‘101 Proven and Effective Strategies for Empowering Black Boys’

By News | Last updated: Jun 25, 2014 - 10:53:14 PM

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Ajuma Muhammad, a psychotherapist from St. Louis, has written an important book titled, “101 Proven and Effective Strategies for Empowering Black Boys.” He offers readers simple techniques to keep Black male children motivated and inspired—and these strategies are designed to guide Black boys throughout their adolescent years.

After reading a few strategies developed by Mr. Muhammad, I concluded that this brother is a godsend, because not only does he exhibit the psychological understanding of how to properly handle our youth, he has focused on strategies to make Black boys feel positive about being Black.

The press rarely, if ever offer positive accomplishments and or achievements relating to young Black boys. Mr. Muhammad offers hope and positive upliftment. Here are a few of his 101 proven strategies:

Dress to raise self-esteem. Parents should require that Black boys wear a “shirt and tie” at least one day a week to encourage a positive self-image. This will help boys see themselves as potential businessmen and help them appreciate their potential and worth.  

Community involvement. Encourage boys to get involved in projects where they can be exposed to services and programs within their community. This experience can help increase their pride in connection with their neighborhoods.

Accountability for actions. Encourage and demand accountability from Black boys stressing consistency, hard work, dedication and focus. Get rid of excuses. Encourage self-inventory and self-reflection when boys fall short of their goals. The boys should take ownership of their issues and be challenged to meet high expectations.

As a youth, Mr. Muhammad overcame potential self-destruction and now has helped youth in their journey to self-development and success. He encourages counselors, social workers, teachers, administrators and parents who want to provide a better quality of life for Black boys to consider his book. For more information on “101 Proven and Effective Strategies for Empowering Black Boys,”  visit or call 314-249-1061.