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#BlackGirlsRock! - Uplifting and encouraging our girls

By Anisah Muhammad | Last updated: Nov 15, 2013 - 5:07:15 PM

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Anisah Muhammad
After Beverly Bond’s Black Girls Rock aired on BET (Black Entertainment Television) I and many others started seeing a hashtag going around called #WhiteGirlsRock.

White girls, and White people in general do not need any special encouragement and upliftment.

They have not lost the knowledge of self, and they still know their history. Black people have been in bondage for over 400 years, and we are still in bondage.

We aren’t taught our history in the White man’s schools. Black Girls Rock gives Black girls a sense of self and an idea of what we can accomplish once we set our minds to it. It provides many Black girls with a sense of sisterhood and Black pride. We are gradually losing the Black inferiority complex.

But of course, White people always have to try and be better. After all, God gave them rule over the fowl of the air and the fish of the sea. But, they were only given 6,000 years to rule, and after those 6,000 years, God would take the kingdom and give it to whom he pleases. Whites have to recognize that their 6,000 years of ruling is up, and there will probably not be another grace period. It’s time now for Black people to take their rightful place, and for Black girls to take their rightful places as Queens and Goddesses. The mindsets of Black inferiority and White superiority must be done away with.

Everything Black people have done throughout history, White people claimed it as their own, and they don’t allow us to have anything for ourselves. White people do not have a real culture, unless killing everyone they can as quick as they can without being detected is a culture. They’ve taken a little of something from everyone else’s culture. They copy and imitate those they call inferior. It’s no different with Black Girls Rock. Beverly Bond started this movement to uplift and encourage Black girls. It teaches Black girls that “Black is beautiful.” This is a beautiful movement, because a lot of Black girls hate the way they look, and would rather have the looks of White people. That’s a sign of an inferiority complex, and Black Girls Rock is destroying that mindset.

Why do White girls need a White Girls Rock? They already deem themselves superior. Black girls are roaming the streets constantly being put down, while White girls are walking with their heads held high and lifted up with approval from their families and communities. White girls are everywhere. Look on television shows, covers of magazines, and movies. Look at the White musicians that get loads of attention. The Black girls who deny themselves in order to please our former slave masters’ children are the ones that are seen the most in the media. For instance, we see Beyonce and Rihanna everywhere, but singers like Janelle Monae, India.Arie, and Erykah Badu are less seen. The show Scandal, where Kerry Washington’s role as a successful woman who is sneaking around with the White president, is number one in the country! This is why Black Girls Rock is needed!

Black girls need to gain self-respect and realize that we are Queens and Goddesses in the making. There is a list of phenomenal Black women in our history, and it gives us a vision of what we can accomplish today. Now picture our beautiful Black girls helping and participating in Black Girls Rock, and picture this movement joined on with the principles that the Nation of Islam’s Muslim Girls’ Training and General Civilization Class was established upon. We would go from the mindset of Black inferiority to the mindset of Queens and Goddesses practically overnight!

Anisah Muhammad is a 16-year-old writer based in Montgomery, Ala.