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Muslim pioneer Edward Scott Muhammad remembered

By The Final Call | Last updated: Dec 10, 2019 - 10:01:14 AM

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Bro. Edward with the Mighty Monroe, La., FOI.

MONROE, La.—Brother Edward Scott Muhammad accepted Islam under the leadership of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1968 and was a dedicated Muslim for 51 years. He returned to Allah and a janazah (Islamic funeral service) was held Dec. 7 in Monroe, Louisiana, to honor his memory.

Bro. Edward served as a lieutenant, FOI captain and Mosque Investigator in Monroe, La. He was among those who came forward to rebuild after the police attacked the Monroe Temple (as they were called at that time) that threatened the lives of the Muslims which included Minister Abdul Bey Muhammad.

In 1971, Southern Regional Minister Abdul Rahman Muhammad gave permission to Capt. Edward and Minister Ray (also known as Wali Amin) to set up a temple in Tallulah, La. Bro. Edward often carried 300 Muhammad Speaks newspapers per issue and would sell his papers in towns all over Northern Louisiana. Bro. Edward followed the Messenger’s program by selling the H&G Whiting Fish, double-yoked eggs and fresh fruit. He continued to do for self as a successful lawn care owner and for several years he and his wife Sister Gloria operated the Unique Sandwich Shop in Rayville, La.

Bro. Edward, the FOI and MGT would often travel to see, hear and witness the Messenger of Allah in New Orleans, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston or Chicago for Saviours’ Day.

In 1982 after hearing the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was rebuilding the Nation, Bro. Edward and Sis. Gloria were foundational stones who came forward to help set up the Monroe, La. Study Group. Bro. Edward served as counselor and assistant minister under the leadership of Minister Farrakhan. He served politically as a Richland Parish Police Juror. He would often teach the brothers life skills, how to do for self and make a job for themselves.

Bro. Edward Scott Muhammad with the Believers.

Bro. Edward would always offer counsel to the Believers. One of his best pieces of advice was: “It takes a long time to become a Muslim,” meaning you must be tried to see if you are a true Believer. Bro. Edward continued to travel to Saviours’ Day in Chicago or Detroit to see, hear and witness Minister Farrakhan and to Houston for regional meetings. He attended the historic Million Man March in Washington, D.C., in 1995. Even after his health began to fail, he remained active in the mosque in Monroe, ordering his Final Call newspapers and often bragged that he served only in the Monroe area and no other city for 51 years!

Bro. Edward passed from this life in submission to the will of Allah and he will be missed by all who knew him.

Submitted by Student Minister Verbon H. Muhammad, Monroe, La.