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NOI celebrates new graduating class

By Janiah Adams -Contributing Writer- | Last updated: Feb 26, 2019 - 5:01:17 PM

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(l) The graduation ceremony was a time to celebrate and embrace new members of the Nation of Islam. (c) Final Call contributing writer Donna Muhammad (right) with her daughter Ilyasah Muhammad who graduated and became a registered member of the Nation of Islam. (r) Yasin F. Muhammad shares remarks. Photos: Lens of Ansar

(l) Newly registered FOI standing proudly. (r) New members of the MGT and GCC at Feb. 16 graduation. Photo: Haroon Rajaee

CHICAGO—Believers in the Nation of Islam have much to celebrate when a new MGT (Muslim Girl Training) or FOI (Fruit of Islam, male members of the Nation) joins the ranks. It’s a grand occasion and recognized during Saviours’ Day weekend, the annual convention where members of the Nation of Islam from around the world gather.

Sisters were embellished in white and brothers were clad in brown as the Nation of Islam welcomed its newest graduating class on Saturday, Feb. 16.

The event was crowned with a strong message from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

The program began with the honor guard bringing the Nation of Islam flag to the stage. Graduates then walked to their seats to a drumbeat, greeted by the applause and cheers of those in the audience.

“Each of us by becoming a registered Muslim, a registered believer, has entered the process of resurrection,” said Ishmael Muhammad, student national assistant to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. “We are not what we were, and we are not yet what we shall be, but we know if we keep the faith, stay the course, fight the good fight, we will be like him.”

A video presentation showcased the training units of the MGT, which include how to keep house, how to rear their children, how to cook, and more.

“Our training units were named by God Himself,” said Student National MGT Captain Sandy Muhammad. “They are divinely crafted and supremely designed to grow us into Himself. However, absent the proper understanding and the proper sight, you will mistake our training units for some simple home economics or household chores. God did not travel 9,000 miles to give us chores. He came to make us gods.”

The FOI also had a video presentation, followed by words from Supreme Captain Mustapha Farrakhan to introduce the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“You new ones in the class, brothers and sisters, you don't know what you will eventually become,” the Minister said. “I gave up my music that I loved so much because I heard a truth that I knew our people needed. I did not know that I was born for [the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad]. I was searching as a child for somebody who would come along from God to deliver us from the wicked tyranny of our oppressor. And I looked for him, and I looked for him and when I was 19 years of age, I heard that God had given us a messenger.”

The Minister talked about the prayer that is said by the Muslims, making an oath to Allah (God) to give one’s sacrifice, life and death for Allah (God).

“Brothers and sisters, we have made that oath to God. Now the journey begins,” he said. “It’s not an easy journey. If it were easy, all that took that oath would be here today. … But taking the oath and living the oath will keep you in the classroom of God, giving you strength to overcome all obstacles in your path because you can’t become a god without obstacles.”

Jacqueline Parker, one of the graduates, was deeply touched by the event.

“I was inspired, I was overwhelmed,” she said. “It’s just so many thoughts that went through my mind because it’s so, so inspirational.”

Ms. Parker is from the study group in Jacksonville, Fla., and said the sisters have treated her well.

“The sisters, the MGT, they have just embraced me and made this journey smoother,” she said. “This isn’t a completion, I’m still on the journey. I’m the baby and I get my food from the mothers in the Jacksonville study group. They’re all phenomenal.”

Jessiah Muhammad, a 22-year-old from Newark, N.J., was born in the Nation of Islam. He said graduating was a step up for him.

“I was born in the Nation, but finally being able to cross and graduate means that I have to step up and do more,” he said. “So me finally having that opportunity, being a graduate, allows me and gives me the thirst and hunger to really save the people.”

Mecca Muhammad from Phoenix, Az., was also born in the Nation and is excited for what lies ahead.

“It was a great experience,” she said. “Just growing up in the Nation, I’ve always wanted to be a part of such a wonderful group of people and just hearing the Minister and his beautiful words just motivated me even more, so we’re excited.”

At the end, the Minister left graduates and those who have been registered in the Nation of Islam with inspirational words and wished everyone a happy Saviours’ Day.

“Walk boldly into the world and declare the living Christ, the living Mahdi, the living Messiah,” he said.