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"ILLUMINATI" by Wise Intelligent (Music Video)

By Wise Intelligent | Last updated: Aug 16, 2012 - 8:33:35 PM

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( - INTELLIGENT MUZIK presents "ILLUMINATI." Wise Intelligent's video from the critically acclaimed "THE UNCONKABLE DJEZUZ DJONEZ" album.

According to Wise, the intent of this recording was to simply take the Illuminati out of the “boogieman” realm and demonstrate how its apparatus functions in our daily lives in plain view.


While I'm aware of the many informative literary works being published by some great men and giants in our community on the subject of Hip Hop and the Illuminati – this song, its lyrics, nor this blog are intended to prove or disprove any of what has been written, published and or lectured about concerning this subject.

Rather, to interpret the lyrics to my work and direct our attention to the root cause(ers) of current world dilemmas. 

Click link below to get the lyrics to "Illuminati" and read the official story breakdown...