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Seek Refuge In Allah

By The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan | Last updated: Aug 29, 2017 - 12:49:49 PM

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[Editor’s note: The following article contains edited excerpts from the message of the same name delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan live via webcast from Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois, on Sunday, August 20, 2017. To order this message now available in its entirety on DVD, CD and MP3, please visit or call 1.866.602.1230, ext. 200.]

In The Name of Allah, The Benefi cent, The Merciful.

I am a student of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and I could never thank Allah enough for preparing me through him to be his helper.  What a wonderful thing to be given an assignment to help a man whom God has given the hardest job of any man that ever lived.  And man has been living in this universe for trillions of years, but the hardest job is to take a people, who are the people of God that were kidnapped and brought on a westerly course through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and made other than themselves, so much so that they are reflectors of the mind and spirit of their captors …  And the people that captured us were The Devil himself. 

No “spirit” kidnapped us, no “spirit” robbed us, no “spirit” enslaved us but the spirit of rebellion to God manifest in flesh.  We were not permitted to pray to our God; we were not permitted to say our prayers in the original language of our prayers.  Anyone that said the name “Allah” was killed ... .  So, the song that our fathers sang, “Couldn’t hear nobody pray”—because it meant death to hear us pray like we were taught; that has been with us not from the time of Muhammad, but before Abraham was. 

A wise student will pass the tests (the trials) given by his or her teacher

When my teacher said these words to me, “Brother, I did not make you.”  I said: “Oh, yes you did, Dear Apostle.”  He said it again:  “Brother, I did not make you”; and I, not liking to hear what he said, I said, “Oh yes you did!”  “Who is the teacher, here?” he said.  So I know I am the student—so I shut up to listen to my teacher.  He said: “Brother, I gave you the same Teaching that I gave everyone else.  I never took you off in some private setting to teach you—only Allah could have shown you how to put the Teachings together in the way that you do.” Then, he said it for the fourth time:  “I did not make you, brother. Allah made you for me.” 

A wise teacher tries his students, to see if the
student is worthy for higher manifestation of truth.

After Brother Malcolm left him, he said: “Brother, I will never teach another minister like I taught Brother Malcolm.  Because if I did not teach him so much of the prophecies, he could not have been so formidable an enemy.”  He looked at me and said, “I will not teach another until I have thoroughly tried him.”

If you have been under a grandmaster in the art of self-defense, they teach you wonderful ways to defend and protect yourself.  And sometimes you might think that you are equal to your teacher.  So, they put you in a little grip that’ll have you “tapping” real quick—that means “I’ve reached the threshold of my pain, please don’t apply anymore.” 

When God is making a man for His service, He doesn’t make it easy on that man, He tries him to the “Nth degree” of his ability to withstand pain.  When He has brought him to a level of tolerance for that level of pain, He devises another trial to bring him greater pain until sometimes the student will think The Master is trying to hurt him, trying to harm him, trying to discourage him.  But The Master is making him, now, to go up against the one who gives every prophet of God pain—and that is Satan himself.

Standing room audience at Mosque Maryam listens to Minister Farrakhan's Aug. 20 address. (Photos: Haroon Rajaee, TIm 6X)

‘Allah (God) has preserved America
for His Judgment’

Brothers and sisters, Allah put Trump in power.  So, negroes, don’t let your heart be troubled; and to all my “Hillary family,” you know I love you—I never stopped loving you because you wanted the lying, deceiving “Crooked Hillary.”  And I know you didn’t want Trump, I didn’t either. …  When I was on Cliff Kelley’s show, I said: “If you all vote for Trump, he will have you on a rocket ship to hell.”  The ride is getting a little rough. …   But let me tell you something:  If you don’t know God, you don’t see God’s Hand. 

You say, “How could God ever put that White man in there that’s ruining everything?”  Did you ever stop to think that that’s his job?  I’m going to point something out to you: Trump said to you all, “You ain’t got nothin’ to lose!  Your education is terrible, you ain’t got jobs, and you all are killing each other.  What the hell can you lose by voting for me?  I’ll just speed it up!”  Now he has James Norman “Mad Dog” Mattis, U.S. Secretary of Defense, and a hell of a cabinet.  Notice the shake up all in the government?  Have you ever, ever seen White folks so confused?  Well, can’t you see?  That’s bringing the man’s house down.  The scripture teaches, “If Satan casts out Satan, how then can his kingdom stand?” 

Mr. Trump is in a “pickle” now, because Kim Jong-Un is working on a ballistic missile, a nuclear warhead—and you are scared to death (“That little Korean man is going to get us all killed!  They better bomb him, because he’s, he’s crazy; he’s going to let that thing go!”)  Let me tell you what my teacher told me.  Whether you know it or not, America is a preserved area: No bomb is going to fall here, because The God has you here—and the White man knows he’s keeping you a hostage, because God is after you.  Remember that song, “My God, He calls me; He calls me by the thunder, I hear Him call within-my-soul …  I ain’t got long to stay here”?  Your time to serve these people is up; you’re going to have to come up out of here.  It’s your time, now. 

President Donald Trump
I want to say something to the president of the United States, Mr. Donald J. Trump.  I would advise him, from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “If the party that’s in power gets back in power, you know what that means”—that was the Democrats; “And if the other party gets in, you should know what that means.”  The Messenger left it up to you to figure out what it means.  But, he said: “The more you can delay this war, the better it will be for you.”  So, brothers and sisters, Kim Jong-Un may get a nuclear warhead to put on his ballistic missile, but the God won’t let it come here.  You are God’s people.  He said this area is preserved for Him; He is going to take your enemy out in His way.  He said America is “No. 1” on His list to be destroyed.  I didn’t say it.  God said it, so says the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  “Well how are You gonna do it, God?”  He (God) said, “Well, he doesn’t have any defense against the Forces of Nature.”  Allah is going to use the wind, the rain, the tornadoes, the hurricane, the fire, hail, sleet, snow.  He’s whipping America bad. 

Mr. Trump, The God is after America for her evils done to His people.  You have a chance to relieve yourself of some of the heaviness of The Judgment that is against you by letting my people go. 


This is The Messenger’s Teaching.  And most of you don’t want to leave White folks; you’ve got your little stake in the White man’s world.  I understand.  I really do.  But, be ready, because he is turning on you. 

At another time, I will give you more on that; but, he is turning, and his hatred is being focused on us.  You think that there was some problem in Charlottesville?  That was lightweight.  Go read your scripture (Isaiah 49:26) where it said because they delighted in killing us, God said, “I’m going to give you your own blood to drink, and you will be drunk with your own blood as with sweet wine.”  There is going to be a lot of bloodshed, brother and sister, and that’s bringing me to my subject.

‘Seek Refuge in Allah’ by standing firm on
The Strongest Foundation

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad: Forty-two years ago, she was at the bedside of Elijah Muhammad at Mercy Hospital.  I don’t know whether Mother Tynnetta knew that he was about to depart from among us for a while, but there he was in the bed at Mercy Hospital, and she was holding his hand.  Brother Ishmael, Brother Rasul, Brother Ahmad, Sister Madea (those are the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s children from Mother Tynnetta), they were very young then.  And Mother Tynnetta, like any mother, if you see the breadwinner looking like he’s going someplace, everybody gets a little rattled.  So, she was holding his hand, and she was asking him, “How are we going to make it?  Was there anything for me and the children?  How are we going to make it?”  And he squeezed her hand, and said four words; and those four words are the subject: “Seek refuge in Allah.”

When somebody tells you (that) and you are fearful of the future—you don’t know what is going to happen when the person you have been looking to for leadership is going, or is gone—you are upset.  “How am I going to make it? What provision has been left for me?”  “How will The Nation function?  The Messenger is gone; and if The Minister goes, how, how can I make it?”  And of course, the words to her, were “Seek refuge in Allah.” …  The Messenger told Brother Jabril Muhammad: “If Allah had not shown me how I would escape their death plot, I would have no hope at all.”  

The same murder plot they had for The Messenger in that day, they have for me and us in this day.  Elijah Muhammad is The Voice of God, and that Voice is what I speak.  So, Elijah is not present—but Farrakhan is.  And Elijah is Present in FarrakhanSo The Qur’an says, “And the Jews planned”… 

Now, to my Christian family, look, you are right to love Jesus, you are right to want to follow Jesus; you are not wrong.  It’s just that you don’t know how to place the scripture properly. You are looking 2,000 years back when you are walking through the fulfillment of scripture right now. 


How do you seek refuge in a God that you’re not sure of?  How could you seek refuge in that of which your faith is weak?  So Elijah Muhammad asked the question: “How Strong is The Foundation?  Can We Survive?”  Do you remember when he asked that question?   

Jay Z’s album is called “4:44”: How many of you have heard Jay Z’s album?  …  I had to talk to Jay Z, because I heard something coming out of him.  It’s like when somebody that you have been watching: you wait for a sign that would show you that they are about to make a big step?  So I spoke to Jay Z, and I said: “Brother, I was sad after I heard your album because you were talking about dying”—and some of you think that The Minister is about to die.  I want to help you.    But I didn’t want Jay Z talking about “death,” even though he could be killed, going in on “The Illuminati” and all this kind of stuff; but I told him, “Brother, there is a ‘death,’ and it’s this: that you are dying as ‘the old Jay Z’, but you’re coming to birth as a stronger and better human being.” 

See now, when a man can get on television, or in a record, and talk about how bad he treated Beyoncé; talk about how she came to him innocent and he messed up with her, and he’s asking her to forgive him:  A lot of us have messed up with our wives, and our children—and Jay Z is making it very public (“I’m sorry, will you forgive me?”).  But a lot of us have a similar story to say to our wives (“I am sorry for the pain that I have caused”).  It doesn’t take a lot to say you’re sorry if you really are; and you will find that you won’t lose your wife, you will gain her, because all she wanted was for the person to come clean.

So I said, “Jay Z, I really, really like your ‘4:44’.  My son (Louis Jr.), when he saw ‘4:44’, he said, “Well, that’s the time I get up to make Fajr prayer.  So maybe that’s what he’s signifying,” though I doubt it.  But I said, “Those ‘4s’ have great meaning.”  …


I know that you should seek refuge in Allah, but to my family (reading this) who don’t know anything about “Allah”,  I want you to try Him.  You know how an advertisement will tell you, “Try this.  And if it doesn’t work, then you’ll get your money back?”  I’m not taking your money, I’m just asking you to try God.  He won’t let you down; He wants to prove to you that He is Real.  … But there is something in God that needed perfection. 

I want you to hear me.  My Christian family, you say that Jesus was with God “in the beginning.”  That is true.  But not that he was in a “spirit form”—no.  When God originated this creation, He knew it needed to ultimately be perfected, so God willed into existence one who would come in the last days of the world of the wicked to make this pronouncement:  “Behold, I make all things new.  There will be a new heaven and a new earth, and the former things will pass away.”

‘Seek Refuge in Allah’: Mercy for one another will
help us through the dark hour

Do you know, brothers and sisters, that God created you and me after His own creation?  You would not want to believe that there is a negative side to God.  If God is real, He’ll tell you He is a jealous God; so you shouldn’t have any other god before Him, or beside Him.  Don’t put Him on such a cheap level … .   But God is a killer.  No, The Real God is no punk; He has killed so many people… .  So killing is in you, like it’s in God.  You can get so angry with somebody you love that if the passion that you feel is not put in check, you will be in Cook County Jail, in prison for the rest of your life, sad over somebody that you killed that you loved.  So the same nature that is your nature is God’s Nature.  But God has characteristics that give balance to His ability to kill—so His prime attributes are ar-Rahman, ar-Rahim (He is “Beneficent,” He is “Merciful”). 

How do you kill your brother over a hot dog?  Or how do you kill your brother over watering down drugs, trying to stretch it to make more money?  How do you kill him, and even kill members of his family, and there is no mercy in you?  Mercy is in you, but it’s buried because the White man made you into himself—and he don’t show mercy.  God did not give him a heart of mercy.  So when our people were being hung and castrated and burned, they begged him for mercy, and they got none. 

The brothers that you’re shooting down on the street,  do they deserve the kind of killing that we are putting on ourselves and each other?  How would you like that if The God visited on us what we are visiting on each other? 


So how do you ‘seek refuge in God’? 

You have to know and believe that Allah (God) is sufficient for all our needs.  I don’t serve a God that is insufficient to supply my need.  I don’t serve a God that in times of trouble I can’t call on Him and receive an answer.  He is real.  But we have to know how to get into Him.  If you were arrested by the police, and you knew the captain of the precinct that they were taking you to, all it would take is a call.  If he is your friend, he’ll look after you.  Don’t you know how to call God?  Don’t you want to know how to contact The One that gave you life, The One that gave you your gifts, The One that gave you sight and hearing, and speech, and a brain to think?  He has not left you.  He never left you—you had to leave Him. 

So, when you go to jail: Jail is a wonderful place, for some, because it sure helps you to get ahold to yourself; and when you go, have gone, you find something in the solitude of your prison cell.  … Twenty years in a prison cell can destroy you completely.  But when you have a cause bigger than what put there; when you know how to call on God, and you do it, trusting that He will deliver you out of that situation, that’s how you get through the hard times that life confronts us with. 

‘Seek refuge in Allah’:
Study Surahs 113 & 114,
The Chapters of Refuge

When The Minister goes … even before he goes, the devil is going to make his move against me and against us.  It’s written in the Book of Revelation (12:17)he is going after the remnant of The Seed of The Woman.  We will make it through the darkness if we can know how to seek refuge in Allah. 


What does it mean “to seek”?  It means “to go in search of; to try to find or discover by searching or discovering.” 

Allah has brought me through so many things that I can put my complete trust in Him.  Now look, I am here, man: This White man hates Farrakhan, and yet I still tell the truth; I eat well—sometimes a little too well.  What is the point?  Somebody is looking after me.  I want you to know: We are going to get through the dark hour.  This country is going down; there are some things that are going to happen that will bring America into war.  Those of you who have your 401K; and the stock market, see how it’s going up, up, up?  It’s a bubble, and soon it’s going to burst; and everybody that has their hope in the stock market, you’ll see a lot of people committing suicide.

Now don’t you do nothing stupid like that, because there is a doorway out of everything that is afflicting you.  Allah wants to show you that He came to fight our battles for us, and that He is powerful enough to deliver us from our enemies.

Elijah Muhammad said to me one day, I don’t know why he took this approach, “Brother, if God can’t save me, that’s a sign that He can’t save you.”  It took me three years to understand that he was not dead, and that he was saved from a death plot.  And you know God is so bold, He’ll tell the devil, “Do all you can, don’t spare nothing!  That’s My man; go after him!”  And I am willing to pay the ultimate price, though I don’t think He is going to allow the devil to kill me.  I don’t think so … 


Put your trust in Allah.  The negative side of yourself starts with emotion.  Emotion blinds you to reason.  So I want to invite the Muslims, and you, my Christian family, to the last two chapters of The Qur’an:  Surah 113 Al-Falaq (“The Dawn”) and Surah 114 An-Nas (“The Men”).  They are “The Chapters of Refuge.” 

Surah 113 reads: “In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.  Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn, From the evil of that which He has created, And from the evil of intense darkness, when it comes, And from the evil of those who cast (evil suggestions) in firm resolutions, And from the evil of the envier when he envies.”  “Say…”—God is telling you to say something; it’s a command—“… I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn, From the evil of that which He has created.”  The darkness is on us now—it’s going to get deeper and darker, and more deep and more dark.  But if your refuge is in the same Lord of the dawn, then He will take you through the darkness of the night into the dawn of a brand new day. 

There is a star …  a very bright star that is the star that signals “the setting of the sun,” and “the coming of night”—when the star sets.  The same star is moving; and that star, you’ll see it again at “the breaking of the dawn.”  In the 53rd Surah of the Holy Qur’an [An-Najm “The Star”], Allah says in verses 1-4: By the star when it sets!  Your companion errs not, nor does he deviate.  Nor does he speak out of desire.  It is naught but revelation that is revealed…” 

“By the star when it sets”: The scholars, trying to seek wisdom from the revelation, know that it’s going to be a time of great calamity when the star sets.  Some scholars say that so much affliction will come because it’s the time of The Mahdi and The Messiah—and Satan is so upset, because his world is coming down because of the Presence of These Two Men Who are Two Expressions of God!  “Your companion errs not, nor does he deviate”: It’s talking about your brother, who is that star.  In the darkness of the night, the wisdom of this star pierces the darkness.  And whenever you don’t understand some reality in the world and its function, people find their way to the mosque.  Right now, you are [at Mosque Maryam], because you know that The Minister and the people with him have something to say about what is confusing you, what is upsetting you. 

But The Star is setting … so the attack that Satan is going to come with: “He is in error!”  Your Companion errs not.  Now, the enemy is going to say, “He deviated”—but The Qur’an said, “No!” (Neither does he speak out of desire.”)  I’m not trying to get you to follow me, I’m trying to get you to follow The Man that I follow!  Because, The Man that I follow has done well by me.  You sing the song, “What he did for others, he can do for you”? 

Look at me: You don’t have a Black man bolder, braver, more courageous, wiser … and the White Man didn’t make me this way.  It was my submission, my obedience to Elijah Muhammad and The God of Elijah that made me this way in front of you! 

I am in The Classroom of God, and I am being made into a God right in front of your face.  Not “The” God, no!  We are all gods, children of The Most High God—but make sure you are children of “The Most High God” and not the low-life Satan.  …  So as I said to Jay Z, that those “4s” have “great meaning”:  The first “4” in “4:44” represents 4,000 years from Moses (a man like Moses would come up among the people); the second represents the 44 years that Elijah Muhammad worked among us to put us in a better condition.  And the last “4” represents the 40 years that The Minister has been standing up in the absence of his teacher, being faithful to that teacher.  And how did I do it?  I sought refuge in The Lord of The Dawn from the evil of created things.


“Seek refuge from the intense darkness when it comes,” and “Seek refuge in Allah from the evil of him who casts evil suggestions in firm resolutions.”  Now, the attack on The Minister has to come!  [The enemy will say] “He deviated!  He wants you to worship him!”  You’ll be a fool if you did!  I  might slap you if you were dumb enough to say, “I worship you, Farrakhan”—I’ve got to get the hell away from you!  I am not an object of worship; I am not here to be worshiped, I am here to be followed

So as Surah 113 closes by stating seek refuge in Allah “from the evil of the envier when he envies”: If you can get by that 113th Surah seeking refuge in God from all those things that are there, then you have one more Chapter of Refuge to go through.  Surah 114 reads:  “In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.  Say: I seek refuge in The Lord of men, The King of men, The God of men, From the evil of the whisperings of the slinking (devil), Who whispers into the hearts of men, From among the jinn and the men.” 

There is only one “Lord of men,” and that is He Who created the man, and nurtures him through every stage of development on his way toward perfection.  And since  people like political leaders: In Islam we don’t have a “king,” only Allah is The King (we say it in our prayer, “O Allah!  Thou art The King, there is no God but Thee!”)  “I seek refuge in the God of men”: Here, I’ve got “all three” in One—but it’s not a “trinity”; it’s “The Lord of men,” “The King of men,” “The God of men.”  But, I am seeking refuge from the whispering

How many of you have whispered?  Have you ever whispered?  When you whisper, you’re saying something to somebody you don’t want somebody else to hear.  Everybody can’t get to your ear to whisper; see, it’s the whispering of a slinking devil.  The Arabic word for “slinking,” it also says “hiding”:  He’s hiding, and then he peeps out, and then he slinks back—like he said nothing.  A “slinking devil that whispers” not into the ear, not into the brain, but “into the hearts of men.”  Now, where did that devil come from?  He whispers from among the jinn

It doesn’t mean somebody drinking “gin,” although some people do a lot of the drinking of the gin, and act a fool; but “the jinn” is the fiery nature of a human being that is underdeveloped.  … 

‘Seek refuge in Allah’
from The Devil provoking your anger, emotions

When emotions are disturbed, you get disappointed.  Somebody hurts your feelings, emotion comes up (that’s the jinn coming up), and then it starts whispering to you: “Did you see what he did?  That lowdown nigga, he did it!”  And the whispering isn’t outside, the whispering is coming right up from you.  Then it slinks, like it didn’t say anything, and now your heart is on fire; and now evil is at the door, because you are bowing to your emotions rather than developing your power to reason above your emotions.  In this hour you’ll be talked to a lot by your own disappointments, by your own anger and frustration over things in your life that you evidently can’t control, and you become bitter.  That won’t help you to make it through the night. 


“Seek assistance,” The Qur’an says, “through patience and prayer.”  Can you be patient when the going gets rough?  Can you hold on to your integrity?  You are going to be tested.  If the White man can get you upset, he will kill you.  He will do things to make you angry, just to start something to give him power to kill you.  The Messenger said there is coming a time where he’ll spit in your face.  That’s a hell of an insult.  …  And The Messenger said the devil will say, “That nigga is gonna see The Hereafter.”  The Devil is a provocateur: He wants to get into the fight.  We’re going to have to fight, now, but not on his stage—we erect our own stage when it comes to the fight!

Seek refuge in Allah, brothers and sisters.  God is Real.  He will … He will see us through. 

Thank you for reading these words, and may Allah bless you.  I greet you in peace, As-Salaam Alaikum.