Press Conference
by the Hon. Minister
Louis Farrakhan
Washington, D.C.

June 17th, 2002





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News update:

  Peace Mission delegation arrives in South Africa  July 8, 2002

WEB POSTED 07-10-2002

Farrakhan corrects Iraqi news report

CHICAGO ( following is a transcript of a July 10 morning interview with Minister Louis Farrakhan by Chicago NBC affiliate television station WMAQ-Channel 5. He was interviewed by co-hosts Nesita Kwan and Art Norman.

Co-host Nesita Kwan: The Nation of Islam leader met with Iraqi officials over the weekend. In his statements to the press Farrakhan has expressed support for the Iraqi people and their government, but the Iraqi News Agency is saying he went a step further with his latest remarks. Minister Farrakhan is in South Africa and has agreed to join us on the phone to talk about these alleged statements and his trip to Iraq. Good morning, Minister.

Minister Farrakhan: Good morning, and good morning to all your listeners.

Kwan: Let me first start by asking you, and quoting from the (Chicago) Sun Times (newspaper) this morning that the government-run Iraqi News Agency claims that you said that you admire the Iraqi people and you hope for a victory to Iraq and you are praying, the Muslim American people are praying to the almighty God to grant victory to Iraq. That's what the Iraqi News Agency is saying you said. Is that true?

Farrakhan: No, that absolutely is not true. The victory for Iraq as well as for the United States of America would be peace, so that no United States soldier would be put in harms way, or one bomb dropped on the Iraqi people. That would be a victory for both sides; and that's the victory that I and those with me are praying for. Not a war and a victory, but peace as the victory for both sides.

Kwan: You did not meet with Saddam Hussein when you were in Iraq over the weekend, but you did meet with some government officials. Tell us a little bit about what the government's stance is, what you came away with from that perspective.

Farrakhan: I met with many of the ministers of the Iraqi government, including the vice president. I also met with religious leaders as well. What I found was that the spirit of the Iraqi people is strong and resolute. They do not want war, they want peace. They would hope that the United States government would not attack them, but if they are attacked, naturally they said they would have to fight in defense of themselves and their own sovereignty.

Kwan: Are they preparing for military conflict? Did you see that when you were there?

Farrakhan: No, I saw no such thing as a preparation for a military conflict. What I saw was the people going about their daily chores and their daily business, even as the American people are doing the same in spite of the threat of terror. They are continuing their business and I would pray that they would be able to continue that without the fear of United States bombs.

Co-host Art Norman: Minister Farrakhan, we talked to Minister Akbar Muhammad this morning. He told us about the statement, that you denied it. What is your next course of action? Are you going to call the Iraqi News Agency and say you quoted me out of context? Where do you go from here because this story is just now breaking across the world?

Farrakhan: Well, that's very unfortunate. It falls into the hands of the enemies of myself and all I can do is speak the truth. I have a tape of everything that I did say, which, of course, you all are welcome to. But I never, never asked for victory in war. The victory must be peace and an end to murder and an end to war. That is the victory that I hope for, and that is the victory that I pray for. I would never ask God to allow the American people, of whom I am one, to be slaughtered in a war, or to die in a war for really what I see is a vendetta of our government against Saddam Hussein. We have no right whatsoever to go into another man's house and sit another leader down. We don't have that right.

Norman: Minister Farrakhan, we'd like to say thank you very much for talking with us and getting that part of the story out. We appreciate your time.

Farrakhan: Thank you.

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