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Covid-19 and the Motherland: Special Final Call forum connects Black America & Africa

By Naba'a Muhammad | Last updated: Apr 24, 2020 - 3:51:03 PM

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CHICAGO—The Final Call Newspaper, using digital technology, convened an online gathering of scholars, activists and advocates from Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Cuba and Sudan as well as the Windy City and Philadelphia to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic its impact on the Motherland and possible solutions.

Final Call editor in chief Naba’a Muhammad and journalist Khalil Charles, who lives in Istanbul, Turkey and has lived in Sudan were co-moderators.

Philadelphia-based writer Jehron Muhammad, whose weekly AfricaWatch column appears in The Final Call organized and introduced the session. Participants included Dr. Desta Valdez Muhammad, who was trained in the Cuban medical school and practices in California; Senegalese economist Dr. Ndongo Samba Sylla; Kenyan activist and African women’s advocate Crystal Simeoni of Femnet, who is also a fellow with the London School of Economics;   Leah Eryenyu of Uganda, who is a research, advocacy and movement building manager with Akina Mama Afrika and works on the intersection between gender oppression and economic exploitation; Redge Nkosi of First Source Money and Public Banking in South Africa; Christobel Phiri of Southern African Trust in Johannesburg; Riaz K. Tayob of the Southern and East African Institute in South Africa; and Mekki Elmograbi of MC-Media in Sudan, who sent in a video as part of the discussion.

The April 23 online session was called “Africa: The Economic Ramifications of the Coronavirus Pandemic.”

Don’t miss this important, historic session, you can view it here: