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Islam Comes After All Else Fails!

By TaLicia X | Last updated: Nov 15, 2013 - 5:09:00 PM

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My journey to the Nation of Islam started with a mosque meeting November 22, 2009. I was invited out by a brother who I was connected to in the world (who is now my husband).

I had so many thoughts going through my head that day.

I remember specifically thinking that I would feel out of place because of my tight pants and low cut blouse. I wondered to myself what I was doing there. I came from a strong Christian family.

While I can’t remember the title of the lecture that day, I remember being surprised by some of the things I was hearing. I had never heard anyone talk so boldly about God and who the Devil was. My interest had been sparked! When the student minister asked the new guests if they believed what they heard to be true and good for their people, I raised my hand. Yet, I wasn’t quite ready to take on the mission.

Everything has failed

I went on living my life. I would visit the mosque occasionally. The brother that had initially invited me out had eventually processed and become a registered Believer. He was dedicating himself to the mission of helping Minister Louis Farrakhan deliver the 17 million or more to the Lamb of God, and I was busy partying just about every weekend. I was starting meaningless relationships only to have them end abruptly. My life at that time revolved around hanging out every weekend. I was consumed with being seen on the scene. I rarely made time for my son. It was a point where my son, who was probably five at the time, would ask me why I was always leaving him. My life went on that way for a couple of years. In April of 2011, I experienced a traumatic miscarriage. The father of the baby wasn’t really in the picture. I felt alone. I felt as if I was being punished for something. I started reflecting on my life. I remember being in a night club one night and just staring into space. My friend asked me what was wrong and I said that I couldn’t do it anymore.

Islam dignifies

The brother that had initially invited me out, invited me out one Sunday in May. Student Minister Nuri Muhammad was teaching a lecture titled “Act Like A Lady, Think Like God.”

That lecture alone made me realize the love I thought I had for myself wasn’t really love at all. I couldn’t possibly love myself and keep putting poison in my body. I couldn’t love myself and allow a man to enter my life only for a quick second, with no real commitment. I realized I didn’t know my value. It was the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that made me realize that the Black woman is the mother of all civilization. I realized I had done my son an injustice by not being there for him. It was the teachings that made me realize that I am a Queen, a goddess of the Universe. I realized I didn’t have to walk around using foul language, showing all my glory to anyone with eyes to see, being overly exposed. I realized that indeed I am a gift, a treasure, something priceless. And when I realized that, I didn’t want anyone to be mistaken that I was cheap, with no real value. It became easy for me to cover up and accept Islam. And the moment I knew I made the right decision was when my son said to me, “Mommy I didn’t think you were a princess before we started coming to the mosque, but now I think that you are a princess!” He said that to me at the young age of six. I thank Allah for transforming me into a woman that that he sees fit to be a princess!

TaLicia X attends Muhammad Mosque No. 74 in Indianapolis.