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A moving testimony and message of faith

By The Final Call | Last updated: Apr 16, 2019 - 11:15:06 AM

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Student Minister Troy Muhammad (left) and Munir Muhammad. Photo: Kim Muhammad

CHICAGO—Student Minister Troy Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 1 in Detroit shared his life story live on Muhammad & Friends with Brother Munir Muhammad on Sunday, April 7 at the broadcast studio of C.R.O.E. (Coalition for the Remembrance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad).  Student Min. Troy Muhammad’s story generated interest from prior inmates who have been touched by the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad through the leadership of Minister Louis Farrakhan and general callers that were touched by his story. 

Like many young Black men, he did not escape the legal system, convicted and sentenced to 25–50 years in prison.  But the teachings of the Messenger captivated Brother Troy through Min. Farrakhan’s presentation on the Phil Donahue Show; a program that brought the unit to silence. It caused Bro. Troy to take a look at the message and the brothers behind the wall that were studying the teachings. 

The Nation of Islam was like a womb, explained Student Min. Troy Muhammad. He focused on self-development during his incarceration and his progress led to a reduction in prison time.  He served 13 years.  He left prison and never looked back on that life of self-hatred.  Student Min. Troy spends his time spreading this message and thanks Min. Farrakhan for saving his life through the teachings and he now works to help others.

In addition to his ministry as the head of the Detroit mosque, he can be heard on The Final Call Hour with Troy Muhammad on 910 AM Superstation WFDF and he can be seen on The Journal of Truth on WHPR Detroit.  Student Min. Troy Muhammad said that he knows the teachings is the right way.  For more information, call 313-931-4873.