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One 'hood under God

By Dwayne Muhammad | Last updated: May 8, 2018 - 12:53:02 PM

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Audience listens to an uplifting message to heal the hood. Photo: Dwayne Muhammad

MINNEAPOLIS—During a bitterly cold evening on May 3 at New Salem Baptist Church, in Minneapolis, MN. Student Minister Nuri Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 74 in Indianapolis delivered a piercing message to 400 visitors. 
Student Minister Nuri Muhammad Photo: Dwayne Muhammad
Bro. Nuri thanked the pastor of the church, the Rev. Jerry McAfee, for opening up the doors to Muslims, visitors and everyone involved in securing the venue. He delivered a positive and uplifting message of unity.

Bro. Nuri stressed that if we as a people want to experience “One ’hood, under God,” we have to clean ourselves up.  We must have “organized thoughts” in the ’hood to be organized.  “If everyone in the ’hood wants respect, then everyone in the ’hood has to show respect for one another,” he said.