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Behold! The Goalden Chyld

By Final Call News | Last updated: Nov 11, 2015 - 1:22:34 PM

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During this time of great confusion and intense conflict, voices delivering logical solutions to the challenges facing society are needed.

The Goalden Chyld “GC” is a leading voice in that regard.


Voices demanding change and encouraging resistance to injustice are now being heard above the voices of those who have controlled the thoughts, ways and actions of the masses for decades. The Goalden Chyld’s clarion call delivered through his latest offering “Stand For...Justice Or Else!” represents the uncompromising realities of the “Joshua Generation” while effectively channeling the spiritual desires of the ancestors.

Without being preachy or self-righteous, his insightful opinions on race, economics, religion and unity are indeed a sign of great things to come from this powerful young warrior as he shares his innermost thoughts with his listeners.

With a unique fusion of penetrating lyrical ability and soul-stirring melodic vocals, GC’s rhythmic stylings take you on a creatively satisfying roller-coaster ride that you will thoroughly enjoy as you are moved to take action!

[Hear his mixtape: “Stand For...Justice Or Else!” @ https://soundcloud.com/goaldenchyld and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @ Goalden_Chyld ]