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A mother talks about her ‘Soul’

By Angelique Smith | Last updated: Apr 16, 2019 - 10:24:39 PM

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Angelique Smith speaks from the heart at memorial

Angelique Smith, the mother of Nipsey Hussle, delivered powerful and poignant words about her son April 11 during his homegoing service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles before some 21,000 people and the memorial service was also streamed and broadcast live over several networks and platforms. Here we present some of the edited remarks and memories a loving mother offered about her beloved and brilliant son.
I know that we are all divine creatures. We are all divinity within. We don’t need to look to the sky for a God. God is within. I have perfect peace. I am happy. I am complete. I am strong. And if I can feel this way, so can you. We call on the Creator of everything and on Mother Earth who sustains us. We call on the energies who guide and protect us as we make our way in life. We call on our ancestors to join us at this service. … We call on the ancestors. And we ask those ancestors of Ermias Joseph Asghedom to keep him company on his journey. And we ask them to be there. I would ask that all of our ancestors guide and protect us and give us the gift of perfect peace. I pour libations. Ashe. …

I want to tell you that I stand a witness that everything is in perfect and divine order. I want to encourage you to choose a vegan lifestyle. I want to encourage you to limit your use of alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances. I want to tell you that we come from royalty and regality. I want to tell you that we’re a very loving and kind and spiritual race of people. I want to tell you that we are a very traumatized and we are a very pressurized people. I want to tell you that I didn’t have a very easy life. My dad was a functional alcoholic and since the time I was five years old I had a lot of problems. And I knew that I was witnessing domestic violence and I promised that I would never do that. I ended up marrying a man who abused me. And everything that damaged me, damaged Ermias.

I conceived Ermias on my birthday, November the 15th. He was born exactly nine months to the date after I conceived him. Ermias was so close to me spiritually. I felt him coming. I knew that I was going to get pregnant on my birthday. And I did. And Ermias came.

I had not slept for two weeks leading up to this event on Sunday. That the spirit spoke to me on Sunday morning at 5:30 a.m. And had me ask, “Why is your spirit troubled?” My mother called me and told me that she thought that there was a problem at the shop because Samiel had gotten up and run out of the house without saying a word.

Nipsey Hussle

When I went there, I was not—I had perfect peace.

When the police officer told me that the person had been shot was Nipsey Hussle, my spirit said, “Oh that’s it, okay?”...

Ermias was such a beautiful— he had such beautiful energy. He’s intelligent. He’s radiant. He’s a superhero. I was living as a single mother with the boys. And I just thought that I didn’t need a man, ’cause I could make my own money, you know. I had bought my own house. ’Cause Nana told me, “You can only move back in with me if you save your money and buy a house.” So I learned how to change my oil and I thought that I was just “that woman.”… And all of a sudden smoke started coming out of my engine. My engine was on fire, because I had forgotten to replace the cap on the oil receptacle. So the oil had spewed out all over my tubing and everything and my engine was on fire. Do you know that Ermias did not hesitate? He was just like 8, 9 or 10. He hopped out of the car. He ran all the way down the hill on Slauson, in the middle of the street, to the intersection and there was a fire engine that was making a left-hand turn. The light turned from red to green, but I don’t know how little Ermias commandeered their attention. They made a U-turn and came back and extinguished my fire. And do you know what? I was able to turn the car on and keep on driving. I didn’t need to call AAA, not a hose was busted.

You know what I’m saying? I think that that’s what I want to tell you guys now, okay? Our engine is on fire now. We’re burning, but we’re not destroyed. …

I’m very proud of my son. My son, Ermias Joseph Asghedom, was a great man. … I was talking to my cousin on the telephone. And one of the last things that I said to her was, “Belinda, the world that we live in is so wicked and evil. I feel so sad and I’m so troubled and it’s so very tragic that our children and our grandchildren are inhabiting this type of world.” And I told her, “I really don’t know what the answer is.”

I really don’t know, but I think, I think that the only way to overcome the darkness is to be a light. …

I feel like when I was a little girl and you would read the story tales, that there’s a king and there’s a castle and there’s royalty. And they’re having a celebration and they invite people from lands far apart and wide to come into their kingdom and to celebrate with them. And, I just thank you. I’m honored. And, I know that if Ermias can look down on us, he’s honored also. He was very humble. And I’m just glad that the legacy of love that my mother started and that she passed on to me, that I passed on to my son. Since he was in the public arena, he passed some of the love in his heart into the love that’s in your hearts. So let’s water the seeds of love that Ermias displayed to you, that you know that you have planted in your heart. Let’s water that love and let it grow.