff have expressed gratitude for the help.

So, when Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad, Southern Region representative of the Nation of Islam and student minister of Muhammad Mosque No. 15 in Atlanta heard there was an issue of crimes and shootings on the campus of the Atlanta University Center (AUC), which includes Morehouse College, Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University, he knew that the men had to step up and make Min. Farrakhan’s word bond.

A 10,000 Fearless volunteer shakes hand of a student on campus.
Student Min. Sharrieff Muhammad worked with Fruit of Islam (FOI) Student Captain Oliver Muhammad of Mosque No. 15 and Student Minister Stanley Muhammad of Mosque #15B in College Park, Ga., to organize groups of men from the 10,000 Fearless Headquarters of the South and NOI mosques to go to campuses to lend their help.

The men met with the chief of police of Morehouse College out of respect for their role and responsibility and to ensure their efforts were on the same page.

The first community leaders the Muslims called to assist were Reverend Timothy McDonald III, of First Iconium Baptist Church and co-chair of 10,000 Fearless of the South; Pastor Derrick Rice of Sankofa Church, and Bishop Greg Fann of Liberty International Church. These courageous spiritual leaders are always first to stand when there is a cry of injustice and they all have been very responsive to the call of the 10,000 Fearless Men and Women.

The presence of the 10,000 Fearless is making people on campus feel more safe has been welcomed.
“We believe in fighting crime; we believe in addressing crime; we believe that the best weapon in our community are our people. This violence has to stop, we are brothers and sisters, a community!” said Rev. McDonald.

These leaders and men of the community came together and called a press conference to let students and faculty know they would be on campus every evening making sure students are arriving to and from their destinations as they walk throughout the campus.

This noble act caught the attention of many on campus even the Atlanta local Channel 46 news station. Channel 46 recently did a story on the good work the men of the Nation of Islam and the 10,000 Fearless efforts on the campus to make sure the students are safe. The men did not do this for recognition, but for the love of the youth and community.

The 10,000 Fearless patrol campuses in the evening.

Courtney X, who captured photos of the efforts of the men on campus, works at Spelman and she stated, “So many of my co-workers have been coming up to me because they saw the FOI on the news securing the AUC. They have been so moved by this!”

Many thanks have come from students, alumni and staff as the men have united to make sure the students are safe as they strive to make Min. Farrakhan’s word bond. God willing, they will continue to patrol the campuses every day to help eliminate crime and protect the community. For more information or to volunteer, call: (678) 974-7514).