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White shooter claims 'stand your ground' law after killing Black teen

By PressTVGlobalNews | Last updated: Nov 30, 2012 - 5:35:21 PM

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( - According to an analyst, the controversial 'stand your ground' law in Florida allows someone to shoot first and ask questions later irrespective of any provocation.

In the background of this, Michael Dunn, a white American man stands accused of killing a black teenager, Jordan Davis, in Jacksonville Florida after shooting several times at the vehicle the teen was in. Dunn is citing the controversial 'stand your ground' law for his defense.

The incident began with Dunn complaining about loud music coming from David's car. He claims to have been threatened with a gun and feared for his life, but no weapons were found at the scene. Press TV has interviewed Mr. Ayo Johnston, Director of Viewpoint Africa, London about this issue.

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