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Chicago Day of The Girl

By Final Call News | Last updated: Oct 9, 2018 - 8:10:13 PM

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CHICAGO— Girls Like Me Project will host its seventh annual Chicago Day of the Girl event in observance of International Day of the Girl on Thursday, October 11. The event will take place at Studio Movie Grill-Chatham, located 210 W. 87th Street, from 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.


Girls Like Me Project will join millions of girls and women around the globe to advocate for, as well as educate girls. Girls Like Me Project, Inc. and its partners are committed to empowering girls and fostering a global sisterhood. This day celebrates them and advocates for their success beyond the myriad of injustices they face including poverty, environmental, education and health inequities; media stereotypes; violence amongst other trauma.

“Sadly, even in a world class city like Chicago, a disproportionate number of its female citizens are susceptible to the violent whims and malfeasance of a society that devalues their existence,” contends La’Keisha Gray-Sewell, founder and CEO of Girls Like Me Project. “On the streets they face gun violence. In schools they are victimized by sexual assaults and crippled by punitive school disciplinary policies. Just as in most parts of the world, there is a state of crisis for Black girls in Chicago. Still, there are advocates who believe our girls deserve a better world and that they intrinsically possess the power to transform their community. We fight for them while we celebrate them on this special day.”

This year's theme is “Girl Space: Creating Peace through Opportunity.” The free event will feature spectacular cultural entertainment and spoken word, interactive games, raffle prizes, community dialogue, as well as intentional engagement with prospective mentors.

Community partners will provide resources on:

•         Sex trafficking

•         Teen dating violence

•         Media messages (violence and misogyny)

•         Global gender issues

•         Art/Creativity for social justice

•         Emotional Wellness (dealing with anger and depression)

For more info, contact 773.599.3490 or Visit Follow the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram #DayOfTheGirl #GLMPIDOG