Dr. Kim Muhammad presents natural health tips in Milwaukee

By Dwayne Muhammad | Last updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:10:34 PM

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MILWAUKEE—Dr. Kim Muhammad, a naturopathic physician based in Phoenix, Arizona, recently visited Muhammad Mosque No. 3 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to give a presentation on natural healing remedies for conditions afflicting our communities.

Dr. Kim Muhammad, a naturopathic doctor, presented recently in Milwaukee.

Dr. Muhammad was invited to the mosque by Student Minister William Muhammad, state representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in Wisconsin. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and is Student Min. William Muhammad’s first cousin who is also a native Chicagoan.

Dr. Muhammad decided to go to naturopathic medical school about 10 years ago after starting off as a registered nurse. She said one of the things a doctor should talk about is “thinking outside the box.” She also said natural health care allows her to address the root cause of conditions rather than just prescribing medication to temporarily treat the symptoms.

Studies correlate obesity or being overweight to diabetes and high blood pressure. Such conditions will eventually lead to heart attacks, strokes and death. Also, living a sedentary life is actually worse than smoking one or two packs of cigarettes daily.

Dr. Muhammad also linked obesity to sleep apnea. She said proper sleep is vital for overall good health and well being and suggested exercising two to three hours a week and wearing a night mask to improve “Rapid Eye Movement” (REM) at bedtime.

“If someone is obese, it (sleep apnea) may have something to do with their nasal cavity and sinuses. A CPAP will keep the airways open so you can rest properly,” said Dr. Muhammad. CPAP is the acronym for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. However, Dr. Muhammad stated that a CPAP machine isn’t the cure for sleep apnea.

Dr. Muhammad also stated that the best exercise is walking. She said that 99.9 percent of all conditions can be cured with a healthier gut, because 75 percent of our immunity is in our gut. Yoga is also a good form of exercise alongside cardio and weight training, explained Dr. Muhammad.

“When our gut’s bacteria isn’t balanced, we get constipation or diarrhea. There is a strong correlation between the gut and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). When you have IBS, a good probiotic is one of the things we prescribe,” she continued.

In addition, Dr. Muhammad said natural remedies help to reduce inflammation and regulate digestion. Such thermogenic herbs as: ginger, curcumin, cayenne, turmeric and other herbs increase the body heat and can help reduce the gut and burn fat. Also, coffee and green extract tea work too. Dr. Muhammad cautioned the eating of processed foods stating those are high in sugar and salt. Such foods don’t produce weight loss.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) comes from pork. MSG is highly addictive and causes cancer. “It [MSG] is a stimulant. If you have high blood pressure, it can negatively affect you,” warned Dr. Muhammad.

She also warned us from consuming too many starchy foods; mainly grains and potatoes.

When cooking, she also recommended browning rice as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. “Browning the rice—it decreases the amount of starch. Our bodies see grains as sugar. We ingest sugar and it is turned into insulin. The insulin created helps metabolize the sugar,” stated Dr. Muhammad.

Dr. Muhammad also pointed out that we should increase the consumption of fiber and water in our diets for proper digestion. Such measures are good because it helps to regulate digestion. Also, the secretion of waste (regular bowel movements) prevents us from developing colon cancer. One reason that we get colon cancer, is because our intestines are not designed to digest meats. Red meat builds up in the colon and can lead to colon cancer.

We should fast to prevent sickness by allowing the stomach to rest, while preventing toxins from accumulating in the gut, she explained. Since the body is 75 percent water, we should hydrate ourselves with water and continue to exercise. This helps remove toxins while increasing stamina simultaneously. However, those who take prescription medications, should continue to take them under the care of their medical doctor.

Dr. Muhammad also stated that the minimum age for a woman’s mammogram test should be 40 years old and the test should be administered every two to three years. Finally, she said eating one meal a day and drinking water is the best solution for optimum health but consuming too much water can lead to enlarged breasts for males. The condition happens when a male is predisposed to too much estrogen in the water. Eating foods like cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower helps get rid of excess estrogen.

For more information Dr. Kim Muhammad can be reached at [email protected].