Spreading light, love and honoring Nipsey Hussle

By The Final Call | Last updated: Apr 9, 2019 - 11:44:26 PM

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LOS ANGELES—The Fruit of Islam of Los Angeles and other area mosques, coordinated with Final Call general manager Fontaine Muhammad, were warmly received in the aftermath of the passing of rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle as they gave away 100,000 free copies of The Final Call newspaper featuring the beloved rapper on the cover.

Los Angeles residents and people from all over the country showed up at the parking lot in front of The Marathon, Nipsey’s clothing store located in the strip mall he co-owned. Unfortunately, it was also there where he lost his life and an outdoor memorial was created, near Slauson Avenue and Crenshaw Blvd.

The FOI handed out newspapers there but then moved into the neighborhoods and housing projects to distribute their gifts of love.

“It’s important to see the brothers out here today after Nipsey’s passing, because that’s exactly what the Minister was trying to create, brothers like Nipsey. He was trying to call brothers like Nipsey into action, and he was a perfect example of what the Minister was trying to build in the hip hop community, so I love and appreciate y’all always, always, always,” one hip hop artist said.

Many said they could feel the spirit of love coming from the Muslims, whether they were directing mourners through the memorial or simply comforting people. “It’s all family. You could feel the spirit heavy. It’s beautiful,” said one woman. The newspapers were gifts from the publisher of The Final Call, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam. One person framed the cover and left it among a carpet of candles at the memorial.