Minister Louis Farrakhan

Min. Farrakhan Speaks with His Excellency Mohsen Rezaee, Secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council in Tehran, Iran PART TWO

By The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan | Last updated: Dec 4, 2018 - 12:02:24 AM

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(Editor’s Note: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a powerful message Nov. 18 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago. He provided details about his recent trip to Iran, the reception and reaction he received and taught extensively on the reality of the Great Mahdi and the Messiah and their direct connection to the Nation of Islam. The Minister issued a direct challenge to those who have falsely labeled him and the Nation as anti-Semites and haters and called for a public showdown where the truth can be proven before the world. The Minister also shared how he met with His Excellency Mohsen Rezaee, the secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council, a legislative branch of the Iranian government in Tehran. Mr. Rezaee is also an advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader and a former commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Below is Part 2 of an edited transcript of their meeting Nov. 4 in Iran. Part 1 was published in The Final Call Volume 38, No. 9. Editing done was simply to make the article easier to read because of some translation. None of the content or spirit of the message was changed. We urge our readers to carefully examine and digest these powerful and enlightening words.)

I listened very carefully. What is so sad is that our first fight is with ourselves. The enemy that we must overcome is the Enemy of Self. If we were not prone to be deceived by our desires, Satan outside of us could never attract the Satan within ourselves.

So we must never forget that Allah the Most High knows that among the sheep there are wolves that are in sheep’s clothing. Sometimes they’re in our families, sometimes we’re sleeping in bed with Shaitan. So today we have to train our ears to listen to our own thoughts and analyze where those thoughts are coming from.

The last two chapters of the Qur’an are the chapters of refuge. I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn from the evil of created things or the mischief that Satan makes with created things. Food we need but Satan now is seeking to control the production of food to kill us by what we eat and what we drink and what we think.

So I believe that Allah is going to separate from among us those that don’t belong with us. The Qur’an says set your face for religion being upright the nature made by Allah. And it says set your face being upright because among us everybody is not striving to be upright. We’re upright today and downright tomorrow because of circumstances.

So Allah is creating circumstances that will make manifest those that are among us who don’t belong there. So the house has to be cleansed from within. Not the West, you will never defeat the West unless you defeat the ideas of the West that are inside of ourselves through our sending our children there to be educated; sending our people to learn their way. But in their way there is a subtle poison.

So the Excellency is right, Allah is going to make us triumphant. Allah wants to know who of us (we say we are Muslims) really will answer our oath: My prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death are all for Allah.

So in the 29th Surah, Allah says do men think that they will be left alone on saying we believe and will not be tried as Allah tried those before us? So that He may know those of us who are truthful from those of us who are liars. That’s not in America, that’s right here in Iran among us. It’s not outside the Nation of Islam. It’s inside the Nation of Islam that we have to be purified of that which the enemy uses to overcome the ideas of God. So we are being tried.

All of us are not going to make it. But those who are sincere and committed will rise. Then we are able to face the world of disbelievers because we have been cleansed. So Satan is talking to Allah when he says respite me ‘til the day when they are raised and Allah says surely you are of the respited ones. Then Satan comes back at Allah ... because you have judged me as erring, or off the path, I am going to lie in wait for them in thy straight path. Satan isn’t waiting in the White House. Satan is right in the path of Allah.

That’s the blessing for Satan that he can make those who say they are Muslims turn back on their faith; that’s our first fight. And Allah says to Satan in other words go ahead you will get all (not some) all except my purified ones. So Allah is involved in our purification and we have to let Allah purify our hearts that we won’t be shown up like some of those that were right around late Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi. We used to go through them to get to see our brother. And, in the end, they turned on him.

Some in the revolution, I can’t remember that man’s name, very intelligent. He rose to the top, but he was found to be more on the other side than with Imam Khomeini. I can’t call his name, but he rose very high, but he was shown up to be false.

I pray that Allah will guide us and bless us to win the war against ourselves and be of His purified ones that Satan can’t deceive. Thank you so much for receiving us, thank you for your words. I want you to know that totally I agree we will be the winners.

When you said Islam is going to win we’re being persecuted because of Islam, then what is Islam? It is the Will of God that we submit ourselves to. So we have to check ourselves. Our Teacher taught us every time we come to the Mosque, we are searched before we can enter into the Mosque. We have to go through a security check. That’s to teach us—everybody that says As-Salaam Alaikum (Peace be unto you) is not a Muslim. Satan knows how to pray. He deceives many by knowing all the prayers. We can’t allow ourselves to be deceived by an outward show of righteousness. ...

Thank you for reminding me of the Prophet’s words. When I was in Iraq, they were talking about they wanted a Jihad for Saddam Hussein because the Americans were about to attack. And they asked me; my assistant said you have to speak, 750 Uleema (scholars) were in Bagdad. I said brother I don’t want to talk but he said you must speak for this one.

I listened to him and sitting on the front row were the Ul- eema with big beards and they were pulling their beards and Iraq’s second in command was sitting next to the Mullahs. And, I said, “sir, with all due respect Jihad is not for Saddam, Jihad is for Allah.”

You don’t go all out fight- ing for somebody that’s a tem- porary ruler that may be right today and wrong tonight. We go to war for Allah who is never wrong at any time. And then we said to them ... now the troops are in Kuwait they are ready to come across now to fight. And Brother Sad- dam, bless him, he was telling how he was going to win ... . I said, why don’t you em- power me? Let me go back to America and ask the president to hold off the American war- riors while the Muslims settle their differences.

You’re an Uleema. The Prophet is not here so when Muslims have a disagreement do we go to the president of the United States to settle our differences? Would you go to an infidel, an unbeliever? What do we have scholars for? Why do we send them to school to study Islam? So, we can solve our own problems among ourselves.

That’s why the Council of Expediency is so important because it is expedient that we solve the problems between

us as Muslims. We have to do it. Conflict resolution be- tween us; we can’t win if the hardliners and the soft liners and the no liners are arguing with each other. We have to take the soft liners and make them hard. We have to come together you said it; unity is the only thing that will make us victorious. ...

Mohsen Rezaee, secretary of the Expediency Discern- ment Council: Just the way you speak you speak so well I could sit here for several hours listening to you.

Min. Farrakhan: Al-hum- dulillah. (Praise Be to Allah.) “We’re fighting for Islam and we will surely win.” That’s our song that we sing. “With our Saviour, Allah the Univer- sal King.” ...

Mr. Rezaee: For the sacri- fice that you made for coming here is a sacrifice for Allah, I appreciate that very much.

Min. Farrakhan: Thank you. I was telling a brother that while I was on the plane coming to Doha, Qatar, and I was in this little cubbyhole in the business section and it’s private because we could close a little door and I was making a prayer. And it was as if Al- lah was telling me that I’m coming here at the right time and giving me words to say.

I began weeping so hard that my body was trembling be- cause I wasn’t so sure that this was the right time for me to be here. But Allah was comfort- ing me, making me to know that there is no better time for me to be here than the time when my brother is suffering. Why shouldn’t I be here, to be with my brother as he’s going through something?

So in closing dear brother, I know that they’re going to put very harsh sanctions on Iran and it’s going to make it very difficult. As you said, they have been persecuting Islam since the revolution started. Now it’s worse be- cause they have not been able to defeat the revolution.

So the Believers, the Mus- lims, the people of Iran have to be inspired to make the most sacrifices that they’re going to have to make. So that we can get through the sanctions and America does not win with a sanction that will create upset with the peo- ple who are being deprived of some necessities. I’m hon- ored to be here at this time. I already know that I may be charged with sedition and treason and I already know that we will be persecuted if war comes. I already told the government if you fight Iran, we cannot help you to kill our own believing brothers and sisters.

And that means that we will be persecuted more, and may go to prison. But we are sure we’re going to win, we’re very positive. And what Al- lah may guide me to say from Tehran, they put sanctions on you. But Allah is bringing Judgment against America. And I will state these judg- ments that our teacher taught us. The Mahdi said, America is number one on His list to be destroyed.

A man can’t talk like that if he doesn’t have power to back up his words; he shouldn’t be believed. Watch what is happening to America and the world with weather. You said Allah doesn’t need these little cheap weapons to fight with. He fights with rain, hail, snow, earthquakes, wind, fire, and freezing cold. Allah has destroyed nations with gnats. Just a bug—you can’t fight Allah and win.

After I give a lecture, I tell the people to watch the weather and then I leave. I’m going to say it again when I leave here, watch the weather and see what Allah is going to do inside and outside of America. Allah is with us if we are with Him. We’re going to win because it is Al- lah’s Will that truth triumph over evil and falsehood ... and I won’t say Inshallah. I say we’re going to win be- cause it is the Will of Allah that we are victorious. Thank you so much.