If President, Romney Would Take Us to WWIII

By Ali Baghdadi -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: Nov 6, 2012 - 8:10:37 AM

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Governor Mitt Romney, a barefaced and shameless opportunist who even used the dead to further his own self-grandeur, has been rebuffed and silenced by an ordinary American woman. The mother of Glen Doherty, a U.S. navy seal who was recently killed in Benghazi, Libya, told the presidential Republican contender to knock it off and stop using her son’s name in his campaign for political purposes. “It is wrong to use these brave young men, who want freedom for all, to degrade Obama,” she added.

“I don’t trust Romney,” Mrs. Barbara Doherty told Boston news station WHDH. “He shouldn’t use my son’s death as part of his political agenda.”

Most American politicians are prepared to sell everything they have (or even things they don’t have) to realize their goals. That includes among other things, their dignity, self-esteem and honor. They are even prepared to sell their country to the devil to achieve their objectives.


'During his October 2, 2012 presidential debate, Romney, a former “Christian” bishop, made 27 lies in 38 minutes, according to political analysts. He is prepared to fight not only Iran and Syria, but also Russia and China.'
But Mitt Romney has pledged to do much more if elected. Shamelessly, he openly made it clear “that he would outsource U.S. Middle East policy to Israel.” That is so amazing! No one ever in the history of the United States, and the history of the world for that matter, has ever run on such a scandalous and outrageous platform in foreign policy. To allow Israel, which more than any foreign power in the world, spies on the United States, steals its military, technological and industrial secrets, and sells them for profit, is nothing but absolute treason.

Romney has made it clear that on issues related to Arab Israeli conflict, he would follow Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s lead. He would take the phone and call “his friend,” Netanyahu, a mass murderer and war criminal, for the action that he as a president of the most powerful nation in the history of mankind, should take.

Romney promised the Israeli Jewish lobby that he would commit the U.S. Armed Forces to fight on the side of Israel if the Jewish settler state decides to attack Iran, a violation of the UN Charter and international law. The moment he steps into the White House, he would draw a clear “red line” that, if crossed, would trigger U.S. military action against the Islamic Republic, which is pursuing nuclear technology only for peaceful purposes.

Knowing the influence of the Israeli lobby and the power of the U.S. Zionist controlled media, like most American politicians, President Obama did give in to Israeli demands. He even retracted 180 degrees on foreign policy decisions he had made earlier to appease Jewish groups. But Obama, despite all the blatant threats and unbearable pressure Netanyahu and company have exercised, still holds ground. He refuses to enunciate such a red line.

Obama has the brains to realize that a war against Iran will be extremely costly and devastating. According to Dennis Kucinich, a U.S. Congressman and a former presidential candidate, the Iraq war, which was a picnic when compared to a war against Iran, “will ultimately cost the United States five trillion dollars. Five thousand four hundred eighty eight U.S. soldiers lost their lives. Tens of thousands were injured. At least one million innocent Iraqis were killed.”

Robert Gates who headed the CIA, and served former President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama as U.S. Secretary of Defense, reiterated what has become an emergent consensus within the military and intelligence community that action against Iran would have disastrous consequences. “The results of an American or Israeli military strike on Iran could, in my view, prove catastrophic, haunting us for generations,” he stated.

Romney’s brains are out of commission. When he was 19 years old, he escaped the United States and found refuge in France, which could be seen as trying to dodge the Vietnam draft, while his countrymen were coming home in body bags from a war that he supported. To convince U.S. authorities that he was doing missionary work in the service of his Mormon Lord, he called on the French people, from his new grand “palace” which was staffed by servants, to be good Christians, to not cheat on their wives and to not drink coffee or wine. Now, however, Mr. “tough man” is praising the American people, including himself, for their bravery and sacrifices. “This is the American way… We go where there’s trouble.”

During his October 2, 2012 presidential debate, Romney, a former “Christian” bishop, made 27 lies in 38 minutes, according to political analysts. He is prepared to fight not only Iran and Syria, but also Russia and China. As a warmonger, the man is an insult to all true Christians who believe in the message of peace that Jesus Christ advocated on earth. To trigger a WWIII that may destroy the world, in order to realize his dream to reach the Oval Office, is “worth it?”

Romney has nothing to fear. When American boys and girls are being shipped overseas to fight for corporate big business, his children will go to Paris to complete “god’s” work that their dad had started.

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