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In the presence of truth, falsehood vanishes, but not without a fight

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: May 7, 2013 - 5:06:13 PM

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Minister Farrakhan discusses Cuba, Boston bombings and Syria in Part 17 of online series

CHICAGO ( - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan discussed the recent Boston bombings and America’s 54-year vicious embargo on Cuba during this week’s installment of “The Time and What Must Be Done” which aired May 4.

“What did Fidel Castro do that makes you hate him so? he asked. “What is it about socialism in Cuba that makes Cuba persona non grata to America for all these years?”

Picking up right where he left off the previous week, he went further into how elements within the U.S. government contracted members of the Mafia and corrupt Cuban government officials to assist them in their assassination attempts directed at the leader of the Cuban revolution, seeking to destabilize the nation, then would feign outrage that the Minister extended a hand to the members of the street organizations.

“You don’t want me to invite to a table of unity gang members in Chicago?” he asked incredulously. “They are our family, and we wanted to invite them to the table to give them a role to play in the rise of our people,” he added.

Back to Cuba, the Minister explained that demographically 68 percent of those in Cuba are Black and Mulatto. When Mr. Castro took power, he instituted agrarian land reform and nationalized land and business transforming Cuba from a playground for the wealthy, into a land in which the people could benefit. Once America’s friend in Cuba Fulgencio Batista was overthrown and Castro began reformation, 90 percent of the Jewish people in Cuba fled to Florida. Then, the Minister stated, hatred of Mr. Castro and those with him grew. Over the years, Cuban-Americans in Florida have become a wealthy and powerful political force with the goal of returning to Cuba under a new government minus Castro’s revolutionary ideas.

Minister Farrakhan went on to say this is a frequent strategy used by the U.S. They place sanctions on nations they disagree with in order to cause suffering in hopes that the people in their manipulated dissatisfaction will overthrow the leader and the government that America wants to eliminate.

“This is what you are doing to Iran, this is what you are doing to North Korea, this is what you do to any nation that does not bow to your will,” he said.

Boston Bombings

Scene of Boston Marathon bombings.
As more details emerge regarding the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings, the Minister raised questions regarding the information emanating from the government and the media, reminding the viewers that Satan deceived the whole world.

“Can we trust you? Can we say now with the bombing in Boston that you are telling the truth? We have many questions to ask you,” said the Minister. “What would make you close down a whole city—even close airspace and put 9,000 soldiers from various security organizations in Watertown? What made you act like that? Well, these are some questions, because you certainly had a deeper motive. Were some of your contractors present? Did they have backpacks on?” he asked.

“It’s a terrible thing—I don’t care what your political aspirations are—to make a bomb and kill people who have nothing to do with your political aspirations, but who would stand watching their families come through the finish line, only to be killed and their legs blown off and other horrific wounds given to them,” the Minister noted.

“I’m saying to the American public, you are always duped. They lie and then they probe you with polls to see how many of you were caught up in the lie,” said the Minister. “Shouldn’t you look behind everything that a natural liar speaks?” he asked.

“You should wake up and look behind everything that a mischief-making liar brings before the American public, through a controlled media,” said the Minister. “Satan is the father of lies.”

Syrians throw water on a burning building in the Myasar neighborhood of Aleppo.
Then switching to international affairs, the Minister said he has in the past, met with the Emir of Qatar and called him “a great charitable man to great causes around the world,” as well as current Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

“These leaders that I just mentioned are in the crosshairs of both God and Satan because Satan cannot do the evil that he wishes to do to the Islamic world without the help of those who consider themselves Muslims,” said the Minister.

He then assailed those who hypocritically claim to have a problem with Communism, noting the 54-year embargo that has been placed on Cuba by the U.S. Cuba is only 90 miles away.

“America doesn’t have any aversion to doing business with Communist nations, she does business with China, in fact, China is one of the greatest trading partners of America,” said the Minister. “Why then are you so upset with Cuba that you would blockade Cuba for 54-years?” he asked.

Not hate, but truth!

The Minister repeated that he is not a hater of the Jewish people, he is simply telling the truth and uncovering their historically deceptive deeds.

“The truth that I speak to you, you call it hate,” said the Minister. “When I read some of your filthy and vile language, this is what shows that you are bereft of argument.”

The Minister said he is backed by God and the Messiah and must deliver the message he is delivering to the nations of the Earth, and warning the people not to follow the ways of the mischief-making blood shedders of the earth.

“I represent God. I represent the Christ. I represent the Messiah. I represent the Mahdi that is in the world,” he continued, “these are living men, anointed with power by the Originator of the heavens and the earth to end this world and to bring in a world of peace, freedom, justice, and equality where we all can live together in peace.”

However, darkness is spreading over the entire planet, as it is written in the scriptures.

“Darkness will spread so strong, that it will obscure the light of the rising sun, it will obscure the stars and their constellations and the moon. It’s not talking about the stars in the heaven or the sun, it’s talking about the light of divine scholarship and knowledge that is in the people. It will be covered. Even the light of your brother,” said the Minister.

He then referred to the Holy Qur’an, the book of scripture of those who practice Islam, specifically Surah (Chapter) 53 titled “The Star.”

“I am here to tell you that when I stop preaching—I have given you the warning—I have given you by the grace of God what must be done by the government of America, by us as Black people, by the leaders and the people of the world,” said the Minister. “It’s not on me anymore! After I have done my job he will take me away from you and then death and destruction will follow my absence, this is why it is written that we should take refuge in the Lord of the Dawn.”

“Don’t think because truth has come that falsehood would just disappear immediately,” the Minister warned viewers. “A fight ensues between the lovers of darkness and the lovers of God’s light,” he added.

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