Seven Dimensions of New White Racism

By David Muhammad -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: Jan 6, 2017 - 10:33:07 AM

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There is a new wave and dimension of 21st Century Racism emerging out of the United States of America and it is being offered legitimacy and credibility through the corridors of political power through America’s new president-elect, Donald Trump. The new movement known as “Alt- Right” is a newly-emerging group of people with far right-wing political ideologies who reject mainstream conservatism and promote a brand of raw, blatant and outspoken ethnocentrism.

It is perceived to have no official formal ideology, yet they are bounded together by general principles of White nationalism. There is a general view that the Alt-Right Movement is almost completely ideologically aligned with the political philosophy of President-elect Donald Trump and many of his new appointees. In July 2016 the head of the Neo-Nazi movement in the U.S. stated that if Donald Trump wins the presidency it would be an opportunity for White people to position themselves to benefit by acquiring real power through various movements. On November 22nd, 2016 a CNN report showed footage of Richard Spencer, leader of a White Nationalist group declaring that Trump’s victory was a victory for White people as up to a few decades ago they owned the country and have been losing it. So while the Alt-Right Movement may lack a consensus ideology it’s various expressions all unanimously promote a White power consciousness that has as part of its agenda, an oppression and marginalization of people of color. They have further been associated with multiple groups such as patriots/ nationalists, neo-monarchists, farright leaning movements and men’s rights advocates. They all have in Seven Dimensions of New White Racism common is an apparent resentment, even hatred for non-White peoples.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said in the Justifiable Homicide Series (2007) that “there is no law on the books that White Supremacists feel they need to respect, particularly if that law would lead to our acquisition of strength or power to remove an impediment to our pathway of success.”

There are seven main predominant doctrines of this “new White racism” that are emerging now. We now take a closer look at each perspective:

1-White Nationalism is an ideology that advocates the idea of whiteness being synonymous with citizenship. It is the belief in a White nation and ranges from a preference for one’s specific White ethnic group, to feelings of superiority, including calls for national citizenship to be reserved exclusively for White people. Nazism and White separatism is a sub concept of White nationalism.

2-White Supremacy is an ideological perspective centered around the belief that the White race is superior to all other races in certain characteristics, traits, and attributes to all other peoples’ and therefore should politically, economically and socially rule non-White people. White supremacy is a political ideology promoting domination by White people (as evidenced by historical and contemporary socio-political structures such as slavery, Jim Crow Laws, indentureship labor schemes and apartheid.

3-Anti-Semitism is hostility, prejudice, or discrimination against Jewish people. There remains, however, some ambiguity to the real identity of the original Jews and there has been the academic negligence of the African historical roots of all Semitic peoples. But for all intents and purposes of this article we make reference to contemporary Ethno- European Jews.

4-Right-wing populism is a political view that rejects the mainstream political consensus as it appeals to the “common man” as opposed to the liberal elites. In Europe right-wing populism is also an expression used to describe groups and political parties generally known for their opposition to immigration from non-European countries.

5- Nativism is the political position of supporting a favored status for particular recognized and established inhabitants of a nation as opposed to newcomers or immigrants. This view, however, is both skewed and illogical as people of European ancestry are not the original natives of any part of the world, but in order to justify this view, real indigenous or native peoples have been philosophically dehumanized in theory.

6-The Neo-Reactionary Movement or Dark Enlightenment is an anti-democratic movement of thinkers and writers that reject egalitarianism and seeks to restore White privilege. “Neo-reactionaries” have been described as an informal “community of bloggers” and political theorists who have been active since the 2000s.

7-Islamophobia refers to fear, discrimination, hatred and misinformation propaganda campaigns directed against Muslims as individuals and against the religion of Islam as an ideology. Note that misinformation propaganda campaigning is a major feature of Islamophobia because the real truth about the philosophy of Islam, in many instances, tends to have more in common with both Christianity and Judaism than they both have with each other.

New U.S. National Security Advisor to Trump, Michael Flynn has described the religion of Islam as a “vicious cancer.”

The man tipped to be the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions has expressed views that have been supportive of the KKK. Stephen Bannon ran a media association called Brietbart News which was the mouthpiece for the White Supremacist Alt- Right Movement and Mike Pompeo is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) which is so pro-White and all White that one of their few (possibly only) publicly known Black members Coilon Noir is treated like a celebrity to some and an anomaly to others.

We continue to monitor the evolution and resurgence of this old revitalized racism as we move towards January 2017.

(David Muhammad is the Trinidad & Eastern Caribbean representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.)