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Exposing the real power and influence of the 'Satanic Jews'

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: May 28, 2013 - 2:59:15 PM

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The Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building located in Washington, D.C.
CHICAGO ( - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan launched another devastating salvo in the battle against falsehood as he took square aim at the members of the Synagogue of Satan shining a bright light exposing the so-called Jews masquerading as the righteous but in fact, working against God’s plans and instructions.

He read from the Bible, the Book of Revelations 3:9 which says: “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

“I think this is comforting to that servant of God upon whom he has given the mission to expose Satan,” said Minister Farrakhan. Referring then briefly to Psalms 2:12 which reads: “Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little…” the Minister said he found special meaning in those scriptures for what he is doing right now, that makes him to know that the Great Mahdi, Master Fard Muhammad and His Messiah the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad are backing him, and with him, to expose Satan.

The iconic Hollywood sign in California.
“If I did not have that assurance, I would be trembling to manifest Satan, but I am not trembling,” said the Minister in a hushed tone while smiling confidently. “Oh Satan, you should be trembling because this is the end of your wicked deception of the American people, the people of the Earth and particularly, the Black man and woman of America, the true Children of Israel, the choice of God.”

Jewish people as examples

Jewish people are the most successful, influential, and most powerful of all ethnic groups, but the members of the Synagogue of Satan are giving a bad name to the righteous Jews that are practicing the teachings that Moses and the Israelite prophets have given them. They were warned not to mix up truth with falsehood, and now, many Jews are in the valley of decision. He drew a clear line of distinction showing a way out for those who choose righteousness and destruction and ruin for those who continue their evil deception.

“He gave you the Torah—perfect guidance—to make you a great people on this earth. You gave yourself however, the Talmud,” he said. “Well, those of you who follow the Talmud, your days are fast coming to an end and those of you who love the Torah and love what God has revealed, not only will you continue to be successful, you will live to see the Hereafter and be a part of that which God makes new.”

The Minister said the Jews are always pushing Black politicians to denounce him, in fact, Rep. John Conyers, in a statement May 23, did just that, several days after listening to the Minister’s May 17, message at Detroit’s Fellowship Chapel pastored by Rev. Wendell Anthony. The Minister said instead of allowing them to push Black leaders out to denounce him, why not ask the Jews who are “pushing you out front” to instead, engage in a public debate with the Nation of Islam’s researchers for a showdown to get to the truth of things. The good Jews can also do more to separate themselves from that which is done by the wicked Jews.

“I’m asking you now—I’m speaking to those observant Jews. Why don’t you speak out against the Synagogue of Satan for their evil is covering the good Jews?” the Minister asked. “If you don’t speak out, it is as though you agree with the wickedness that is carried out by this false church, this false synagogue,” he added.

The influence of Jews can be clearly seen in media, banking and finance, government, social media, sports management, music, the lucrative porn industry and Hollywood. Lists detailing their heavy presence in these areas are posted on the Nation of Islam’s official website (

They have also been some of the greatest criminals in history, and many businesses that are in existence now that were started by Jews were formed with revenue generated from illicit activities.

“They are the most powerful group and unfortunately, the Synagogue of Satan is leading America, and this world to ruin, to destruction and desolation,” he said.

No one can deny their awesome control of the media, movies and entertainment, which is key, because attitudes are formed and minds of the people are shaped through those mediums, he noted.

“If an anti-Christian agenda were being advanced by the followers of Sun Myung Moon or Scientologists dominating the most powerful positions of media leadership in America, there would be a howl of protest, but they dominate and they are leading America into the moral ditch of hell,” said the Minister.

The Death of Malcolm Shabazz, son of Qubilah

The Minister used time in this week’s message to speak words on the suspicious death of Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X and son of Qubilah Shabazz in Tijuana, Mexico.

“We in the Nation of Islam send our deepest condolences and sympathies to the family,” said the Minister. “May God comfort the family and us in this loss, but at the same time, we really should look at the hypocrisy of a government that would place the picture of Brother Malcolm on a stamp as though they really admire him.”

Calling the F.B.I. a “criminal venture,” the Minister said he would continue to expose criminal forces until this year’s subject matter is complete.

“The same F.B.I. that hatched the plot to divide Brother Malcolm from his teacher and the Nation of Islam, that same F.B.I. that worked to destroy Black organizations and Black leadership, that same F.B.I. was dogging the footsteps of this young potential giant. Though he had a troublesome young life, he was growing more and more into the spirit of his grandfather “as a warrior for justice for our people,” he added.

A New Civilization

“The wisdom that you are hearing on this broadcast, ‘The Time and What Must Be Done’—this is wisdom that you will hear that has been kept from the wise and prudent men of the world and is now given to us, the babes of civilization, to break the seal of this knowledge to the peoples of America and the world,” said Minister Farrakhan. “We are saying that we are those babies that God is revealing his wisdom to; babies of a brand new world and a brand new civilization,” he added. 

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