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FOI Hit Chicago Streets

By The Final Call | Last updated: Jun 4, 2019 - 1:13:55 PM

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Chicagoans showing love and support for The Final Call handed out by the FOI, men of the Nation of Islam.

CHICAGO—The Fruit of Islam of Mosque Maryam, the men of the Nation of Islam, gathered at a major intersection in the South Shore community to distribute The Final Call newspaper and engage neighborhood residents as part of their efforts to make the neighborhood a safe and decent place to live.

The FOI were well-received by residents and those who traversed the major transportation hub. The intersection of 71st and Jeffrey Blvd. is within walking distance of the mosque. South Shore is a community with many positives, but, like many Black neighborhoods has its share of challenges. But with the FOI on the scene light, life and power were brought to the streets and the effort led by Central Region Student Captain Dwayne Muhammad, was well received.

The Fruit of Islam work day and night to make sure the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Final Call are spread throughout the city.

FOI of Mosque Maryam in Chicago enagage with young people on the city’s South Side.

The presence of the FOI and Nation of Islam continues to be felt in Chicago as the brothers strive to work on the South Side in efforts to work for peace.

The Fruit of Islam demonstrate discipline, strength in drill exhibition.

Central Region Student Captain Dwayne Muhammad, the FOI and supporters with the 34th issue of The Final Call featuring the cover story, “Pushing for Peace”