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In defense of a divine man

By Starla Muhammad -Staff Writer- | Last updated: Mar 1, 2013 - 11:36:52 AM

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(L-R) Atty. Arif Muhammad; Student Ministers Demetric Muhammad and Abdul Muhammad; Dr. Ava Muhammad
For the second consecutive year Defending Farrakhan a workshop held during the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day Convention brought together a scholarly panel of experts that shared with attendees factual data coupled with strategies to use as ammunition in combating myths, misconceptions and outright lies others have hurled at the Muslim leader for decades.

Attorney Abdul Arif Muhammad, Dr. Ava Muhammad, Student Minister Abdul Muhammad and Student Minister Demetric Muhammad provided in depth analysis in answering various questions posed to them from the audience.

A defense in the realm of religious studies which was the basis of this year’s workshop is called “apologetics” or an “apologia”, explained Bro. Demetric.

“These are those writings or those articles that offers sufficient pushback against the onslaught of propaganda hurled by disbelievers and hypocrites,” he continued.

The goal of the Defending Farrakhan is to provide Believers in the Nation of Islam with tools, arsenals and weaponry of truth to hurl at falsehood said Bro. Demetric.

Atty. Arif Muhammad who serves as general counsel for the Nation of Islam and is a long time helper of Min. Farrakhan, told the audience that not only is the quality of a defense predicated on the quality of one’s belief but there are also levels of defense.

“We’re here to talk about defending Farrakhan. What does it mean to defend? We have to first understand what that means because you see there are so many different levels,” explained Atty. Arif.

Among the detailed definitions, he shared with the audience for the term “defense” included to ward off an attack and to guard against an assault or injury. In rebuilding the Nation of Islam, Min. Farrakhan had, all of his helpers study the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said Atty. Arif.

He also told the audience they must “first know your own theology” so studying what has been revealed and given by Mr. Muhammad and Min. Farrakhan is critical.

The fl oor was opened up to the audience to pose questions to panelists and take notes. Photos: Michael M. Muhammad

When asked by a member of the audience what tools can be used to help children become defenders of Min. Farrakhan, Dr. Ava, an attorney, student minister and a National Spokesperson for Min. Farrakhan further explained defense as a resistance to an attack.

She explained however, war cannot be won only on the defense. Using the analogy of basketball, Dr. Ava said to win; a team has to not just stop their opponent, but also score.

“The point scoring takes place in the life that we live. Indoctrination means to teach, to accept uncritically...We are here to indoctrinate ourselves, our children and others to accept these Teachings uncritically. What does that mean, uncritically? Without critique!,” said Dr. Ava.

“If we believe Allah came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, we were not put on a path to analyze Him. We were put on a path to analyze by Minister Louis Farrakhan, to analyze self. To bring self in line with Allah’s expressed and stated Will,” said Dr. Ava.

Stu. Minister Abdul Muhammad of Chicago agreed, stressing parents must become the examples for children on what it means to be Muslim. Television imagery and content is a big problem therefore parents must turn off the television or risk setting children up to oppose what is being taught in the mosque said Bro. Abdul, an educator and prior recipient of the Chicago Teacher of the Year award.

“When I came into the Nation all we watched was tapes of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. When we rolled up to the mosque all we were listening to, was the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, that’s all we listened to. And the children could quote the videos and when the children saw the Minister, from babies, they knew who the Honorable Louis Farrakhan was,” added Bro. Abdul.

“But today, we roll up to the mosque listening to Young Jeezy or to Waka Flocka or whoever you like, but it’s not the Minister. We have to get back as parents to be the examples for our children,” he said.

Bro. Demetric said Believers and helpers of Min. Farrakhan must become experts on his history not only in the Nation of Islam but the tremendous impact the Minister has made outside the Nation and in the larger community of Black and oppressed people worldwide.

The Minister was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s representative in New York City from 1965 to 1975 and during that period attracted 5,000 followers and established 18 temples (mosques) said Bro. Demetric.

Minister Farrakhan has an over 50-year record of nonstop work in the resurrection and redemption of Black people around the world, unmatched by any other world leader. The highly anticipated recently released Defending Farrakhan, Book 2 by the Nation of Islam Research Group along with Book 1 are several tools available to study and aid in defense of this divine representative of God.

“We must beloved brothers and sisters try to access as much as this factual, empirical data that vindicates our Minister. We don’t have to resort to emotional responses. The Ministers work and noble reputation speaks for itself,” said Bro. Demetric.

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