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Winter storms, drought, extraordinary temperatures are wreaking havoc on America

By Starla Muhammad -Staff Writer- | Last updated: Feb 5, 2013 - 7:41:03 PM

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Nature’s fury, prophetic warning

A snowplow scrapes route 144, Peppers Ferry Blvd near New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg, Va. Jan. 17, 2013. A winterstorm was making its way across the Southeast, dumping 4 inches of snow in Mississippi and playing a role in a traffi c fatality there, with the system expected to spread across northern Georgia and into the Washington, D.C., area, according to the National Weather Service. Photo: AP Wide World Photos/The Roanoke Times, Matt Gentry
“America, I’m sorry to tell you: The calamities will get greater and greater, more severe. Unfortunately, there will be tremendous loss of property and increased loss of life… FEMA is running dry, because the rate of calamities that is striking America is “one after another”: You don’t have enough money to restore the communities that are being destroyed by these disasters! ... Things are not going to get ‘easier,’ they’re going to get worse.”  -The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan—from Jan. 26 broadcast of lecture series The Time and What Must Be Done

Mother Nature’s fury again struck the Midwest, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. as fluctuating temperatures, ice storms, rain and tornados blanketed cities and towns. Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee received the brunt of a winter storm that also sparked a tornado in Adairsville, a town located 60 miles North of Atlanta.

Ice-slicked roads were blamed for a multiple vehicle collision that killed three people on Interstate 75 in Detroit Jan. 31. A 30 vehicle pile-up closed parts of Interstate 70 outside of Indianapolis for several hours, which was also blamed on the snowy weather.

Critics chalk up talk of divine judgment and prophecies as religious dogma, something rooted in “scare tactics” or baseless conjecture. Others, like the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, patriarch of the Nation of Islam, and Minister Louis Farrakhan study Biblical and Quranic scripture and see deeply into its meaning, tying it to current and future events.

America is under destruction and chastisement similar to that of ancient empires Mr. Muhammad taught. America’s mistreatment of Blacks parallels the enslavement and mistreatment of the Jews in ancient Babylon, Mr. Muhammad explained in his book, The Fall of America. It took the hand of God to bring Babylon to its knees and he uses the forces of nature: rain, hail, snow and earthquakes as weapons of destruction, wrote Mr. Muhammad.

The Weather Channel referred to the end of January storm outbreak as “unusual.” The storms “delivered a swath of damaging winds and some tornadoes from the Southern Plains to the lower/middle-Mississippi Valleys, Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley and Mid-Atlantic, a distance of roughly 1700 miles over a little less than 48 hours,” noted the stations website.

There were reportedly over 215,000 people who lost power in the Northeast part of the country. A Severe Reports Tally on noted the following as of Jan. 31:

* 34 confirmed tornadoes in 10 states

* 699 high wind/wind damage reports

* 13 reports of large hail

*  384 strong non-thunderstorm wind gusts and 200 reports of non-thunderstorm wind damage (mostly in Northeast).

The Adairsville, Ga., tornado was reportedly 900 yards wide; four times the size of the Georgia Dome and travelled 25 miles through Northeast Georgia, said the Associated Press.

Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 15 in Atlanta described some of the damage to The Final Call.

“In one little town, it tore up the whole little city and the little manufacturing plant. Tore it all up and tore up the houses,” said Student Minister Sharrieff Muhammad, referring to the Daiki Corporation steel manufacturing plant in Adairsville.

Most of the 90 employees of the plant will be laid off until repairs can be made which could take months.

“It was just bearing witness to what the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been teaching us. He said that we are going to see extraordinary weather and unusual weather. And he told us that we have not seen anything yet. This is only the beginning of sorrow,” said Student Minister Sharrieff Muhammad, who also serves as the southern regional minister for the Nation of Islam.

“Three people died because of the massive storm system that marched across the U.S.—tornadoes killed one each in Tennessee and Georgia, while floodwaters killed a third in Maryland. While most came away with their lives, many lost their homes and were left with little else a day later,” reported the Associated Press.

Insured losses in Northwest Georgia were estimated to be $75 million, according to Ralph T. Hudgens, Georgia’s insurance and fire safety commissioner.

“That figure will rise as new claims are reported. Damage to the Daiki Corporation manufacturing plant in Adairsville was quite extensive,” Mr. Hudgens said in a Jan. 31 statement.

“The prophecy coming from him, Minister Farrakhan, is bearing witness that he’s a man of God because he’s told us in advance what was going to happen and it’s happening. The weather people are really bearing witness that the weather that’s happening, they can’t really predict it. They can only assume what is going to happen because it’s unusual,” added Student Minister Sharrieff Muhammad.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has spent billions of dollars as disasters mount. The agency announced on its website Feb. 1 approved payouts for additional monies for disaster plagued cities and states from 2012. East Baton Rouge Parish in Louisiana for Hurricane Isaac, $3.2 million and $1.7 billion to New York for Hurricane Sandy.

There were 11 weather-related disasters in the U.S. in 2012 that cost over $1 billion in damages resulting in 349 deaths, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The U.S. accounted for 90 percent of the world’s insured losses in 2012.

“Notice this time the weather came from up North like the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it would come from up North all the way down and then it went across and look at the damage that it’s doing. It’s just doing exactly what the Honorable Louis Farrakhan said is going to help break the back of America. Pharaoh’s wealth is being dried up because of the weather and they don’t have any more money. And this is just the beginning of the year,” said Stu. Minister Sharrieff Muhammad.

Minister Farrakhan, in the third installment of his 52-week lecture series, “The Time and What Must Be Done,” that began in January, warned of increasing weather-related chastisement headed to America if the separation of the righteous from the wicked is opposed by those in power who continue to deceive Black people.

“If they oppose such a Divine Solution of Separation, then I fear that your wickedness in opposing The Solution that God has offered will cause greater and greater disaster; soon, earthquakes will strike America, and many, many lives will be lost. And it won’t just be White lives that are lost; it’ll be us, and you. We’re in this, really, together,” warned Minister Farrakhan.