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How Strong is Our Foundation? Can We Survive?

By The Final Call | Last updated: Dec 10, 2019 - 10:34:56 AM

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Disaster Preparedness Training on Dec. 14


CHICAGO—With the increase of rain, snow, fires and soon earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes, are you and your family prepared when you are confined to your home, school or office or vehicle? Do you know what to do?

Bring your family, friends and neighbors for hands-on training on what to do and how to prepare when disasters or emergencies strike. Individual workshops and training will include basic first aid, feeding yourself and family without electricity, water purification, food preservation and storage, managing chronic conditions, making emergency items, fire safe,t y securing your home, active shooter drills, self-defense, children’s training workshops and much more. You do not want to miss this valuable training and information that could save the lives of you and your loved ones.

The seminar will take place Saturday, Dec. 14 at Muhammad University of Islam, 7351 S. Stony Island Ave., from 2 p.m. – 7 p.m. For more information, contact 773-324-6000 or

Scenes from 2017 Disaster Preparedness seminar. Workshops on first aid, food storage and survival techniques were demonstrated.

The 2017 seminar was free and open to the public. The upcoming Dec. 14 seminar is also free and open to the public.



Preparing for Disaster- Student Minister Ishmael R. Muhammad

Knowing our Community- Sister Lisa R. Muhammad Are You Prepared?- Role Play by MUI Students Training Overview-Sister Alva Muhammad

Defining “Disaster”-The difference between an emergency and a disaster

Active Shooting Scenarios- Getting the “All Clear” -Brother Emanuel Muhammad

Health Challenges

Basic First Aid- Sister Maryam K. Muhammad Wound Care- Punctures, gunshots etc. Hands on application.

Emergency Medical and Trauma Care- Hypothermia, frostbite, breaks and sprains.

Assists for Illness and Injury Assists to help redirect and calm - Sister Tania Muhammad

Managing Chronically Addicted Family/Neighbors in a Time of Crises

Where Will You Go?- Brother Amin Muhammad

Workshops / Training

Hygiene & Sanitation- Sister Alva Muhammad (Preparing Now For Long Term Disruption of Services)

Feeding yourself and family without electricity Water purification Food preservation/storage

Managing Chronic Conditions - Sister Shawntel Muhammad

Care for the wheelchair bound, dialysis, cardiac, chemo, and mental health patients. Assessing the patient when emergency medical services are not available

Making Emergency Items -MUI Students

Preparedness for Expecting Mothers & Infants -Sister Alva Muhammad

Children’s Training Workshops - Sister Zenobia X

How can I help? Creating a safe space

General Assembly- Gym

What To Do When Caught Away From Home -Sister Lenore Muhammad

College Student Preparation Workplace preparation Meeting Places Automobile Readiness Items

What to Do Should Someone Transition -Imam Sultan Muhammad

Pastoring Bereavement Counseling Janazah’s under dire circumstances

Protecting Your Home

Fire Safety- Brother Ronald Muhammad Securing Home Against Floods - Brother Clifton Muhammad Insuring Our Homes/Apartments Against Loss Safety and Security- Sensei Celeritas Muhammad Self Defense- Defending yourself and loved ones in a crisis

Gift Giveaways (Emergency Items)