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Ministry of Commerce discusses need for nation-building skills

By Tariqah Shakir-Muhammad -The Final Call- | Last updated: Mar 3, 2017 - 1:01:11 PM

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Doing for self, supporting Black-owned businesses and developing business skills were some of the topics addressed during a workshop convened by the Minister of Commerce during Saviours’ Day 2017. Photos: Cartan X

DETROIT (Cobo Center)–The Ministry of Commerce presented a two-hour workshop Feb. 18 that focused on providing opportunities and information to establish economics within the Black community. The session featured speakers Chandra Muhammad from the ABLE Program, personal finance consultant Henrick Muhammad, Victor Muhammad from the Caribbean and International Business Development, IT and Web commerce designer Shanita Muhammad, clothing designer and entrepreneur Amina Muhammad, Abdullah Muhammad from the ABLE National Credit Union, and Lawrence Muhammad whose expertise is farming and animal husbandry.

The two-hour workshop included a question and answer discussion. Moderator Harry Muhammad introduced the Ministry of Commerce and presented a visual example of the value and potential of commerce within the Black community. Bro. Harry included an example from the Mormon Church of Salt Lake City. He stated that the Mormons built a 500,000 square-foot warehouse to store goods to feed the community.

“Shouldn’t we have a similar goal? We have to provide for the welfare of our citizens to become a sovereign nation,” Bro. Harry stated.

Representatives from the ABLE program focused exclusively on the development of self before making national investments. The ABLE network strives to provide wholesome and organic products such as fresh whiting, salmon, premium chicken, and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee. The coffee was a featured product for Saviours’ Day and sold out shortly after being available.

Bro. Henrick stated, “the mind that God put in you is a producer. When we talk about personal finance, we have to find our purpose.” He suggested diverting our attention from that which silences the voice of God within such as television, cellphones, radio, and the internet which can distract us from getting close to God which enables us to find our purpose and implement our goals.

Bro. Harry also spoke on networking being critical in building a successful business. IT and web designer Sis. Shanita said it is important to invest in what appeals to the consumer as well as providing a good service to the people. She said this is a principle to keep in mind while promoting a product or designing a website, for example.

Clothing designer Amina Muhammad and Bro. Abdullah of ABLE National Credit Union shared their experience in the field and study of commerce for the benefit of their own community. “The motive of entrepreneurship originated from the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad,” Bro. Abdullah said. He encouraged the community to seek better treatment for themselves while investing with their own.

Attendees were invited to get involved in the Ministry of Commerce by offering their skills and services to selected departments which are operations, marketing, information technology and communications. Skills in management, communications/sales, digital/graphic design, research/development, accounting and more are needed.