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Recompense and the reaping time for the wicked

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: Apr 23, 2013 - 10:46:12 PM

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CHICAGO ( - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan recently warned again of the end of this present world and its way of life, saying in this critical hour wicked blood-shedders and mischief-makers, who have spread evil throughout the globe, will reap what they have sown.

“Do you think you can take what you have delighted in dishing out to others?” he asked. “You can never escape the consequences of your actions.”

In a broadcast that aired April 20 marking the 15th installment of his scheduled 52-week online lecture series titled “The Time and What Must Be Done,” the Minister appealed to viewers to recognize the seriousness of the hour.

“If you could just raise your eyes up from the party, from the dance, from the wine, from the drugs, from whatever diversion you are involved in to look around you, you will see that this world and its systems of governance, education, religion, politics and its system of jurisprudence are beginning to crumble from within,” said the Minister.

This is the day of requital and in the Holy Qur’an, Allah (God) is referred to as Master of the Day of Judgment, he said. “He’s not a king or a judge who is bound by the law,” the Minister explained. “He’s a master. He can forgive whom he pleases, and he can punish whom he pleases.” The establishment of the Hereafter, a kingdom of peace, is now taking place. Hereafter means here on this earth after the wicked have been removed and an end has been brought to their mischief and bloodshed, said the Minister.

“All wickedness will cease and all of the wicked shall be purged, or taken from existence, so this day is called in the scripture, a great and a dreadful day of the Lord,” explained Minister Farrakhan. “Great for some, dreadful for most. It will be great for those whom Allah loves, it will be great for those whom his mercy touches.”

All spiritual leaders should be interested in reshaping human beings into those who would be pleasing to God. Unfortunately, many are weak, and are actually “in the bed” with the “Mystery Babylon” written of in the book of Revelations, said Min. Farrakhan. This “Mystery Babylon” is not a city or a country, continued the Minister, it is a world that is “in total rebellion to the way of God and his righteousness” and its influence is felt throughout the earthly realm.

“Babylon is a world, but it is headquartered in the Unites States of America,” Min. Farrakhan said. “This is a dangerous time for us to compromise the principles that have been taught to us by our prophets and messengers of God to find acceptance in this Babylonian empire.”

America spends millions on weapons of war developing more lethal methods of destroying human lives in preparation for war with its enemies abroad, as well as domestic unrest. The signs of revolution and revolt are clearly being seen as austerity measures in Europe have led to rioting and violent protests.

“ T h e Honorable Elijah Muh a m m a d said what you see afar soon will be coming to our door. This is the day of requital, so this destruction in this day of requital will not only affect America, but it will affect all those that America has brought into her sphere of influence,” said the Minister.

Recompense and reaping

The English word “recompense” was defined by the Minister as “to make amends to someone for loss or harm suffered.” There must be some recompense for the evil carried out by world’s wick- ed rulers and this is the time in which all would reap what they have sown—whether good or bad.

The wicked took Black people from their lands, took away their names, language, culture, and religion, deprived Blacks of their own history, and then held them in chattel slavery for three centuries while America amassed wealth.

“What is the recompense for such a crime against humanity?” the Minister asked.

The indigenous people of America—the Native Americans—were slaughtered and are deprived of justice to this very day and the Mexicans were robbed of their nation through war, treachery , and trickery.

“What is the recompense for what you have done?” asked Min. Farrakhan. “What is the law of requital for what you have done?”

The Minister again recommended that viewers obtain a copy of “The Fall of America” written by the Most Honor- able Elijah Muhammad. He read directly from the book, specifically, chapter 37 titled “America’s Land Being Divinely Curtailed” and chapter 39 titled “The House Doomed to Fall.” Referring briefly to Psalms chapter 10:8, he said America’s business and political leaders don’t really care about the plight of the poor and disadvantaged. But, he said, the country is experiencing blowback for an arrogant attitude.

“It is sad that America’s concern for the middle class, the wealthy and the super- rich does not come down to the suffering working poor and those who have no jobs and no future,” said the Minister. “Where is their voice in the Congress when Congress is bowing to the industrialists, bowing to corporate America, bowing to those who would destroy democracy?”

He then read in its entirety, the Book of Isaiah chapter 13 in which the weapons of God’s wrath and the manner in which it will be carried out are described in great detail.

“What are the weapons of God’s wrath?

He not only will use the armies of the nations that he is summoning for war, he uses the vast army of the forces of nature,” said the Minister.

Recently serious snowstorms hit parts of America, severe flooding followed torrential rains in the Midwest, and according to the prophecies, the worst is yet to come.

The Minister concluded his message discussing sport and play and its role in American society. The wicked ruler Nebuchadnezzar, he noted, used sport and play to divert attention away from the fall of Babylon. “The whole idea of sport and play is a diversion,” the Minister continued, “to keep you blind to the time and what must be done if we are to escape loss!”

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