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Fashion showcase features modest designs

By Tariqah Shakir-Muhammad -The Final Call- | Last updated: Jan 24, 2018 - 11:16:51 AM

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Designers Adilah Muhammad and Saffiyah Muhammad showcasing products from ASM Nineteen and Adilah M clothing lines.

CHICAGO—Entrepreneur and fashion designer Adilah Muhammad presented her new line of women’s clothing at a trunk show January 13 at Macy’s on 111 North State Street. Designs by Lagi Nadeau and ASM Nineteen were also featured which included hand-crafted jewelry and scarves. 

Adilah M., as her label reads, features modest yet fashionable pieces for any season of the year; the tunic tops and pants are meant to be interchangeable by color and can be accessorized with just about anything. She also sells t-shirts and makeshift clothing pins.

“I’m glad people came and are supporting,” Sister Adilah told The Final Call.

“I was going to do it all by myself initially and then I thought, well I’m inviting a lot of people and I think maybe it’s more important that people think it’s an inspiration to see me making clothes, somebody selling scarves, somebody selling jewelry.”

Shoppers were dazzled by the beautiful, modest fashions Sis. Adilah designed. Photos: Tariqah Shakir-Muhammad

Her sister, formerly known as “DJ Takeout,” performed upbeat tracks while shoppers browsed and spoke to one another. Saffiyah Muhammad who is the owner of ASM Nineteen, stated that she was very grateful for the opportunity to also showcase her designs.

“This event is more than just a show of new clothing,” Sis. Saffiyah stated. “I think Sis. Adilah is making a statement, the scarves make a statement and jewelry also makes a statement and ultimately, that statement for me is bring modesty into this world.”

Hand-crafted jewelry by Lagi Nadeau on showing table during trunk show.
ASM Nineteen is relatively new but when the opportunity came from Sis. Adilah, it showed Allah (God) has something in store, she continued.

Sis. Saffiyah also hopes that customers and supporters walked away from the event with a better vision of modesty since it is not best portrayed in many of the current fashion designs.

During the four-hour show, shoppers were pleased and even inspired by the designees’ products.

Sixteen-year-old Nyah Tsai loved the jewelry pieces and was fond of the colors in Adilah’s M’s tops. “I think it’s a good idea so that everybody can get a view, and it puts them out there,” she told The Final Call. “It draws people in.”

“I really think it’s a wonderful opportunity for them because it can further education and give us a taste of what they can do. I think Sis. Adilah’s fashion is absolutely wonderful,” she continued.

Sis. Adilah plans to start small for her next project. She hopes to take her trunk show to different stores in 2018 and participate in sewing events. Her designs will also be featured in a showroom, March 2019. For more information, visit or