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'White people want to wipe us out'
Researcher, author insists AIDS a weapon of genocide

Dr. Jack Felder was born in Columbia, S.C., in 1939. From 1962-1964, he was a U.S. Army germ warfare specialist assigned to the 5th Army Regiment in Chicago. He did the same job for Natich Labs outside Boston, Mass., from 1964Ė1966 as a civilian. From 1966 to 1970, he was a research scientist and translator at Siemens Firm in Berlin, Germany. He returned to the U.S. in 1974 to teach science and math at Harlem Prep in New York City. He earned Masterís and Doctorate degrees in biochemistry from New York State University and has authored and self-published over 15 books including: "From the Statue of Liberty to the Statue of Bigotry" (1986); "AIDSĖU.S. Germ Warfare at its Best with Documents and Proof" (1986); "Who Really Assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King" (1987); and "Who Really Was Behind the Assassination of Malcolm X" (1988). He retired from the New York City Public Schools in 2001. He recently sat down with Final Call contributor Lamont Muhammad to discuss the AIDS pandemic.

Final Call News (FCN): How does a biochemist become the author and activist you are?

Dr. Jack Felder (DJF): I was a germ warfare specialist for this country in the 1960s. When Black people started dying of this mysterious disease (AIDS) in the early 1980s, it looked like what we used to do when I was in the military. So I investigated, and low and behold, I came up with all the signatures of biological warfare. By 1986, I had gathered enough material to write an article. It was called "U.S. Germ Warfare at its Best with Documents and Proof." The owner of the Black American newspaper read the article, hugged me and we cried. He said: "Dr. Felder, (Iím going to) publish this. I donít care what happens.í So he published it on a Thursday. That Sunday some White guy knocked on my door. He said "Oh! Youíre Dr. Felder? So what do you need? What can we do for you." I told him, "If you donít get away from my house, Iím gonna get my shotgun." So if I had any doubts that AIDS was germ warfare against Blacks, that eradicated it. I have since dedicated my life to doing research and trying to educate my people that White people want to wipe us out.

FCN: What evidence do you use to make your argument?

DJF: History! White people used smallpox to wipe out the original Hawaiians, the American Indians and they even used it against each other in the American Revolutionary War. Do you know that 80 percent of (Native American Indians) suffer with diabetes? There ainít no way nature has done that. They (Whites) have induced diabetes into these people to get rid of them.

FCN: What do you think is motivating these people to kill and how are they spreading death today?

DJF: White people are scared to death. There are 6 billion people in the world today and only 500-600 million are White people. Ö They are afraid that we will do to them what they have done to us for the last 500 yearsógenocide. So they are determined to reduce the (people of color) population by using AIDS and other methods. They picked Africans because they seem to hate Africans more than any other race. It just drives them insane that Blacks are on this planet, you know what Iím saying? So they spread AIDS all over Africa claiming they came to help inoculate against smallpox. The proof is in the puddiní. Everywhere they inoculated against smallpox, AIDS popped up. When they went to Sudan, a Muslim nation, they were unsuccessful because of the blood thing with Muslimsóno inoculations. No AIDS broke out in Sudan.

FCN: So you are arguing that the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) pretended to assist Africans and other dark people while actually inoculating them to wipe them out?

DJF: A few Whites make the argument against themselves. Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz wrote a book called "Emerging Viruses: AIDS and EbolaĖNature, Accident, or Intentional?" He argues AIDS was man-made and designed for population reduction. Dr. Horowitz also wrote "Death in the Air: Globalism, Tourism and Toxic Warfare." In it he asks, "What if the CDC was really the White Center for (Control of the Diseases in people of color)?" What if the WHO was actually the White Health Organization? And what if the people sick people depend upon to heal them are responsible for manufacturing and manipulating diseases?í He argues that they do. Dr. Robert Strecher and Dr. Alan Cantwell also argue in their books that AIDS was man-made. Lyndon LaRouche spent years in jail for claiming AIDS was man-made and designed to reduce targeted populations.

FCN: So what is your spin on the UN Conference on AIDS that just ended in Madrid, Spain?

DJF: It was a sham like the rest of the AIDS conferences White folks have held. Let me give you an example. If people have syphilis or gonorrhea, [doctors] give them a shot of penicillin which knocks out the disease. If you have any other disease, they would give you a shot to kill the disease. No sane person would come up with a vaccination to cure an existing disease. They are spreading the disease with the vaccinations. They do not intend to find a cure because Ö it is doing what they want. It is reducing the Black, Brown, Yellow and Red populations and they are making money (in pharmaceutical sales). The UN is a sham. It was set up after White (sic) War II to carve up the rest of the world for White people. One of the early secretary-generals, Kurt Waldheim of Austria, was a Nazi and the Preamble to the UN Charter was written by Apartheid era South African General Smut. It is all a sham against dark people.

FCN: What can you say about the people you come from in South Carolina?

DJF: I didnít learn that I was Gullah until I got to New York and started studying my true history. I learned that my people, the Gullah, are the Blackest and most pure Africans in America. I knew that when the slave master raped and impregnated our woman with half-caste children, we threw them babies in the Copper River. Thatís how we stayed so Black.

FCN: Finally, what do you think will turn this situation around for Black people on our planet?

DJF: I do not believe God will allow the wicked to wipe us out, but we must learn that no other people are gonna save us. We must learn to put our differences aside and learn to work together for better and more healthy living.

FCN: Thank you.

DJF: Thank you, too.

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