Re: Farrakhan.. 'It's not you that we fear, it is your ideas'

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'The ideas that Louis Farrakhan espouses are rarely, if ever discussed and debated. In fact, every attempt is made by the enemy to obscure the value of any idea offered by slandering and maligning the man.'
In a New Year’s Day interview with The Final Call newspaper, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan shared tremendous wisdom, guidance and insight in response to questions from Final Call editor in chief Richard B. Muhammad, assistant editor Ashahed Muhammad, staff writer Starla Muhammad and senior editor Askia Muhammad.

In answering questions, the Minister shared an incident that occurred in 1970 after speaking to the Congress of African People. He spoke using words given by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad—his mentor and leader of the Nation of Islam. After the address, Min. Farrakhan was sent to Jamaica by his leader to rest after 15 years of working seven-days-a-week. There he met actor Brock Peters, who was filming a movie and the producer wanted to meet the Nation of Islam minister. Minister Farrakhan obliged and in a conversation with this Jewish man, the Minister was told, “Farrakhan you seem like a nice person. It’s not you that we fear. It is your ideas.”

That sentence is perhaps one of the most important lines spoken by Min. Farrakhan in the hour-long roundtable taped at the Final Call newspaper offices in Chicago. Why? It exposes in a succinct but powerful way reasons for the intense opposition and type of opposition this man has faced during nearly 60 years of work on behalf of Black people with growing effort to uplift fallen humanity as a whole—and in particular for more than 30 years of rebuilding the Nation of Islam and work of his spiritual father.

The ideas that Louis Farrakhan espouses are rarely, if ever discussed and debated. In fact, every attempt is made by the enemy to obscure the value of any idea offered by slandering and maligning the man. The strategy is to paint such an ugly picture of Louis Farrakhan that people easily led in the wrong direction will quickly dismiss the man, based on lies, and never grapple with the truth and the value of the ideas that he presents and represents.

What are those ideas? The idea that a new world is coming in and an old world and an old order is going out. The idea that a suffering and debased people, Black people, will rise to the top and become masters in the land where they were once slaves. The idea that God Himself is on the scene, has raised one from among the slaves as the Christ, and that power resides, by God’s permission, in this Christ-figure who will bring down the powerful government of America through the forces of nature and Almighty God turning the peoples’ thinking to act in ways that aid in the destruction of a great but unrepentant nation. The destruction is punishment for bringing our forefathers into slavery, and the cruel, deadly mistreatment of Black people in this nation. The judgment of this modern Babylon and modern Egypt fulfills biblical prophecy, matches the divine pattern of God standing with the oppressed and fulfills the promise made to Abraham, which says Abraham’s children would serve a strange people in a strange land but God Himself would come after 400 years, deliver this suffering people and judge the nation that his people served.

An idea is defined as any content of the mind, especially the conscious mind; the thought of something; a mental representation of something; the characterization of something in general terms; an individual’s conception of something; the belief that something is the case; an intention, plan, etc.

Ideas can be weighed, affirmed, disproven, accepted or discarded. But if the idea is never considered, can a truly intelligent decision or proper decision be made?

An old adage says, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” This saying indicates that at the proper time, the proper thought will emerge and will be unstoppable because it is in accord with the time. How much more valuable and unstoppable is an idea backed by God Himself? How great is the opposition to a divine idea that is exactly on time?

In sharing the incident in Jamaica, the Minister continued by saying the man he met said a group meets in New York or Los Angeles and evaluates trends. If they see a trend as negative, against their interests, they work through movies, TV, newspapers and media to direct the trend in the direction that they prefer. They actively work and are fully committed to maintaining their grip on the people and the world.

Should not those of us committed to the ideas of Min. Farrakhan, which come from Almighty God and his Christ, be working to direct trends and change the course of negative action?

Let us strive harder than ever in 2013, to spread the truth and live the lives that bear witness to the truth that we spread. Our victory is assured provided we act in accord with divine guidance and do that which pleases Almighty God.

No opponent, no detractor, no slanderer, no liar can stop us, unless God allows it but he has promised us victory and success. God has also declared that his light will be perfected and his servant will be the overcomer though the disbelievers and the polytheists may be averse. Let us work harder to submit to God’s Will in 2013 and put the idea of helping our Minister and helping ourselves at the forefront of our minds.

“It’s Time, now, for the Black man and woman to realize it’s on us to make a future for ourselves and our children, and our unborn generations,” said Min. Farrakhan as the year-end interview drew to a close. “And I will be doing everything I can in this year to provide that Guidance! But I am telling you, as The Qur’an says in Surah 103 Al-Asr (“The Time”): “By the time! — Surely man is in loss, Except those who believe and do good, and enjoin one another to Truth, and enjoin one another to patience.

“The Time will Judge our actions. And if our actions are not correspondent to The Time, we will continue down The Road of Intense Regret over great loss.”