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Doing Business in Africa and the Caribbean Symposium

By The Final Call | Last updated: Apr 16, 2019 - 9:57:45 PM

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WASHINGTON—Ambassadors, representatives and business leaders from Africa and the Caribbean will gather in Washington, D.C., in June to share how investors, businesspeople and entrepreneurs can successfully do business in their countries.


The Doing Business in Africa and the Caribbean Symposium will be held June 19-20, at the African Union Mission, 1640 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C., 20007. Attendees will enjoy two days of intensive presentations, networking and business opportunities. “They will learn a lot about Africa and the Caribbean and the importance of Africans in the diaspora, especially those who ended up in America through the slave trade or in the Caribbean,” said event moderator, author and world scholar Akbar Muhammad.

“So, it’s important to listen to the African and Caribbean Ambassadors, leaders, presidents or vice presidents who will attend to listen to their projection; in terms of its opportunities and how they can be helpful to Africa and the Caribbean and how it can benefit them.” Mr. Muhammad added that attendees can expect to hear about areas ready for investment such as farming and mining.

“We wanted to create a way to connect investors and businesspeople in the U.S. with ripe opportunities in Africa and the Caribbean for development and investment,” said Earl Reddix, an African business consultant and co-founder of the event. “This event allows the opportunity to learn, network and speak directly with officials of those nations. The purpose of this symposium is to introduce the people in the United States to a knowledgeable way of doing business with Africa and the Caribbean.”

Presenters will speak on topics including how to do business on the African and Caribbean landscape; what turn-key business opportunities are presently available for investment; how to trade, export and import with Africa and the Caribbean; and also the facilitation of business trade delegations to Africa and the Caribbean.

“The exclusive access this event offers is simply phenomenal,” Mr. Reddix added. “To be there is a wise investment for any serious businessperson, community leader or investor.” 

Tickets are limited. To register for this event, go to, www.