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'Modest and beautiful' - Muslim woman showcases modest clothing line at Paris Fashion Week

By Anisah Muhammad -Contributing Writer- | Last updated: Nov 23, 2019 - 8:10:38 PM

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L) This design is Summayah, worn by model Athen. (C) This design is Majestic, worn by model Diana. (R) This design is Chloe, worn by model Aammicias.

When Dorothea Muhammad arrived in Paris for Paris Fashion Week, she and the sisters with her were well-received. “[The models] were very excited to have Black women from the U.S. featuring designs. They had no idea that they were modest designs. I think they were expecting some of their own style,” she said.

Ms. Muhammad is in her third year of running her own clothing line and boutique store, Belle ‘D’ Kouture, which was launched in 2016 at the Holy Day of Atonement which commemorates the anniversary of the Million Man March. Customers can either buy online or visit her home, where she has a section for the boutique.

(L) This design is Hansana, worn by model Stoyonk. (R) This design is Naeemah, worn by model Olga.

“The garments are ready-to-wear just like you were going into Macy’s to buy something. It’s nothing that’s custom-design. It’s just ready-to-wear based on U.S. standard sizing chart,” she said.

Ms. Muhammad was invited to attend Paris Fashion Week by Carmen Muhammad from Chicago. Both women have modest clothing lines, which surprised the models.

“As I was dressing my model, she didn’t understand why she was wearing pants and a dress. And it’s like, ‘No, no. This is not a dress; it’s a jacket, but it can be worn as a dress if you want it to. But this is how we wear it. This is our fashion,’” Ms. Muhammad explained to the model.

“She was like, ‘Ohhh! So you want me to wear both pieces?’ I was like, ‘Yes, to wear both pieces.’ They’re used to putting on skimpy things and being exposed, so they were a little bit like, ‘Huh?’” continued Ms. Muhammad.

(L) Belle “D” Kouture CEO, Dorothea Muhammad (R) Dorothea Muhammad, with Paris Fashion Week host Djamila Kerdoun.
She said the models were amazed that they could look beautiful while covered up. “That’s really heartwarming to see someone put on your designs and love the way they look in them,” she said.

She encourages women, “You can be modestly dressed and still be beautiful.”

A ‘Paris Meets Beverly Hills’ modest fashion show in May 2020 is next on Ms. Muhammad’s agenda.

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