Minister Louis Farrakhan

A Saviour Is Born For Humanity:No One Need Perish

By Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan | Last updated: Feb 19, 2019 - 3:59:02 PM

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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, who came to us in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi, the Self-Guided One. We thank him for His Coming. We thank him for His Wise Choice in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the first one among these, the Original People of our planet, the Lost Sheep of God; and He would be the first one among us who God would make into Himself.

Whether you know it or not or believe it or not, God has not chosen us for some foolish task. You might ask yourself, why choose us? I’m not so good. He already understood that. Why God have you chosen us? Because we came through the furnace of affliction. 

We were already strong but the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, when it was over and they said we had arrived, like we had booked passage on some ship to come to America. But when we finally arrived, we were the strongest of the strong.

They took 64 years to break us from an African people of high civilization and intelligence. In 64 years they had made us completely savage, blind, deaf and dumb, living the life of the beasts of the field. Then they said, “We arrived.” They could say to their fellow demons, “now we have them where we want them.”  Some scholars of the White race and some in politics said, “We have closed every avenue by which light can enter the mind of the slave.”  

They were intending to make us permanent slaves. So, we have been slaves 464 years that ended in 1955. We used to go down to the shore in Virginia to look for that ship, Jesus. The ship that we first came over on was a ship named Jesus; but the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “Little did we know it would be four centuries before the ‘Real Ship of Jesus,’ came for us and that Real Ship of Jesus is God in Person known in the scripture as the Son of Man.” 


Today, I want to introduce you to Jesus because you have never seen Jesus. If you saw Jesus, you would observe something that you have never seen the likes of before in a world as wicked as this one. You would have to observe Jesus. You’ll have to concentrate on Jesus. Then you would have to submit and surrender so that he could make you his Disciple. Meaning, he’s going to discipline us into something we have never experienced after 400 years living under the tyranny of White Supremacy and the filth and wickedness of those who had us in slavery.

Many of the slave masters had the freedom to take our women and abuse them; but they not only abused women, they abused men. Most of the slave masters were freaks. They loved the flesh of our women and they loved to do freakish things to us. That is why a Saviour had to come. And the Saviour I’m talking about is “Jesus.”  The Saviour in the writings in the scriptures says, “He came,” listen to his words, “to save us from our sins.” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad added something to that: “He came to save us from the sins of White people that we have been under them for over 400 years and they have made us into themselves.”

Jesus Christ is a new man. The old man, follow me in the scripture, you scriptural scientists, the old man is called “Adam.” The new man is “Jesus Christ.” The old man was made from the dust of the earth; but the new man is made of a quickening spirit, two Adams. I didn’t know, I didn’t know, I didn’t know that I was being made into something I have never dreamed that I could be. There’s nobody in America like Farrakhan. Nobody stronger. Nobody more fearless. Nobody more courageous. Nobody who will not bow down to Satan or White people in power.

Brothers and sisters, you haven’t met anybody like me. Elijah Muhammad made me an honorable man. All my friends that are here who have watched me grow, they have never found me lying. You have never found me cheating. You have never found me robbing. You have never found me exalting myself above any of you. If I give you my word, I live up to my word. Whatever I promise you, I’m found giving you what I promised. I don’t run after women. I have some of the finest women in the world in the classroom of the Nation of Islam. Come and ask them: what kind of man is he? I have what God allowed me to have, but I have never gone to no woman and asked her to be anything to me but one of my students or one of my sisters. Search around.

I met a man. I met the greatest man that my eyes could behold. I offered him my life and my word is my bond. … 

When you read your Bible and you read about Peter and Paul and James and Thomas and you’re reading about people who gave their lives to Jesus. You can’t follow him half-hearted. You can’t walk with Jesus with one hand in his hand, one foot where he’s stepping but the rest of you is in the world.

When I wrote my Saviours’ Letter to register in the Nation of Islam, I wrote a letter of divorce from the White man’s world. How do you do that? All of you sitting in here in front of me, you’re my family. You may not even recognize me as your family; and if you saw Jesus you wouldn’t recognize him as your brother. The Jesus that I read of in the scripture, I was in love with that man. Even though they painted him as a White man, I still loved him because I had never met a man in history who did the wonderful things that Jesus did. I just wanted to know him more, know him better and I wanted to follow him. 


Our young men in prison are being raped every day. You send a young boy off to prison and some older person in the prison tells him you going to be my “B.” You go to try to resist and they break you down or they beat you up and gang rape you. The next thing you know you can’t walk. You’re trying to walk but so many men been in your anus. You have been through hell. We need a Saviour. Don’t tell me that Jesus Saves and you’re in the condition that you’re in and nobody has brought you up out of it.  

We need a Saviour brothers and sisters. You are nursing cocaine, weaponized reefer. You call me homophobic. I have family members that are gay. I have family members that are drug addicts. Jesus didn’t come to judge them, not the Jesus I know. He loved them so deeply he don’t care anything about what they were. He came to make you into himself. The worst deception that the White man made was to deceive us of our Jesus. I loved Jesus all my life. “Well I thought you were a Muslim.” It’s not a Muslim in here that doesn’t love Jesus.

But the Jesus that you think you know; the picture that you have on your wall or in the church is a figment of the imagination of Michelangelo. Why do you think they gave you a White Jesus? We don’t have a problem with Jesus if he’s White, if he’s Jesus. But if he’s a cracker posing as a righteous teacher … look, they made us worship through Jesus the image of White people as divine.  

I’m in love with Jesus. In fact, that was the most dynamic teaching I ever did as a young follower of Elijah Muhammad—it was teaching the history and the knowledge of Jesus. And even while I was teaching it I did not know I would one day run into the Jesus that I was teaching about.  

You have been victimized by Christianity as it has been taught to you. There are some good preachers. Reverend Willie Wilson, Father Pfleger, my dear and beloved brother Pastor T. L. Barrett. We walk together as family. But you have to now become acquainted with Jesus on the deepest, possible level. In order to do that we have to move away all falsehood that has been added to his holy and righteous name.  

When you go to church, you want salvation. The sign says Jesus Saves. He does.  But if you don’t know him, he can’t save you if you don’t know him. But you love him so to hear you sing, to hear you shout and even some of the great preachers to hear them preach you would really think they know Jesus. And they walk right down off the pulpit and get engaged in sin and debauchery and filth.


Here’s what the wicked scientists of religion have done. Twenty-five percent of what you read of Jesus in the Bible is actual history. Seventy-five percent of what you read is prophecy. So what the enemy did, he took prophecy and made it history and took history and made it prophecy so that you would be walking with Jesus and wouldn’t know him.  

Now I have to get to Satan because he’s the man that God has made me to condemn and destroy. Satan is no lightweight. Satan has beaten all the prophets of God. The prophet does his work, sometimes Satan will arrest him, sometimes he kills them, sometimes he whips them in prison.  

After the prophet did his work and left, Satan came right in the path of the prophet and corrupted his teachings. The two greatest prophetic voices that are universal are the voice of Jesus and the voice of Muhammad. Each one, Jesus and Muhammad, started narrowly. Jesus started this way, “go ye not in the way of the Gentiles but go ye to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”  

A narrow focus: Go to the lost sheep, teach them; get them right first because I’m going to use them. … Before he leaves he says, “go ye into all the world and preach this gospel to every Nation, Kindred and Tongue.” Jesus was to be a universal man not some local fellow.  

The real Jesus is so heavy, in truth, that when he does his work, he seals up the book. No need for another prophet ever because when prophets come it means something is wrong. When Jesus finishes evil is ended. Satan’s world is collapsing when Jesus comes.

So now they have to trick the Believers in Jesus—this is Satan. Look at you. How many denominations do you have Christians? You can’t even count them, over 600. Do you think Jesus has 600 different expressions of his word that you could say I’m a Methodist because he said “I am the way.” He’s a Methodist alright. He’s the truth, he’s the light; that’s a bad man.  

He said, “I am the good shepherd.” How can you say you’re following him and you are robbing the people? …

The Jesus that was the historical Jesus never saw a multitude. He was talking to some rebellious Jews and they hated him.  

Now today I want to clear up something about that name Jew, because the minute I say Jew the antennas go right up. I want you to calm down because the name Jew is a divine name. What did you say Farrakhan? Yes. See in the Book of Revelations, John is talking in Revelation 2 and 9 and John is saying I know your works and tribulation and poverty. He was talking to the real Jews. Real Jews do good. Real Jews are not the rich of the world necessarily. 

John the Revelator says, I know your poverty but you are rich, look at these words … and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the Synagogue of Satan. Blasphemy? That’s a heavy term. Blasphemy is the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk … blasphemy.

So some people who are not Jews are blaspheming by saying that they are what they are not. But they are the real Synagogue of Satan using the name Jew to hide themselves … blasphemy.

Now some of the Jewish people who are under the Talmud … They think so much of themselves that you Black people—you, us, me—you look at 400 years. You look at the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. You look at them hanging us up, burning us at the stake, raping us, robbing us and you call it the Holocaust. And the Jew will say to you, “oh no you can’t use that term.”

How many of you have heard Jewish people tell you, “you can’t use Holocaust when you talk about Black suffering?” Do you know why? To them the suffering of six million Jews is worth seven billion human beings on our planet. So when you say Holocaust that to them is blasphemy—that’s how cheap they think of Palestinian life, the life of the Gentiles, only their life is sacred.  

I want to get to the way Jews are obsessed with me. Now you’ve been listening to me for an hour and 15 minutes and I’m telling you about my life and in a few months I’ll be 86 years old, God willing. I’ve never been arrested, that’s different for a Black child growing up in the ghetto. When I came to national public attention it was Reverend Jesse Jackson that I was defending.  

Some of you are too young to know. But Jesse wanted to run to be the president in 1984. Reverend Jackson asked me: “Farrakhan would you help me?” I said I have to take that to the council I can’t make that decision on my own. I had a group of the elders in Islam and I asked them what do you think? And they said go ahead, help him. We raised money, over $20,000 at that time.  

Then we were defending Reverend Jackson because the Jewish Defense League was threatening him and his family. So it was the Muslims that came by his side to protect the life of Reverend Jackson and his family.  

Now that’s when I got involved with Jews. I have been working 64 years on the Black Problem. I never had too much time to talk to White folk. I was never trying to be their friend. I’m interested in you. So you always understood Farrakhan. Some of you muckety muck Negroes, you know, “Oh yes I’ve heard Farrakhan. To tell you the truth some things he says I really like. But I can’t be seen with him.”  

My poor little sister Tamika Mallory. At last year’s Saviours’ Day, she was sitting on the stage and I just recognized her. And that minute they said, “she went to see Farrakhan.” She came to see her brother. She never joined up. I don’t even think I asked her to. I just keep teaching.  

Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, Tarana Burke, our sister with the #MeToo Movement, Black Lives Matter; the women shook the world the day after President Trump was inaugurated. The women organized and all over the world women rose up and men in government got shook because when women rise change is going to come. When they saw Tamika had helped bring that about they came after her. …

You should listen to my last year’s Saviours’ Day message I mentioned the Talmud.  

The Talmud, what is that? I mentioned that the doctors of law and the Jewish Rabbis received the Torah. Most of you don’t know that Moses is the great emancipator of White people. Moses, after they had been in the caves of Europe for 2,000 years, taught them the Torah but he also taught them some of the forgotten tricknology of their father Yakub known in the Bible as Jacob.

A prophet teaching tricknology? When Genesis said “Let Us Make Man,” they never told you who was talking. … In our image and after our likeness, who is Us?  

The Pre-Adamites are the aboriginal people of the earth. There were no White people on the earth over 6,600 years ago. The earth belongs to the original Black Man. It’s not racism. It’s real history, Actual Facts. … There were no White people on this earth. 

God is talking to Adam. Adam sees all the trees in this garden. You can eat of all of them except this one in the middle of the garden. What tree is that? The tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Trees don’t have knowledge but they do have lessons that you can learn by studying. But God is talking directly to Adam—don’t eat of this tree because the moment you eat it you will surely die. God walks out of the garden. Notice how Satan works. He (Satan) never comes while the one that is present that knows the truth can defeat him. He waits until God is absent, then Satan comes and does his work.

Satan says, “Hey Eve.” This is a serpent talking? Come on you know snakes don’t talk. The snake is representative of a reptilian nature in which human beings can act like snakes. Here come the snake: “Hey baby (this is a modern translation.)  Hey girl, listen God told you don’t eat from this tree and the moment you eat from that tree you will surely die He didn’t mean it like that.”

Eve asks, “how did he mean it then?”“He meant that if you ate from that tree your eyes would come open and you would be like God and live forever.” “Oh really?  You mean this God is telling me not to eat this fruit and I’m going to live forever and be like God?”  

Wait a minute, how did Satan get in the garden? How did Satan know the conversation that God was having with the only two people that was on earth?

You know why? Because the devil has always been sitting right up inside you. I want you to hear your brother today. Satan is that side of the human being that if given a chance to express itself it would go contrary to God. …

Deceptive intelligence is a part of the human being. Satan is a part of human intelligence. You talk to yourself and you talk yourself into crap and very few of you talk yourself out of crap. Satan has been with the human from the very beginning of God’s creation but he had no form or expression. So God said, I’m going to give Satan form and expression and then give him dominion and power to see if evil is equal to good.  

Now for Qur’anic scholars, Allah says in the Qur’an, “I’m going to place a ruler in the earth.” And, the angels said to God, “we extol your greatness and extol your righteousness but what would you put on earth except that which will create mischief and cause the shedding of blood.” This conversation is on the highest level between God and the angels. God said to the angels, “yes, I’m going to do that but I know what you don’t know.” That may sound to you like a very arrogant statement. But the God of Creation loves experimentation and the greatest experiments that God has ever done are with Himself and the human being.


God so loved his people that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believed in him would not perish but have everlasting life. God does not love this world. God never sent Jesus to die for this world. Jesus died because he was 2,000 years too soon to bring about the end of the civilization of the Jews. He never was on a cross. There was no Calvary for that Jesus. 

Early one Saturday morning, our Saviour taught us, when he found out that he was 2,000 years too soon to end the civilization of the Jews, he decided that he would give his life for the truth that he taught—that his name would live until the one that he prefigured came into existence.  

That’s why the Qur’an says Jesus and his mother were a sign. Jesus didn’t die on Calvary he died in front of an old Jew’s store that was boarded up and the Roman soldiers came to get him. I don’t know why the Jews had the store open on Saturday because it was a Saturday morning it was supposed to have been their Sabbath. But they don’t give a damn about the Sabbath when it comes to making money.  

He, the shop owner, saw Jesus out there after Jesus had the largest crowd in all of his 20-something years of teaching in Jerusalem and in Palestine. He had 35 people. The Roman soldiers came and when they saw him, the soldiers, two of them, ran toward him. He never moved. He came out on the street to die. That’s my Jesus the Prophet. When they put their hands on him, they started arguing because there was a price on his head $1,500 if you bring him in alive, $2,500 if you bring him in dead.  

They started arguing. Jesus said, “Would you allow me to settle the argument?” They said, “Yes.” Jesus said, “The man on my right touched me three-tenths of a second before the man on my left.” 

As the soldier who had him was walking with him to bring him to the authorities, the soldier was saying, “Look, Jesus, if I bring you to them, they’re going to torture you. But if you let me kill you, I will do it so quickly that you won’t hardly feel it.”  And Jesus, according to what our Saviour taught us, he invited them to come and do it. He had his hands in this manner, arms spread open, in front of that Jew’s store. That Roman soldier took his knife and drove it into Jesus with such force that his nerves froze and he was in this position when he passed.

 He’s been embalmed to last for 10,000 years. You can believe it or let it alone.

The real story is what I tried to tell you from the beginning. It didn’t happen back there. It’s happening right while you’re alive looking at it. I represent the Messiah.  I represent the Jesus and I am that Jesus. 

Now watch. If I am not, take my life but look at your brother. Every day they’re after me. Every day they’re saying something evil about me. What have I done?  For which of my good works do you stone me? You make the drug addicts, we clean them up. You make my little sisters, turn them into prostitutes and we raise them up. You bring guns and drugs into the Black community having our people kill one another and we clean them up.  

When you come and hear me preach, your eyes come open. The deaf hear, the dumb speak, the lame walk. When I made the call in 1995 to Black people, for the Million Man March, that was like Jesus calling Lazarus and Lazarus came forth.

Let’s go to St. John, the 8th Chapter. Jesus and the Jews had an argument. Name me one preacher in America that has talked to the Jews like I do? Jesus and the Jews were arguing, and the Jews told Jesus: “We are Abraham’s seed. And Jesus said, ‘if you were Abraham’s seed, you would do the works of Abraham.’ He was an upright man, the Qur’an says. He was not of the polytheists.  

The Jews came back a little stronger. “We came from God, even God is our father.” Isn’t that what they say, “We’re the chosen of God. But Jesus said, ‘If God were your father, you would love me because I proceeded forth from God; and now you seek to kill me, a man that has told you the truth.” 

I offered them my life if they can find one word of my father’s teaching that is a lie.

I’m willing to die to see our people free. Prove that I have lied to my people.  Prove that I’m an anti-Semite. Prove that I’m a misogynist. Prove that I hate gay, and lesbian, and transgender, and queer people. Prove it. Not one hair of a Jew’s head has been harmed by us. We don’t go around beating up people who say they’re gay, or queer, or lesbian. I teach them with love and they come to me.  

So why are they so upset? Because the Qur’an says they argued with God and they said, “Respite me ‘til the day when they are raised.” God said, “Surely you are of the respited ones.” Satan said, “Well, I’m gonna come at them in your straight path. And, I’ll come to them from before them, from behind them, from their left side, from their right side. I’ll make them all deviate.” Yes, I’m the man that’s saying these things that are written in your scriptures that Jesus argued with them about. I wasn’t auditioning for the role of Jesus. I didn’t know anything about the play. I just started working and my Teacher kept calling me: “Come, come, come, come.”

Now I find out that the cross is for me. Now I find out that they’re holding me up right now. The cross was a Roman symbol that they used to crucify people to make them a public spectacle. Here I am. This is what you want to do. I can’t fight you.  I can just talk to my God about you.  

You see, Elijah is my spiritual father. You think he’s dead. I told you, “He’s Alive.” He’s at the right hand of the father that made him. And from heaven he communicates with me. He tried me and told me I’ll never teach another man like I taught Brother Malcolm until I’ve thoroughly tried him. Paul was one of the disciples but far above them. He never saw Jesus but he was communicating with Jesus from on high.  

That’s where my food is coming from. I can stand here for hours answering questions. I don’t care what it is you want to know. My father knows and he feeds me. I’ve answered over 5,000 questions on Twitter and I’ve never known the questions in advance. I wait for my father to feed me. And whatever he tells me to say that I say. And whatever he bids me to do, that I do. … It’s the spirit of my mouth that terrifies them.