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A year of mercy and warning from God’s servant

By Final Call Staff | Last updated: Dec 26, 2017 - 8:54:09 PM

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CHICAGO—The year 2017 marked the 40th year in the mission of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s work rebuilding the Nation of Islam since the departure of his teacher, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And it should be clear to supporters, doubters, critics, allies and enemies alike that he is backed by God and is a voice of warning and mercy to America, Black people and the world.

It was also the 62nd year Min. Farrakhan has been a student of Mr. Muhammad and a year in which the Minister delivered clear guidance, punctuating the end of the year with a declaration of the identity of the true Jesus the world is looking for.

Min. Farrakhan delivers part 2 of his Saviours’ Day address Feb. 26 in Chicago.
Min. Farrakhan was unwavering in the call for Black people to separate into a land or territory of their own as mandated by God, prophesied of in scripture and taught by Mr. Muhammad. He began 2017 with an in-depth interview with Final Call editor Richard B. Muhammad and provided a glimpse into what was in store for America with the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

Mr. Trump took the presidency and shocked the media, shocked political pundits and shocked capitals around the world, Min. Farrakhan explained, during the detailed interview on what 2017 would bring for Black America and the world.

The election of Mr. Trump and his taking the oath of office January 20, 2017 after eight years of a Barack Obama presidency was a direct result of a “White-lash” against Blacks, Muslims and other people of color. The “mask of civility” of White America will continue to come off, Min. Farrakhan warned. He also laid out what a Trump presidency would mean when it came to international affairs.

The rest of 2017 saw the 83-year-old Minister continue to crisscross the country teaching, training, guiding, healing, comforting and warning thousands of people, while reaching millions more via the internet with his increasingly influential social media presence. 

Jan.-April: Honoring pioneers, uplifting youth and charting a course for Black America

Min. Farrakhan bid farewell to Nation of Islam pioneer Minister Lucius Bey and shared reflections on the life, impact and legacy of the 103-year-old Muslim during his janazah (Muslim funeral service) on Jan. 6 in Macon, Ga. at Macedonia Baptist Church.

Death is the most painful circumstance for us so peace is so much needed at a time such as this, he told friends and family of Min. Bey during services. What are we doing with the life God has given us? the Minister asked.

On Jan. 14, the Minister addressed over 800 Black student leaders who traveled near and far from 25 campuses at the 14th annual Afrikan Black Coalition conference in Long Beach, Calif., in the ballroom of the Westin Hotel. The conference theme was “Reviving Our Black Nation.” Min. Farrakhan told students they must be willing to pay a price for future generations, their own children and pursue serious studies. 

“You, college students, are the young colt, and the unlearned masses are out there, waiting for you. You’re going to lead them. You’re going to guide their hands to build a nation. You’re going to do the things that will inspire the hands and the feet to walk toward liberation, true freedom.”

While in Long Beach, he also spoke Jan. 15 to men and women of the Nation of Islam from Muhammad Mosque No. 97 in Rialto and surrounding California cities.

He spoke on the importance and value of love. “Love is the most powerful force in our universe, and that is why in the Book of John, it says ‘God is Love,’ ” said Min. Farrakhan.

In February, the Minister again addressed the world during the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day convention in Detroit. The convention theme was “Survival of the Black Nation.”

This year’s convention marked the 140th birth anniversary of the Great Mahdi, Master W. Fard Muhammad, teacher of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. The Minister’s Feb. 19 keynote message, delivered at Joe Louis Arena was titled, “Have No Fear For the Future: The Future is Ours.”

Min. Farrakhan pointed to the confusion in the U.S. Congress and the bewilderment of world leaders as signs they are losing control.

He also challenged Jewish scholars to prove they are the chosen people of God who never received a divine warner as described in scripture. Jews and Arabs have had numerous prophets, but Blacks in America fit the prophetic description of a people God would choose, he said.

The very next week Mosque Maryam, the flagship mosque of the Nation of Islam, was packed as Min. Farrakhan delivered part 2 of his Saviours’ Day message on Feb. 26. While wailing, gnashing of teeth and trepidation over the rule of Mr. Trump has shook up the country and the world, Black America has no need to fear, stressed Min. Farrakhan.

Min. Farrakhan delivered his keynote message on Oct. 15 in Newark, N.J. during the Holy Day of Atonement. Photo: Andrea Muhammad

The greater power in the world is the Great Mahdi, an incredible self-guided one in Islamic theology and the Messiah, who comes to judge the end of the world in the Bible, he explained.

Black people fit the biblical prophecy of Abraham’s children who would serve a strange people in a strange land for four centuries but after that time God Himself would come to deliver those who had suffered and judge those who had heaped evil and death upon them.

“God has not come to integrate you into your 400-year-old enemy; this is the time that the enemy must pay for his evil done. That’s God judgement, but God is so patient with a foolish people. You trying to make God a liar,” he said.

The Minister delivered warm words and a fitting tribute on March 14 for the brother of his beloved wife and first lady of the Nation of Islam, Mother Khadijah Farrakhan. Joy and pain dwelled on the faces of family and friends who filled the Harrison Ross Mortuary to celebrate the life of Richard Joseph Muhammad who returned to Allah on March 1, 2017.

Min. Farrakhan again delivered words of comfort while reflecting on the valuable lessons learned through the experiences of life and death at the janazah for Delores Ali, another Nation of Islam pioneer and one-time cook for the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Min. Farrakhan.

A host of mourners gathered to pay tribute at the April 4 services at Seals Funeral Home on Chicago’s South Side and officiated by Min. Farrakhan.

Always a champion for uplifting Black youth, Min. Farrakhan stopped by and shared words of guidance to young Muslims in the Nation of Islam at an April 19 special Wednesday evening meeting at The Final Call Administration Building in Chicago.

He thanked the Nation’s youth for their continued efforts and encouraged the young people in the audience to continue coming to the Wednesday night meetings at The Final Call.

“This is the time for the youth to shine,” said Min. Farrakhan.

 May-Aug: Trump, unity and banned in the UK

The Minister visited longtime friend Cliff Kelley of Chicago’s Black talk show station 1690 WVON-AM. He delivered passionate and insightful answers during a May 9 interview with the popular afternoon radio host. He covered an array of topics in a dialogue with the show host and in questions phoned in from listeners.

He was also clear on some important subjects: Black people are due for hard times for failing to heed the words and warning of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad to do for self, for failing to end evildoing to one another, and for failing to separate from their former slavemasters. White civility is being peeled away as Mr. Trump works to make America White again and the true feelings of Caucasian people emerge, he said.

The United States is headed for a final war that will destroy the superpower and set the stage for total Black liberation, the Minister said.

For decades the Minister has engaged and encouraged artists to lend their gifts to the Black struggle. And he gave them a platform in Chicago as a fledgling but potentially important sign and collaborative effort rose May 23 at Muhammad University of Chicago on the grounds of the Nation of Islam’s National Center.

An evening of righteous entertainment consisted of spoken word artists, rappers, singers and dancers showcasing their gifts, skills and talents. The Minister attended and encouraged artists to keep their collaboration going and to perfect their crafts and divine gifts.

In a celebration of uniqueness, Min. Farrakhan spoke via Skype from Chicago June 13 to albino brothers and sisters gathered in Washington, D.C., for an annual summit as a part of Albinism Awareness Day.

Muslims from various communities gathered for an Iftar (breaking of Ramadan fast) at the invitation of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on June 20.

Over 800 men, women and children from various communities participated in a United Community Iftar at Muhammad University of Islam in Chicago during the Muslim holy month of prayer and fasting, commemorating the revelation of the Islamic book of scripture—the Holy Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

The June 20 gathering took place during the last 10 days of Ramadan also marking Laylat-al-Qadr (Night of Majesty or Night of Power) when the first verses of the Holy Qur’an were revealed to the Prophet over 1,400 years ago.

Min. Farrakhan addressed the important and poignant gathering in light of the upheaval and turmoil that plagued the Muslim world from within and without  in 2017.

The gathering was also another step toward uniting the Nation of Islam with the Muslim world, an assignment given to Min. Farrakhan from his teacher, Elijah Muhammad. 

On June 24, Min. Farrakhan addressed by telephone 100 Chicago grassroots activists at the Prince Hall Grand Lodge on the city’s South Side and organized by The New Black Leadership Coalition. He offered encouragement and guidance for the group’s efforts in fostering more unity among various Black organizations.

Min. Farrakhan with hip-hop artist Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson at private memorial for Prodigy in New York.

On June 25 the Minister joined other notables and shared words at a birth anniversary celebration for Rev. Clay Evans, 92, at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Evans founded the church in 1950 in Chicago.

Demonstrating once again his love and respect for artistry, the Minister shared words at a private memorial service June 29 at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel in New York City for hip-hip legend Prodigy of the group Mobb Deep who died at age 42.

Min. Farrakhan joined Munir Muhammad on his popular Chicago-based “Muhammad and Friends” live streaming talk show on July 25, for an enlightening conversation about Ice Cube’s new basketball league and what the Minister said to hip-hop artist and businessman Jay Z after hearing the artist’s new CD “4:44.”

Not slowing down, the Minister’s next stop was Washington, D.C., to celebrate the 44th anniversary of Rev. Willie Wilson’s ministry and work on July 30. Rev. Wilson is pastor of Union Temple Baptist Church.

We are living in the time of the end of the White man’s time to rule, and Black people are beginning to hear the “real Jesus,” the Muslim leader said, the Jesus who can save them from the White man, and from what White folks turned Black people into.

“If you don’t separate from them,” you will find out “they are on their way to hell, and you are on your way with them,” Min. Farrakhan said.

It had been 15 years since the Minister had addressed Black people in the United Kingdom and there was great anticipation for an Aug. 5 live broadcast scheduled to transmit at the Africa International Day of Action in London’s Kennington Park.

But the 30-year-old campaign against the honorable minister and the Nation escalated as the Minister was denied the right to speak via videotaped message or live stream during the event, even though organizers paid for permits and made it known he was scheduled to speak.

The message was available online on the Nation of Islam’s website. In his message, Min. Farrakhan spoke on what Europe owes Blacks in terms of reparations in Africa, the Caribbean and Diaspora. He also urged Blacks in Europe to unite.

“We have to unite wherever we are. We have to start doing something for ourselves wherever we are. We have got to stop allowing the enemy to increase us in more division: ‘my’ color and ‘your’ color, ‘my’ little island and ‘your’  little island; ‘my’ little nation in South America or in Central America, or in Africa, pitted against others, using European languages to further our division,” he explained. 

On Aug. 15, Min. Farrakhan delivered a special message to pastors at the monthly prayer breakfast at the American Clergy Leadership Conference at the Salaam Restaurant in Chicago and reminded them of their role and responsibility as healers in the communities they serve.

Days later on Aug. 20 the Minister delivered another major address from the rostrum at Mosque Maryam. He spoke on the chaos in the White House and among Mr. Trump’s supporters in the aftermath of several firings and resignations from the administration.

“Have you ever seen the White folks so confused?” he asked the standing room only crowd. “Can’t you see it’s bringing the house down?” he pointed out.

“Only God can bring us all together and make us one,” said Min. Farrakhan on Aug. 27 concluding a three-day, first Family Summit Conference at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel.

The Muslim Minister delivered his address to more than 2,000 attendees.

The day before in Decatur, Ga., the Minister was honored at the headquarters of Omega Psi Phi fraternity and received the organization’s highest honor, the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award.” He was also presented with a purple and gold Founders Robe.

Sept.-Nov.: Farewell to a legend, Separation or Death, the real Jesus

The world lost a legend with the passing of activist, comedian Dick Gregory, 84. Thousands of fans and admirers of Mr. Gregory gathered at a homegoing service and celebration of life at City of Praise Family Ministries located in Landover, Md., on Sept. 16. Min. Farrakhan delivered a moving eulogy for his friend who he called a “diamond” among men.

“Separation or Death” was the message and theme of the 22nd anniversary of the Million Man March held this year in Newark, New Jersey at Symphony Hall on Oct. 15.

As part of a near three-hour lecture, the Minister spoke to the issue of justice, judgment and the controversy regarding respect for the American flag roiling the country.

He again raised the very real solution of separation for Black people in America from their open enemy. While the Muslim leader pointed out how many find his message of separation “unbelievable”—he remained steadfast that separation is God’s solution to America’s race problem.

Elijah Muhammad is the “real Jesus,” Minister Farrakhan declared, and an ovation erupted in the auditorium, when Mr. Muhammad’s picture was then displayed on a screen for the audience to see. “Before too long, you too will bear witness,” the Minister said.

On Nov. 4, Min. Farrakhan was one of several luminaries who came to Gary, Ind., for “A Day to Remember” honoring the 50th anniversary of the election of that city’s first Black mayor, Richard Hatcher.

Min. Farrakhan’s message in Newark continued to resonate and spread on social media, weeks after he delivered it. During that earth shattering message the Minister promised he would come back in a few weeks to speak in Washington, D.C., directly to President Trump and the federal government, to deliver his message from Elijah Muhammad. And he kept that promise.

Closing out 2017 in the ballroom of the historic Watergate Hotel, Min. Farrakhan delivered a warning to President Trump, to lead this country, to “repent for all of the evils that America has done” to Black people, and to all “the peoples of the world.”

Min. Farrakhan delivered a warning to America, Pres. Trump and Black people at a press conference at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 16. Photos: Andrea Muhammad

The Nov. 16 press conference was broadcast worldwide as members of national and international media organizations gathered for the riveting and divine message.

Min. Farrakhan laid out how Mr. Trump is the last in a line of six presidents who have plotted the destruction of Black people.

The Minister revisited his vision-like experience in 1985 when he was taken to the Mother Wheel, a man-made plane that is a half-mile by a half-mile and fulfills the prophecy of Ezekiel’s Wheel in the Bible and is commonly referred to as a UFO.  In the experience, the Hon.  Elijah Muhammad spoke to Min. Farrakhan through a speaker system. The Minister heard a cryptic message from his teacher, who said: The president and his Joint Chiefs of Staff have met to plan a war. Min. Farrakhan said that war was and is not only against Black people in general, but  includes the Nation of Islam and the Muslim world.

The Minister also made it plain again to the world the identity of Jesus, the Messiah who the world is looking for. The Jesus you have been looking for was raised among Black people and is the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Min. Farrakhan said. “That man (Elijah Muhammad) is on The Wheel with his Teacher. He’s been up there now for 42 years; he said that God studied 42 years to deliver us from the hands of our tormentors.”

It was the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, who escaped a death plot, who spoke to me, disclosed the plans of the presidents for war against Islam and the Nation from the Mother Wheel and whose words have guided the last 32 years of my work, said the Minister. I have one more thing to do to return to the Wheel and see my teacher face-to-face, the Minister boldly stated.