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Bringing Muhammad to the mountain

By Cedric Muhammad | Last updated: Oct 8, 2019 - 12:17:22 PM

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Student Minister Willie Muhammad engaging with a young brother about the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, patriarch of the Nation of Islam.

NEW ORLEANS—In an effort to carry out the instructions given to the Nation of Islam by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to get outside of the four walls of the mosque, the laborers of Muhammad Mosque No. 46 gathered together to develop an initiative called, “Operation Bring Muhammad to the Mountain.”

In a message titled the “Majesty of Master Fard Muhammad,” Min. Farrakhan said the following: “If the people in the street are not willing to come here, then you should go to them. It is said, ‘If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.’ Your work is with your people in the streets.”

Ever since hearing those words Believers in the city of New Orleans have incorporated practical and innovative outreach methods to reach our people. The mosque laboring staff held a meeting and it was decided to identify several high traffic areas in the city where our people frequent and the teachings could be brought to them in those locations.

In these specific areas a table is set up with The Final Call newspaper, sign-in sheets, and some light food and water. FOI and MGT invite individuals to come and hear the words being shared by Student Minister Willie Muhammad, local representative of Min. Farrakhan.

“This effort of the Believers was very effective. In essence, we had a mini mosque meeting on the streets,” said Student Min. Willie Muhammad.

Mosque No. 46’s community outreach called “Operation Bring Muhammad to the Mountain” was very successful in the New Orleans community.
The laborers chose one of the busiest streets in New Orleans, Canal Street, which sits in the heart of the city tourist attractions. Once set up, FOI and MGT in a loving and respectful manner approach brothers and sisters and invite them to hear a word from Student Min. Willie Muhammad. Those who come to the table hear a brief “mini” lecture, which focuses on the principle of the significance and power of knowledge of self, salvation for the Black man and woman in America today and the work of Min. Farrakhan.

“At the conclusion of each talk, we directed the people to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan! We told them that they should look at him when they see him, listen to him when they hear him and where he says go, go, and where he says stay away from, stay away from,” continued Student Min. Willie Muhammad. Those who stopped to hear the message listened attentively and left excited, desiring to learn more and wanting to join the Nation of Islam.

The MGT (Muslim Girls Training) help in spreading the Teachings during community outreach.
Present at every outreach effort were the Student FOI and MGT Captains of Muhammad Mosque No.46 “It was amazing to see the attracting power of a covered woman. Both the men and women commented that it was great to see the sisters out. Young sisters further engaged the MGT on discussions concerning modest dress and how beautiful the sisters looked in their pastel and white garments. Men noted they had seen the men before but have never seen an MGT,” explained Student MGT Captain Meshawn Siddiq.

“Engaging our people where they are is incredibly effective and rewarding. You can see the impact the teachings of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has on our people immediately and their desire to know more about who they are and the power they have. Even the people who initially walk past, tend to come back to see what they might have missed,” said Student FOI Captain Jason Muhammad.

To measure the effectiveness and assess the outreach effort, data was taken from the sign-in sheets each person who came to the table completed after hearing the message. The data gathered revealed the following: Seventy-six percent of those who stopped to hear the message said they had never heard of Min. Farrakhan nor the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad; 18 percent expressed a desire to join the Nation of Islam; 53 percent said they wanted to learn more and 24 percent agreed to be added to Muhammad Mosque No. 46 contact list.

“We hope to refine this outreach effort and package it in such a way that other mosques and study groups can use it in their respective cities as another tool to bring the Teachings to our people,” said Student Min. Willie Muhammad.