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Jr. MGT perform in Memphis parade

By Donna Muhammad -Contributing Writer- | Last updated: May 23, 2018 - 10:00:40 AM

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Representatives of various groups attended the parade and festival. (R) Jr. MGT of Muhammad Mosque No. 55 impressed observers with their discipline and beautiful representation at the annual Foster Care Awareness Parade and Festival on April 30.
MEMPHIS—The young women and girls of Muhammad Mosque No. 55, known as the Jr. MGT, led the way as the featured drill team at the annual Foster Care Awareness Parade and Festival. Chants of “Every Child Needs a Home” from members of the Cathedral of Faith Collaborative intermingled with the commands and cadences of the close order drill performance by the Jr. MGT as participants made their way on a three-mile walk through the North Memphis neighborhood of Smokey City.

Participants in the April 30 parade included several school marching bands, majorettes and the ROTC; rolling music by WDIA radio personality Stormy Taylor, the Corvette Club of Memphis, and other organizations and individuals.

Drum corps set to perform and march.

Event organizer, Ms. Parsons of the Cathedral of Faith, expressed her excitement on the Jr. MGT’s participation. “We don’t usually have drill teams that participate,” she shared with the MGT responsible for the drill team’s development, Rose Muhammad. 

“So many people present expressed how impressed they were by the girls’ dress, mannerisms and discipline.  Several older women asked what school were we, and I explained to them that we were not a school of girls, that we were from Muhammad Mosque No. 55 and this is our drill,” explained Mrs. Muhammad regarding reactions to the drill team.

“We didn’t know it was going to be three miles, but from the youngest, age six to the more experienced, they kept it together and followed the command of their Drill Instructor, (D.I.), Aneesah Muhammad,” she added.

The parade route ended at the Cathedral of Faith where the crowd was treated to a band and majorette face-off, along with free haircuts by Muhammad Mosque No. 55 members, Rahman and Rahim Muhammad; live music, food and activities. The community was provided with information on the adoption process and the many support services available. 

Fifteen-year-old drill Jr. MGT instructor, Aneesah Muhammad, was both nervous and excited about participating in the parade. “I had never heard of a Nation of Islam drill team participating in a parade in Memphis before and so I wanted to set the bar high. I believe we performed to the best of our ability,” she said.

“A lot of people approached us and told us how beautiful we looked in our uniforms and how in-line we were. It showed that you don’t have to show your body.” 

Cathedral of Faith Collaborative sponsored the annual Foster Care Awareness Parade and Festival in Memphis.
Free haircuts were offered and the parade featured a variety of performances.