Minister Louis Farrakhan

The Outside Force Manipulating Black Organizations From Within

By The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan | Last updated: Apr 1, 2014 - 3:40:43 PM

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[Editor’s note: In 1994, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam rallied support for Qubilah Shabazz—daughter of Malcolm X and the late Dr. Betty Shabazz. Qubilah was accused by the government of hiring a hit man to assassinate Minister Farrakhan. It was during the fallout of that case that Minister Farrakhan and the Black community charged the government with trying to set up Qubilah by paying Michael Fitzpatrick (aka Michael Summers), a Jewish informant, $45,000 plus expenses to record conversations he had with her. Following a Jan. 17, 1995 press conference at Mosque Maryam, where Minister Farrakhan called for a letter-writing campaign in support of Qubilah, the charges against her were subsequently dropped. On May 6, 1995, at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York, history was made as the world witnessed Minister Farrakhan with Dr. Shabazz, sharing the same stage. During his speech, Minister Farrakhan addressed the United States government’s role in setting up the circumstances for disunity, distrust and betrayal through the infiltration of Black organizations by paid informants. The following article contains excerpts of this historic message.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

It is said that “there is a thin line between love and hate.” “Love” and “hate” carry the same emotional fervor: one is positive and the other is negative; one is creative and the other is destructive.

But when one loves as deeply as we have loved each other, and then, the bond is broken and hate replaces love, we are forced to ask the questions: “What changed our direction? What forces interfered with this bond?” When a man loves a woman and a woman loves a man and the love turns to hate, it is more than likely that this turn comes because of a sense of betrayal.

“To betray” is to deliver or expose to an enemy by treachery or disloyalty; to be unfaithful in guarding or maintaining; to be disloyal to; to disappoint the hopes or expectations; to betray one’s confidence; to betray a secret; to reveal unconsciously something one would preferably conceal; to deceive, to mislead, to reveal or disclose.

Betrayal is when one loves and puts complete trust in an individual, religion, ideology, or program and then that one feels that his or her confidence, trust and loyalty was misplaced. This produces a breech, a chasm, a great divide it does not appear that anyone is able to bridge. It is comparable to one’s attempting to build a bridge from the West Coast of the United States to the mainland of China: No engineer would be foolish enough to even attempt such, and certainly no one would wish to spend the money to do it even if it could be done, and therefore such a bridge would be considered improbable, unwise and an impossible task.


The probability of our being here today was unseen by any of us. The probability of a headline on the front page of The Final Call saying, “Free Qubilah!” with a picture of Dr. Betty Shabazz and myself was unthinkable just a few short months ago.

The fact that we are here today under these circumstance says that no ordinary architect was involved in building this bridge. This had to be the work of a Mighty God—a Mighty God who desires our unity and the reconciliation of us as individuals and as a people. So, I bow in complete submission and praise of Allah (God) for His Great Intervention that has given us this moment of victory.

The scripture says, “This is the day that the Lord has made so let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Although this scripture is referring to the Sabbath which is the Lord’s Day, this is a day or a period or a millennium given to heal the people who have been blinded and destroyed by the touch of Satan. This is the Sabbath and we who have been blinded by the touch of Satan are in the process of being healed.

Government conspiracy fuels chaos and confusion

J. Edgar Hoover was determined that no Black Messiah would rise to unite our people in their quest for justice and true liberation. An untold sum of taxpayer dollars was used by the FBI to hurt the legitimate movement of our people toward liberation. Our zeal, our love and hatred, our ignorance was manipulated by powerful outside forces ...

I believe that the entrapment of Sister Qubilah was part of a much wider conspiracy. There is no way that the government of the United States would permit Michael Summers Fitzpatrick, a member of the Jewish community, to assassinate Louis Farrakhan knowing the possible repercussions that it could cause. I do not believe that the government wanted or wants a Caucasian person to be openly involved in an attempt at my assassination. Their desire would be that a member of our own Black family, preferably a Muslim or a nationalist, would attempt such to throw our whole house into complete chaos and confusion.

The government admits that it worked night and day to bring about a separation between Brother Malcolm X and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Once this division was accomplished, the government by its own admission had agents on both sides to manipulate the zeal and the ignorance inside the ranks of the Nation of Islam and among the followers of Brother Malcolm X to create the atmosphere that allowed him to be assassinated and the Nation of Islam to sustain wounds from which it has never recovered.

The devastation resulting from the wicked machination of the government sent many brothers and sisters from the Nation of Islam back into drugs, crime, insanity, and it caused the destruction of entire families. Sister Betty Shabazz and her family have not recovered; the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s family has not recovered; my family has not recovered; the Nation of Islam has not recovered; and Black people have not recovered from these terrible wounds.

It is sad that there are those who do not want to see Sister Shabazz and I sit down to make an honest attempt at reconciliation when we are both victims of a wider conspiracy: a conspiracy that did not start with Malcolm X or the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; a conspiracy that certainly did not start with Sister Betty or myself.

This conspiracy started with the government of the United States because of its hatred of the movement that Malcolm X and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had generated and the affect that these two men were having on Black America.

The Outside Force

J. Edgar Hoover was determined that no Black Messiah would rise to unite our people in their quest for justice and true liberation. An untold sum of taxpayer dollars was used by the FBI to hurt the legitimate movement of our people toward liberation.

Our zeal, our love and hatred, our ignorance was manipulated by powerful outside forces and the result is that members of the Nation of Islam were involved in the assassination of Malcolm X. And the Nation has taken the heat and carried the burden of the death of Malcolm X. We cannot deny whatever our part was. That is true. But we must not let the real culprit get away by hiding his hand and keeping us fighting and killing one another.

We didn’t voluntarily split from each other. There was manipulation. There was stimulation of our own pettiness, of our own weaknesses by outside forces and the government is that outside force. The FBI is that outside force. So Betty and I shouldn’t be here alone. The government has to answer for what has happened.

We know the hurt of the prominent ones among us, but what about those other families? Families of the unnamed ones that are broken to pieces. Daughters who were virgins destroyed. Young men and women that had hope in a movement destroyed. Thousands of lives ruined because the government feared our unity.

We carried no weapons. We threatened no laws. We broke no laws. But because we had an ideology and a philosophy that the government did not like, we were targeted by the government. They didn’t need laws passed by Congress to tap our phones, to follow us around, to harass us day and night.


In the government’s releasing of Qubilah, and not taking this case to trial, in one sense it is a great victory, but in another sense this protects those in government who were involved in the conspiracy. It protects those who paid Fitzpatrick and it protects the wider scheme of my planned assassination from coming to light.

You don’t think that the government was stupid enough and dumb enough to concoct such a foolish thing as that. It was a wider scheme. It never was to come to trial; it was supposed to lure me into a fight with Dr. Shabazz and her children.

If they paid $45,000 to this cheap hustler, how much money have they put in other sections of the community? This is no lightweight thing—they had a full-range plan. That man knew what his job was. There are others, but we didn’t fall into the trap. Not because we are brilliant, but because God has guided us and history has taught us.

The Enemy’s aim to undermine God’s Mercy

This wound in the Black nation over the assassination of Malcolm X, this wound in the Nation of Islam over his assassination cannot be healed except by the knowledge of truth, and justice done in accordance with truth.

Although the Holy Qur’an holds Prophets and Messengers of Allah (God) blameless and sinless, the Qur’an states that if Allah (God) were to punish man for his sins not one soul would be left alive on the Earth. This is why in the nature of Allah (God) the quality of mercy is predominant.

There is a dark side to the moon, but Allah (God) keeps the bright side facing the earth, because the dark side cannot plant or harvest. Nothing can be nurtured. It is only the bright side of the moon, that side that reflects the light of the sun that is used in the nurturing process.

The moon symbolically represents the prophets of Allah (God). They are shown in Qur’an and Bible as nurturers of their communities. Even though they have faults, Allah (God) keeps their bright side in front of the people. David the Psalmist said, “Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.”

The Enemy of Allah (God) and The Enemy of Man is always probing the dark side of human nature to use it to help us in self-destruction and in the destruction of others. He listens to our conversations and he watches us from whence we see him not. And his aim it to say to Allah (God): “Look at those whom you have chosen. None of them are worthy.”

The Bible teaches that this Wicked One accused the prophets and the righteous night and day before the throne. But it is written that this Wicked One will be cast down.


This year, October 16, 1995, we propose a Million Man March on Washington and we call it the “Day of Atonement,” meaning “at one”; coming together as one, being as one, reconciling our differences.

The Qur’an talks about Satan as the “accursed one,” one “removed from God.” Sin makes us remote from God, and any human being who is removed from God is removed from power, from the sensitivity that is necessary to cultivate the better qualities of self. Sin has brought this breach; our lack of oneness with God, and so on this Day of Atonement, we are asking the government of America to acknowledge her sins against the people.

We are going to acknowledge our sins, but America has to acknowledge her sins against the people. She has to repent and make atonement for her sins against the struggle of poor and Black people for justice and her sins against the Nation of Islam, the Black Panther Party, the Civil Rights Movement, other organizations—Black and White—with whom the government has some ideological or philosophical disagreement. Perhaps in the government’s making atonement she can help herself and her people toward making a new beginning.

The government of America has to turn away from the abuse of power and authority; turn away from that which is wicked, improper and unrighteous. Whether the government atones or not, let us do this so that the gaping wound in us and our families and our people as a whole may be healed.