There's Power In The Name!

By Ilia Rashad Muhammad -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: Jun 7, 2017 - 7:58:22 AM

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There is a name so powerful that world governments have passed legislations attempting to censure the one who bears it and punish those who speak highly of it. It’s a name that strikes fear in those who influence international politics and worldly affairs to the point that they have placed barriers on allowing such a man to speak truth on their lands.

While it seems this refers to Jesus’ good name of 2,000 years ago, it actually applies to another Black man of today who walks in the footsteps of Jesus. That man and name is known as Farrakhan.

Before misjudging this statement as sacrilegious, examine the historical and contemporary facts that support this truth. Consider the fearful reactions of powerful groups when the name and personage of Farrakhan is raised. For example when the Public Liaison for President Trump, Omarosa Manigualt, simply acknowledged her willingness to dialogue with Minister Louis Farrakhan during Chicago’s WVON radio interview, her statement was met with tremendous backlash. This is what she said:

“I think that any in your audience would know that I have never shied away from having an open and, I believe, a good relationship with Louis Farrakhan and so I would look forward to receiving that invitation and sitting down with him.”

White Jewish leaders were enraged over the fact that a Black woman (and ordained minister) was willing to sit and talk with her Black brother to address issues concerning the Black community. As expected, Jewish leaders like ADL CEO, Jonathan A. Greenblatt, responded in a manner quite typical of a slave master:

“Louis Farrakhan should not be made to feel welcome by anyone in the White House. Such an overture would only serve to legitimize his long record of conspiratorial and hateful views toward Jews. We hope that the administration will make it clear that Farrakhan and his anti-Semitic organization will find no supporters in the White House.”


Greenblatt’s statement represents the hypocrisy of powerful American leaders who portray themselves as liberal friends of the Black struggle, but work diligently against Black unity and empowerment. Government agencies and the Jewish groups that influence them have worked for decades to prevent the public from the opportunity to hear the message of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for themselves, or at least without Jewish misinterpretation.

Since the early 1990s, colleges and university presidents (especially Black ones) have been pressured from allowing him on to speak on their campuses. While he has been the most sought after voice in Black America for the last few decades, White leaders worked to ensure that Black students did not hear from the man who represents their independence. During the de facto ban on Farrakhan from Black colleges, degenerate entertainers who outright disrespect Black women have been paid high figures to convey their filth to young Black minds on campuses throughout the U.S.

While Farrakhan’s message of Black empowerment was hindered from Black students, alleged White murderers and undesirables have been brought to Black colleges to share impotent messages to reinforce faith in a system opposed to Black empowerment. Black students at Bethune-Cookman College vehemently opposed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos as their commencement speaker, yet somehow she was chosen to deliver the commencement address anyway. Consequently her presence and her speech was protested by the audience and the graduates who turned their backs during the ceremony.

Who really makes the decisions to invite and pay entertainers, murders, and incompetent bureaucrats to address Black students?

Who makes the decisions to hinder Farrakhan from addressing Black students who yearn for his unique message of empowerment?

Is it really the college presidents or is it those who pressure Black leaders to pacify Black youth from rising against their oppressors?

History gives us a clear indicator of where this pressure really comes from, as noted by international scholar, Mattias Gardell:

When Farrakhan or any of his top ministers are scheduled to speak at colleges or universities, Jewish militants frequently try to disturb or disrupt the meeting. Pickets with Jews shouting “Who do we want? Farrakhan! How do we want him? Dead!” are far from unusual and the Jewish Defense Organization had Farrakhan on top of the death list found by police investigating a bombing of Arab-American facilities. The Jewish Defense League has staged at least one “Death to Farrakhan” march, on Saviour’s Day, October 7, 1985. 

There is no doubt that powerful Jewish entities who influence government and educational policies, financial decisions, and media coverage are the primary forces opposed to the voice of Min. Farrakhan—for no other reason than the fact that he speaks the invincible truth that disrupts their manipulation over world affairs. Why else are the most powerful groups on earth threatened by the name and voice of this one man—Farrakhan?

The scriptures can offer vivid answers and understanding to this dilemma. The satanic leaders were keenly aware of the powerful truth behind Jesus’ revolutionary message, so they besmirched his noble name, plotted to kill him, and they even threatened anyone from even saying anything favorable about him.

“But no one had the courage to speak favorably about him in public, for they were afraid of getting in trouble with the Jewish leaders.” (John 7:13)

Sound familiar? The Jews’ fear and hatred of Jesus is largely due to the fact that he represents the truth that exposes them as the real entity of Satan (Revelation 2:9, 3:9), thus representing the downfall of their rule. 

Congruently Minister Farrakhan is distinctly the primary voice that reveals the man of sin—not in theory, but by specific name, face, and entity. This by far is not a job for any leader; rather, this uniquely arduous assignment is designated specifically for the anointed Messiah. It’s pretty evident why the most powerful world governments and groups have passed legislation, concocted false reports, and pressured others from speaking favorably about Farrakhan. Whenever deceptive oppressors try to hinder the people from listening to such a voice and mentioning his name, that’s a person who needs to be heard and heeded. Obviously there is power in that name!

Ilia Rashad Muhammad is part of the NOI Research Group. He is author of the book, “Exposing The War Against Islam: The Rise of Islamophobia,” which is due for release in June 2017.