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WEB POSTED 10-08-2002
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U.S. puts world in crosshairs

by Carl Dix
�Guest Columnist�

( -- Sisters and brothers, the U.S. government is feeding us a pack of lies about what it�s doing to the people of the world. We�re told these people are our enemies and we should fear them. We�re told that we should back any moves the U.S. makes to gun them down and seize their countries.

As a Black GI, I heard the same lies during the Vietnam War. I refused to murder Vietnamese for them, and they sent me to Leavenworth military prison for 2 years. We can�t be intimidated or pressured to line up behind their war moves and wave their flag. It�s time to say "hell no, we won�t support your war without end!"

Recently, President Bush told the cadets of West Point that he believed his government has the right to attack anywhere in the world without warning or provocation. Bush says that 60 countries were being investigated for possible attack. His Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, added that the Pentagon would be deploying its troops and commandos anywhere the U.S. wants. It will capture or assassinate anyone it considers an enemy. This would be done without announcing anything in public or telling the governments involved. These colonial actions make a joke of ideas like "national sovereignty" and "rule by the people."

For the U.S., the risk is tempting because the prize is big. They�re aiming for nothing less than unchallenged control of the world.

In the year since Sept. 11, 2001, the U.S. government has bombed Afghanistan, occupied its cities and imposed a pro-U.S. government. They back Israel�s dismantling of the Palestinian Authority and occupation of the West Bank. The U.S., which wanted more influence over oil in Central Asia and cheap labor in Southeast Asia, now has new military bases from the Black Sea to Uzbekistan to the Philippines. Recently, the U.S. State Department began targeting the Maoists parties of the Philippines and Nepal.

The shock and grief of Sept. 11 is being exploited to justify the next phase of war with Iraq. The official talk of "weapons of mass destruction" is a smokescreen�a mix of lies, exaggerations and half-truths. It�s designed to hide the tightening U.S. grip on Persian Gulf oil. The Iraqi people are now placed in the crosshairs of a U.S. invasion. The people, who have endured so much, are at ground zero of a heartless assault. Many will die. Their rebuilt cities will be targeted again, and their country will be seized at gunpoint.

On the home front, we see sweeping police powers put in place�wiretapping, suspension of constitutional rights, mass jailing of Arab and Muslim immigrants without charges.

Federal snitch networks seek to recruit a million participants, while discussion of torture is debated on prime time TV. The language of Big Brother has become the everyday language of government�homeland security, military tribunals and permanent war without borders.

All this is being done in our name. In the name of security and defense. This is the devil�s bargain the U.S. government wants us to make. They want us to shut up and keep quite while they run riot over the people of the world.

We can�t let this go down! They must be stopped! And it needs to begin now! On Sunday, October 6th, the day before the anniversary of the bombing of Afghanistan, mass actions will be held in major cities, NY, SF, LA and Chicago, bringing together thousands of people who will take the "Not in Our Name" Pledge of Resistance. They will declare their opposition to the government�s course and pledge to resist and stop this war on the world and escalating police state restrictions in this country. These events will send a message to the people of the world that this government does not speak or act for all the American people. The people of the world are our sisters and brothers.

As we build our resistance, we need to be crystal clear on the nature of those who are racing towards a new war. As long as U.S. imperialism stays in power the horrors that come from their system will continue. Another world is possible.

(Carl Dix is the National Spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. He is a former political prisoner, who spent two years imprisoned at Leavenworth for refusal to serve in the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. He can be reached at 773-227-4066 or visit

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