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Presence of truth bringing Satan’s world to an end
By Ashahed M. Muhammad
Assistant Editor
Updated Mar 19, 2009 - 11:21:00 AM

CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - Speaking to a standing room only crowd at Mosque Maryam, the international headquarters of the Nation of Islam and and thousands more via webcast, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan continued his very serious message exposing the layers of deception and the hidden powers that shape world affairs in Part 2 of his Saviours’ Day 2009 address, “Accepting Responsibility to Build Our Community.”

The Minister explained that with influential tentacles reaching into the world of politics, economics, media and religion, Satanic forces of evil have corrupted all of the systems of the world making evil fair-seeming and turning people away from the path of God.

“Satan’s job is to deceive the whole world about a man that would come into to the world to end his world,” said Min. Farrakhan. “Satan has literally all but destroyed that clear path that was laid down by the prophets.”

Speaking to thousands viewing in approximately 120 cities across America and abroad via webcast, Min. Farrakhan pointed out that Satanic forces are fighting to remain in power.

“This is God’s earth; this is God’s universe, and all the riches that are in the earth are the Lord’s, but the institutions that are on the earth that were made by corrupt man, that is not God’s world. The nations of the earth are not God’s nations; the institutions are not God’s institutions,” said Min. Farrakhan, adding that Satan, manipulating the ignorance of the masses, has used mindless movies, strange shows on television and sexually explicit songs on radio to create a world more focused on material gain and popularity than the virtues of righteousness and moral correctness.

Min. Farrakhan said strong, courageous and knowledgeable spiritual teachers are needed to “exorcise demons.” Despite the fact that millions of people read the Bible and the Holy Qur’an, many are still deceived and many so-called spiritual leaders are afraid to challenge the powers of this world.

Delving into the subject of the role of debt and the control of the international bankers, Min. Farrakhan pointed out that the international bankers in conjunction with “treasonous senators” in a meeting on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia gave birth to the Federal Reserve Act, which, on Dec. 23, 1913, passed Congress, giving international banking families the right to print money.

American debt went from $1.4 billion in 1913 to its current state of $65.5 trillion. America is so far in debt, that the entire amount owed is more than the combined cost of every house and building in the country. Foreign companies are buying buildings that have been paid for by the American taxpayers, the Minister said.

Min. Farrakhan gave historical examples demonstrating that U.S. presidents have been at the mercy of the international bankers. For example, Pres. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated after he refused to allow the bankers of America to loan him money to fight the Civil War. Mr. Lincoln chose instead to produce “greenbacks” which angered the international bankers. Min. Farrakhan also used the example of Pres. John F. Kennedy, the first Catholic U.S. president, who in 1963 signed an executive order taking away the power of the Federal Reserve to print money. He instead chose to place $4 billion into circulation backed by silver. Six months later, he was assassinated in Dallas.

“The international bankers must not be defied, because they run presidents and kings,” said Min. Farrakhan. “These wicked people, they don’t give a damn about you and me if you are going to interfere with their takeover of the world.”

For the first time, many listeners heard of plans to create a “North American Union” comprised of Mexico, Canada and the United States of America. There are also plans for the creation of a superhighway that would connect Mexico and Canada, and the creation of new money called the AMERO.

Min. Farrakhan also said that Afghanistan is now America’s “new Vietnam.”

Eager believers and guests filled Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in Houston, Texas to hear the message.

“He (Min. Farrakhan) came with such force today that I truly have to get off of my behind and do my part,” said 33-year-old Daniel Washington, who watched the webcast at the Nation of Islam’s Southwestern regional headquarters. “I truly understand now that Obama has put his life and the life of his family in danger to help this country. The least I could do is help clean up my neighborhood,” Mr. Washington added.

(Staff Writer Jesse Muhammad contributed to this report.)

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