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Farrakhan: Strive to act and live 'more like Christ'

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: May 30, 2013 - 12:24:22 AM

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CHICAGO ( - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan typically speaks to standing room only crowds in large arenas and auditoriums, with his words beamed across the globe via Internet webcast.

Although he had just finished speaking several times in Detroit, Michigan, he found time to deliver a message May 19 at the small, humble, yet spirited More Like Christ Christian Fellowship Church led by former R&B recording artist Reverend Mitty Collier.

Rev. Collier introduced the Minister by describing how she was impacted by the documentary of his life she viewed during the May 11 screening at Mosque Maryam. She advised them to get to know people for themselves, instead of relying on what others say about a person. 

The small but spirited church was packed with those eager to hear the word.
“It’s just like Jesus,” Rev. Collier told the congregation, “you can know about him and not know him. Well, I know him for myself. I’ve sat with him in his home, I’ve listened to him teach the word of God and I haven’t met a teacher like him in all my life. I tell everybody that I meet who has anything negative to say about him that he’s got more love in his little finger that a lot of those who are preaching love got in their whole body, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart,” she added.

Minister Farrakhan talked about the important role of the church in dealing with the establishment of God’s kingdom and resisting Satan’s efforts to devour the people of God.

“I like the name of this church ‘More Like Christ,’” said the Minister. “That’s the problem with Christians and Muslims. Sometimes, we’re more like the devil than we are like Christ.”

The Minister said God looks at the heart of the follower, their potential, and their works, but Satan is a formidable adversary.

“The Lord looks past all lip profession, all hypocrisy,” said the Minister. “If Satan is going ‘up and down to and fro,’ he’s devouring people that may think they’re in the body of Christ, but they’ve actually been devoured by Satan.”

If those in church are truly following Christ, then they are transforming the lives of others and transforming society, however, the world we live in now is not governed by Christ, their actions are characteristics of those under the influence of the anti-Christ, said the Minister.

Minister Farrakhan spoke at the ‘More Like Christ Christian Fellowship Church’ May 19.

“Beyond the walls of this church where you feel the spirit, look at the condition of our people. Has Satan devoured them?” he asked.

The followers of Christ should be striving to be servants of those in need following the example of the Good Samaritan written of in the Bible, courageous enough to speak truth to power and to reject those who seek to make evil fair-seeming, because the judgment begins first in the house.

“How will we look when the Master comes?” the Minister asked. “You know all the signs have been fulfilled, he’s on his way. You can see it in the weather, the judgment of God is all in the country now, and it’s going to get worse now because God has come to take over the planet because he’s sick of the president! He’s sick of the kings, he’s sick of the rulers. He’s sick of them because they rule according to Satan’s way!”

Members of the spirited church enjoyed Minister Farrakhan’s message to them.
At the end of the message, the Minister announced that the recorded DVD master he just delivered would be turned over to the church and the proceeds from the purchased copies would go straight to the church.

According to her biography, Rev. Collier experienced a life-changing experience in October 1971 when her singing voice, which was responsible for several hits during the mid-60s, was “shut off.” It was during that time she discovered the power of prayer, accepted Jesus as her Savior, and her voice was restored. In 1989, she was ordained and became pastor of the church she now leads.

“I am just overly excited today that I got my brother to come and he said to me, he was honored to be here, so we both are honored,” said Rev. Collier. “I appreciate him so much and thank God for him,” she added.

Minister Victoria Brady sang a song for the Minister that she created nearly 13 years ago for the Million Family March in October 2000. It was the first time she was able to perform the song for Minister Farrakhan and deliver the CD to him personally. Ms. Brady said she admires him deeply and after being exposed to his words and teachings for nearly 20 years, she feels sad that the people have not moved out to bring the Minister’s vision into a reality.

“I am just so sad that we—I’m talking about the community, the people who hear him and the people around him, all of us—I’m just so sad that we can’t seem to contain or hold the vision of the Minister. I don’t think we’re quite able to expedite what he has in him, and it really makes me sad because I recognize that he’s a rare gift to everybody, he is a rare gift to mankind,” she added.