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St. Louis community honoring Akbar Muhammad, July 27

By J.A. Salaam and Nisa Islam Muhammad | Last updated: Jul 18, 2019 - 12:30:30 PM

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ST. LOUIS—It’s the summer of 1975. The hit film “Jaws” is on movie screens across the country and has viewers on the edge of their seats. NASA launches the first joint United States and Soviet Union space flight. The Nation of Islam is in the midst of great transition and Imam Warith Deen Muhammad sends popular New York Minister Kareem Aziz to St. Louis.

His daughter Samimah Aziz recalls that journey with her father and family. “We were moving to a new state in a city that we knew nothing about. We were sad to leave our life in the Big Apple but excited about having a new home and supporting our dad in his work to further the cause of Islam, and boy did he have us working,” she told The Final Call.

For nearly 60 years, Kareem Aziz, now known as Abdul Akbar Muhammad, has worked by dedicating his life as a helper in the cause of truth under the leaderships of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Imam Mohammed and now with his long-time brother and dear friend, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Those decades of service will be celebrated July 27 in St. Louis. While in St. Louis, Minister Akbar Muhammad labored tirelessly to establish relationships between Muslim communities and the Black community at large.

His list of responsibilities and accomplishments are staggering. It includes negotiating and structuring the deal to purchase a former health clinic in East St. Louis, Illinois, that became the first mosque in the rebuilding efforts of Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

“Out of respect, with honor and appreciation we have an opportunity to thank him for his service, his love, his commitment and dedication to the work of raising the dead to life … a quick insight of how he taught us by phrases such as, ‘excuses are a sign of weakness.’ Golden nuggets like that has stayed with me 40 years. We are celebrating a great man,” said Student Minister Ralph Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 28B.

Minister Akbar Muhammad has been the Saviours’ Day coordinator, helped organize the 1974 Black Family Day event, the historic Million Man March and the first international Saviours’ Day in Ghana. He serves as the Nation of Islam’s International Representative, helps coordinate the Ramadan Prayer line, is a business consultant, author, world traveler and so much more.

His work has taken him many places in his lifetime but to many his greatest impact is in St. Louis. Muhammad Mosque No. 28B and the St Louis community cordially invite you to join us for an evening of entertainment, remembrances, and expressions of love as we celebrate the service and work of Minister Akbar Muhamad.

For tickets and more information contact: Pamela Muhammad at 618-604-2089 or